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Have you seen the beautiful concrete swan planters that are sol popular right now ? I am loving them, but most are out of my price range, so I want to show you how I turned an surly duckling into a beautiful swan planter using a plastic swan which made this project very low-cost .

several months ago I saw Kathy ( aka r.house_ ) do a makeover on a credit card roll and create a beautiful planter. I was so cheer and decided to try it myself, then I went on a search and found this formative affirm. By the way, if you aren ’ t already following Kathy on Instagram, you are missing out. She is crazy talented and has the most beautiful home ! !

plastic swan planterthis post contains affiliate links. click here for full disclosure I began by painting a base coat of light gray paint, using a chalk paint I already had on hand. Because this is equitable a basis coat that will peep through in places, I didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry about completely covering it .
swan planter
After this coat dried, I painted a coat of plaster of paris assorted with a cream color paint and watered down a moment. This was besides chalk key I already had .
plaster of paris for swan planter project I mixed about 1/2 cup of rouge with a heaping tablespoon of Plaster of Paris. It was very thick, so I added water system until I got a consistency that I could spread with a paintbrush .
I painted a coat all over the affirm. And when it was dry, I decided I wanted more texture, so I added another coating .

plaster of paris on swan planter This is what it looked like after a second gear coat.

I let it dry, then sanded the boisterous edges off barely a little using a sandpaper freeze .
sanding block for swan planter
After the sandpaper, I wiped it clean and jerk and added a quick coat of Annie Sloan ’ s clear wax, and while the clear wax was still wet, I added just a little dark wax. I used the clear wax first, because it helps control how much dark wax goes on and makes it easier to wipe some off.

waxing the swan planter I brush on a belittled come of dark wax and wipe off most of it using a indulgent fabric or tshirt. You can continue to do this until you get the desire attend you are going for. I barely wanted to add a moment of an aged expression.

Can you believe this swan went from this… .
to this ? ? ?
swan planter

swan planter
This is going to make such a beautiful postpone centerpiece or interior decoration for my kitchen island. The possibilities are endless ! !

I hope you enjoyed this beautiful swan planter makeover, and as constantly, thank you then a lot for stopping by ! I truly appreciate your hold !


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