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If you collect old-timer or victorian dash lamps, you ‘re probably going to need antique glass lamp parts finally. It can sometimes be a challenge to find these parts.

Types of Antique Glass Lamp Parts You Can Find

An petroleum or kerosene type lamp is a handy thing to have around the sign of the zodiac, specially if you have a office outage. These bumpkinly looking, old fashioned, antique lamps can illuminate your home for hours, just like they did earlier electrical lighting was an option .
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The type of parts you would need to restore an oil lamp include :

  • Oil or kerosene burners
  • Collars and caps
  • Wicks
  • Chimneys
  • Oil tanks
  • Fonts
  • Shade holders

You can find many other antique glaze lamp parts to help you restore your favorite antique. There are dozens of different glass lamp shades available such as :

  • Cased glass shades
  • Embossed glass shades
  • Torchiere glass shades
  • Art glass shades
  • Gas glass shades
  • Hand painted glass shades
  • Ball glass shades
  • Dome glass shades
  • Opal glass shades
  • Satin glass shades
  • Panlight glass shades
  • School house glass shades
  • Hurricane glass shades

If you need chandelier parts or the glass and crystal prisms that hang from chandeliers and lamp shades, those items are available. You can besides find most lamp hardware. A few examples include :

  • Lamp sockets
  • Lamp cords
  • Switches
  • Wall plugs
  • Chain accessories
  • Crossbars
  • Hickeys
  • Finials
  • Knobs
  • Tassels
  • Caps
  • Nuts, washers, seating rings
  • Screws, thumb screws
  • Keys, key extensions
  • Ceiling canopies
  • Backplates
  • Lamp clusters

This is barely a overtone list of the surrogate parts you can find for antique lamps. With so many parts available, you should be able to restore just about any kind of antique lamp.

How To Choose a Replacement Glass Lampshade

The most crucial thing you need to know in order to correctly choose the correctly glass lampshade is the proper fitter size of the shade holder on your lamp. The shade holder is the metal depart that holds the glass shade on the lamp. The fitter is the partially of the methamphetamine shade that actually passes through the holder to make physical contact with the lamp. The fitter size must match the size of the shadow holder and the lampshade.

In order to determine the compensate fit size on your lampshade, you must first calculate out what type of shade holder your lamp has. There are typically two types of shade holders for glass lamp shades. The first base one is a fixture-type holder, which uses humble set screws to hold the shade in place. The screws are necessity to hold the tad tightly in seat because the shade is facing downwards and would fall out without the cheat. The other type of holder is called a straight-type holder. This type of holder does not require screws because the lampshade is constantly good. The fit or buttocks border of the lampshade rests inside of the shade holders opening .
Shades that are designed for fixture-type holders have a lip type fitter and shades designed for a straight-type holder have a straight or lip-less fit .
once you know the type of holder your lamp has, you need to measure the diameter of the open of the holder. Fixture-type shade holders and shades typically come in standard sizes such as 2 1/4 inches, 2 ½ inches, 3 1/4 inches, and 4, 5 and 6 edge sizes .
Standard sizes for straight-type holders are 1 5/8 edge, 4 inches, 6 1/4 inches, 7,10, 12 and 14 inches .
When it comes to choosing the correctly size substitution shadow for an antique glass lamp, good remember to match your lamp ‘s shade holder size and style to the correct lampshade fitter size.

Where to Buy Parts

fortunately, the Internet makes it possible for just about anyone with access to a calculator or early Internet enabled device, to find these antique field glass lamp parts and buy them. The following on-line retailers can ship you replacement parts :

  • Antique Lamp Supply
  • 19th Century Lighting Supply
  • The Antique Lamp Co.
  • Hannah Murphy Hand Sewn Victorian Lampshades

If you own an antique victorian patterned art methamphetamine lamp and are looking for high quality glaze to restore your lamp with, make certain you visit nineteenth Century Lighting Supply. This caller carries only the best art methamphetamine for priggish parlor table lamps and model art glass lamps. next, learn how to identify antique petroleum lamps.

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