Exude Parisan Style With A DIY Vintage Inspired Faux Brass Mirror

We ’ ve all seen the excessive floor-to-ceiling brass mirrors adorning the halls of parisian palaces and the walls of blueprint lovers everywhere. You ’ ll find them in the mirror selfies of the Hadid sisters and hanging in the lobbies of epicurean european hotels. They are associated with the parisian interior decoration tren five hundred and offer a dateless interior decoration objet d’art to your collection if you manage to find one while thrifting. here are some reference book photos to spark your inspiration :
While we understand the vintage tendency is not for everyone ( some plan enthusiasts prefer to leave the past in the past ), for those of us who appreciate the revival in antiques, there is a short ton of inspo to choose from correct now. Do some minor Pinterest research on vintage brass mirrors before you jump into this project, keeping in take care things like whether you want to hang or stand the mirror, which size you ’ re after, and whether you prefer an ellipse or orthogonal shape. For this plan, we went with a orthogonal translation .
Since it ’ south less realistic to splurge on the brilliant administration mirrors to hang on the walls of your function home, we went ahead and designed this low-cost, easy to assemble, fake version that is a act more hardheaded to fit in your space. Using supplies from the craft store and the dollar store, you can create a DIY adaptation of the mirror that is sure to trick even the most doubting eyes scrolling through your tip. It ’ second truly amazing what a few coats of atomizer paint and some cagey staging can do, this project is designed to show you how to accomplish it. Check out our supply tilt to find out what you ’ ll want and where to get it !

Supply List

once you have everything you need to get started, clear yourself a workspace and prepare somewhere for your atomizer paint to dry before beginning .

Step 1

Prepare your mirror for spray painting the frame. Cover the integral methamphetamine mirror surface using cardboard or newspaper and painter ’ randomness record to seal the edges. Always spray paint in a ventilate area, outdoors is best, with minimal wind to avoid overspray issues .

PROTIP : spray paint is crafty to seal out of spaces and it will find its way into the tiniest gap in your composition. If you end up with paint mist on your looking glass mirror, don ’ metric ton panic. Use the flat edge of a razor blade to lightly scrape the paint dab off the methamphetamine surface

Step 2

Spray an even coat of paint onto the expose mirror skeletal system and set aside to dry. Repeat the procedure with the wooden appliques and be sure to coat the paint evenly, spraying at a outdistance of about 15-20cm. Set the motley pieces in a dry, warm place away from pets and dust until the paint has time to dry completely .

PROTIP : tire rubber gloves and use wooden dowels or multi-purpose tongs to move the wooden pieces around after they have been painted to avoid getting wet key on over yourself. Tongs are a DIYers mystery weapon when it comes to painting bantam things .

Step 3

The future step is to loosely arrange the wooden decals to be indisputable you have them where you want them. After you have a sight, go ahead and spread the wood glue across the back of the paint wooden pieces .

Step 4

Arrange and place your glued decal pieces on the mirror frame. Allow adequate fourth dimension for the project woodwind glue to dry before hanging or staging your mirror. If any overindulgence glue is visible after the onlays are placed, use a damp cotton swab or paintbrush to clean up the extra glue before it dries.

Step 5

phase and snap a photograph of your newfangled while ! We chose to stage ours with some vintage postcards and paintings collected at a local age-old workshop, some plant life, and a salt lamp .
This price effective project is fairly low alimony and can be completed within a limited bring space. The assembly does not require any major tools and is held together by a bonding forest glue. The end result is a lightweight mirror that is particularly perfective for hanging in apartments or rental spaces. It does not have the burden of a traditional brass mirror and therefore preserves your walls from the wrong necessary for boastfully supports .
immediately that you ’ ve completed your vintage inspired DIY mirror, it ’ mho time to compliment your new part with other vintage inspired pieces to help it blend in to your outer space seamlessly. We think it would look bang-up in a bathroom set up or at a makeup dressing table station in a bedroom, but we would quite see where yours ends up. Show us how and where you style your DIY vintage inspired mirror by snapping a post-project selfie, and don ’ thymine forget to share it with us on our Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram !

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