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You can face incredibly steep penalties for driving under the charm ( DUI ) in Torrance. even a first-time offense can have good repercussions. A DUI conviction can lead to goodly fines, jail clock time, and flush the abeyance of your license. You can protect yourself with a DUI lawyer in Torrance. You can count on the legal professionals at the Simmrin Law Group to offer you excellent support as you face your court battle. Call us or complete our on-line liaison form to get started.

Contact Legal Professionals After a DUI Arrest

The court organization in Torrance prosecutes DU charges very gratingly. fortunately, you do not have to try to take on these charges on your own. You can reach out to a Torrance DUI lawyer with experience :

  • Advising clients after an arrest
  • Protecting the rights of individuals in your situation
  • Answering legal questions
  • Handling all aspects of a DUI claim

Our team has years of know and extensive educate regarding Torrance DUI charges. You can reach out to us immediately after an check, as the Sixth Amendment gives you the right to legal representation.

Contact us now and receive steering about the adjacent steps for your defensive structure. For a free legal consultation with a duet lawyer serving Torrance, call ( 310 ) 928-9347

What Services do Torrance DUI Lawyers Provide?

A DUI lawyer in Torrance can take on all aspects of your character, including :

Legal Interviews

You can expect questioning from patrol officers and prosecutors after a Torrance DUI check. We recommend that you avoid answering any questions about your encase. Prosecutors and police officers can use everything you say against you. fortunately, professional help is merely a earphone predict away. We can advise you, protect your rights, and stand up for you during each legal interview.

An Investigation of Your Charges

We investigate all the claims made by investigators about your charges. sometimes, we can dispute the claims they make, weakening the prosecution ’ randomness event. We besides monitor patrol officers, ensuring they do not violate your rights during the investigation.

Help at Your Bail Hearing

sometimes, you may have a bail hear after a Torrance DUI apprehension. We stand up for you during these hearings, taking steps to petition the court for a lower bail sum. In some cases, the courts release our clients without any bail.

Information About Your DMV Hearing

Torrance DUI charges require a special hearing with the Department of Motor Vehicles ( DMV ). Drivers must request this administrative hearing within 10 days of their DUI apprehension. The DMV can mechanically suspend your license if you do not request a hearing. Your lawyer can support you throughout this hearing, which can occur over the phone or in person. Allow us to answer your questions about this kind of learn by contacting us today for aid. Torrance DUI Lawyer Near Me ( 310 ) 928-9347

How Can Torrance DUI Attorneys Resolve Your Case?

When you reach out to a Torrance DUI lawyer, you receive specialized care designed to help with your unique shell. Our team assesses your situation when working on your defense. In many cases, we take steps to :

  • Block or dispute evidence against you
  • Show that police officers stopped you without cause
  • Demonstrate that you experienced no impairment at the time of your arrest

Depending upon the facts of your case, we may focus on :

Having Your Charges Dismissed

The woo may dismiss your charges if we show that the patrol stopped you without cause or violated your rights. Judges besides dismiss cases when the prosecution fails to present adequate tell. We work to block testify to increase the odds of a dismissal.

Having Your Charges Reduced

Our team can besides focus on reducing your Torrance DUI charges. Reducing charges requires you to take a plea bargain from the prosecution. These deals are not constantly in your best interests, therefore always have a lawyer look them over before you accept.

Defending You in Court

You can rely on us if your Torrance DUI charge ends up in court. We stand up for you and constantly put your needs first gear. Set up an appointee to discuss your charges by reaching out to us nowadays. Click to contact our Criminal Defense Lawyers In Torrance, CA today

Why do People Face DUI Arrests in Torrance?

California determines whether or not you were driving under the influence by measuring your blood alcohol content ( BAC ). The legal limit for your BAC will vary based on your long time and what kind of driver you are. For example, a driver over the age of 21 must have a BAC of less than .08 %. however, younger drivers can face charges if their BAC is at or above .01 %. commercial drivers must maintain a BAC of less than .04 % to avoid charges. Your BAC can be measured with a chemical test if you are pulled over and suspected of driving under the charm. You must complete this quiz, or the DMC can suspend your license. You will besides face a fine for refusing the screen. Complete a detached Case Evaluation form now

What Are the Penalties for a DUI Arrest in Torrance?

The court can sentence you to spend time in jail and lose your license if you get convicted of a DUI. You may besides have to pay fines for each arrest. California treats DUI charges as priorable offenses, meaning the court will judge you more badly each clock time you earn a DUI charge. The motor hotel can even order you to install an ignition interlock device ( IID ) on your fomite after a Torrance DUI conviction. You can ensure you receive bazaar discussion and that your defense is solid by working with a Torrance DUI lawyer.

Can a DUI Arrest in Torrance Impact Your License?

Any charge related to a dealings violation or a DUI can end up adding points to your license. If adequate points end up on your license, the DMV will suspend it. Your license can be affected if you earn :

  •     Four points in one year
  •     Six points in two years
  •     Eight points in three years

tied a small error while you drive can have awful consequences for your future. You can get help defending yourself by contacting a Torrance DUI lawyer who specializes in traffic violations. Make certain you ’ re cook for court with the assistant of a legal professional.

Fight for Your Future With a DUI Lawyer

You could end up paying for a DUI charge for years to come. Get the avail you need to build your case by working with a Torrance DUI lawyer. The Simmrin Law Group can help you navigate the criminal judge system in California as you deal with traffic violation charges. Make certain you ’ re cook for your legal challenges by taking advantage of our FREE consultation nowadays. You can reach us by filling out the phase on the right or calling us. call or text ( 310 ) 928-9347 or complete a exempt Case Evaluation phase

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