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Protecting Your Business, Estate and Personal Wealth

At Worth Law Group, we are committed to helping our clients establish a design for the future that is catered to their particular needs. We develop close up relationships with clients while helping them build legacies and formulate strategies for achieving both personal and professional goals. Our areas of practice concentrate on some of the most complicated legal issues, ones that create individual and business fiscal liability .

ESTATE PLAN (small)Comprehensive Estate Planning

A upstanding estate design can mean the difference between distributing your money and property the way you intended or leaving it up for the court to decide. We are here to help with the following complex estate of the realm plan issues :

  • Drafting wills, trusts and other documents in alignment with your estate planning goals
  • Minimizing the size of your taxable estate
  • Administering estates all the way through final probate settlement

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Probate, Estate Settlement and Trust and Estate Litigation

worth Law Group attorneys are skilled litigators and feel for advisers for probate and estate colonization. We provide the follow probate and estate colony services :

  • Assisting the executor or representative throughout probate and settlement of the estate
  • Representing heirs, beneficiaries, fiduciaries and other interested parties in probate and estate litigation
  • Disputing certain provisions or the validity of a will

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Effective Business Solutions

Whether you are starting, operating or closing a clientele, Worth Law Group can assist you every footprint of the manner. We offer aid with the following business law decisions :

  • Selecting the most advantageous type of business entity for your needs
  • Developing a corporate governance structure
  • Planning a business succession strategy

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Taxes in Terms You Can Understand

Armed with advanced degrees in taxation and former CPA experience, Worth Law Group can guide you through federal, country and local anesthetic tax law issues. The tax services listed are merely a glimpse into what we can provide :

  • Representing nonresidents with ownership interests in Washington state property
  • Advising on Internal Revenue Service matters
  • Ensuring clients are in compliance with state and local tax laws

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Protection through Guardianship

worth Law Group has extensive experience working with parents and concerned parties to establish guardianship/conservatorship. We offer avail with the following guardianship services :

  • Help establish or object to a guardianship/conservatorship
  • Prepare and submit all necessary documentation
  • Help conservators and guardians administer their fiduciary obligations.

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Flexible Trust Administration

On January 1, 2012 Washington State enacted the Washington State Trust Act. The raw Act implemented report requirements for trustees, afforded particular disclosure rights to beneficiaries and broadly changes how a regent is to administer a reliance .

  • Create and assist with the administration of many types of trusts
  • Advise Trustees as to their responsibilities under the Washington State Trust Act
  • Assist with maximizing the tax benefits of trusts

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Real Property

real property is a major investment. Whether you are the owner of real property, a buyer or a seller, a landlord, or a commercial tenant, disputes involving very place require an lawyer with across-the-board cognition in real estate of the realm and land use law.

  • Representing land owners in timber trespass cases
  • Assisting private land owners in land conservation transactions
  • Successfully representing property owners whose properties were damaged by flooding and landslides

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careless of the nature or status of your dispute, we can assist you in working towards the best possible resolution .

  • Representation in matters involving complex litigation across diverse subject matters
  • Evaluating cases for appeal, timely filing appeals and representing clients in matters heard by the Court of Appeals
  • Representing clients in a variety of cases involving Administrative Hearings

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