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I ’ ve long had the internal argue on review incenses where I only have small samples, in many cases I much barely hang onto the ones I ’ thousand going to buy anyhow and do a review proper on them. But I ’ thousand getting to the orient where I ’ meter kind of backing up with them and in a fortune of cases they ’ re new and it ’ s credibly clock to get the give voice out, particularly as we ’ ve been seeing a draw of new modern styled imports coming in in the last six months. So sporadically and credibly through the end of the year I hope to get some comments out on these in batches of ( approx. ) 5 or 6 .
The three Keigados in this batch, however, have been around for a couple years. The Blue Berry was even discussed in some comments a while back, and I can see why, it ’ s a pleasant smokeless stick that does what it says on the box, exude a pleasant smell of blueberries that ’ s pitched equitable about right. however I ’ meter at the point where I wouldn ’ thyroxine even be certain what I ’ five hundred do with 370 sticks of this, I could easily evening imagine getting tired of it. But it ’ s light, aeriform and friendly, I can ’ thyroxine imagine the person who would find it unpleasant. [ Please note that the link now goes to a 70 stick for $ 7 pile, rather than the old 370 adhere adaptation, I think this makes this incense more attractive given you ’ re not getting besides many sticks. – Mike 7/6/21 ]
Keigado ’ sulfur Pink Magnolia is one of their three magnolias and I believe I covered the Purple Magnolia some time ago. Like the imperial, the pink international relations and security network ’ thymine smokeless, the main difference is this adhere evokes typical pink-like smells, possibly rose or carnation in parts, vitamin a much as it does magnolia. In fact I was reminded a little of the Shunkohdo Shuhou I reviewed yesterday in terms of spirit. The Pink Magnolia, however, has a little bite of cinnamon spice in the mix which made me like it a short more than the purple, but overall this is the kind of low end, cheap floral that will appeal more to the advanced than traditional incense fan .
Sennichiko, however, is decidedly more in the traditional vein and strikes me as, possibly, a slenderly more cheap translation of Keigado ’ s Full Moon, the amber scents are not quite as strong in this adaptation, although it ’ randomness impregnable enough that this doesn ’ triiodothyronine fair come off like another low goal fleeceable sandalwood. But like most of those, it has a balmy perfume anoint on top that ’ s hard to describe, except that it seems to have a reach of patchouli or cinnamon in the mix. And surely at $ 3 a roll, it ’ s kind of a steal.

Moving over to Seikado is another entrance in the company ’ s Hitori-Shizuka tune, the Fancy Floral. That ’ s not particularly the kind of description that actually appeals to my sensibilities therefore much and my opinion wasn ’ metric ton far off the lapp one I had for the Floral Elegant in the same trace. Like many an NK floral ( or even Daihatsu or Kunjudo ), it ’ south separate of the mod tendency of perfume incense sticks, and like a couple I ’ ll talk about later in the Shorindo Koibana line or the NK Free Pure Spirit line, I get watermelon more than I do floral, sort of a gentle and insidious womanly aroma that isn ’ metric ton likely to do more than lightly perfume an area. Like the whole lineage, the base is sandalwood but in this incense more than the others it ’ randomness possibly the most sublimate.

Seikado ’ south Kyoyama Bokusho is besides mod, but in this encase they ’ ve put in concert a classifiable and particular incense not quite like any other, although again I ’ molarity fairly put off by the sheer number of sticks ( 180+ ) in the corner more than I am by the price ; that ’ s credibly way more incense than I can crunch at this point. anyhow this incense is unique in that it largely exudes the aroma of Sumi ink. not having any conscious memory of Sumi ink specifically, I can say that it does remind me of the better examples of calligraphic ink I can remember and married to camphor it makes for a distinct about oceanic incense, very water elementary. It ’ south smokeless, so never gets besides potent, a piece blue and overall this one good about anyone will need a sample distribution of first to check out as it has about no comparison at least among imports .
last, another oldie from the Kunmeido stable, the Hosen is one I feel imperfectly at not having discovered early as although it ’ s a clear-cut modern floral, it ’ sulfur truly no less bright than most of the agate line ’ mho traditionals and one of the best multi-floral publicize freshener type incenses I can think of. While it ’ sulfur decidedly a bouquet aroma, I ’ d say the purple ’ s out front on this one but what ’ s big about it from my position is it ’ s about ampere blue as it is floral and the complexity the unite styles exude make for a absorbing bite. Some similar incenses might be Baieido ’ s Kokonoe Floral and Izumi and less sol Shorindo ’ s Chabana Green Tea, all mentioned largely due to their similarities as freshener types. A 200 stick box, again, could be stretching it for me, but in this case I might be on the buy side of the argue as I can see this mixing into a day absolutely .
improving over the future few weeks new infuriate from Shorindo ( including the excellent Wayko ), a handful from the modern Ancient Forest line, scents from Scents of Japan, Nihon Senko Seizo, Saraike Kunbutsudo, Tahodo and I believe Ross will have some words on a few new Daihatsus .

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