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Blurring the Line Between Currency and Custom Coins

Los Angeles Fraud Task Force - US Secret Service Challenge Coin - by Signature Coins
This mint was designed for members of the Los Angeles Fraud Task Force. Since the team spends thus much meter working with money, it seems fitting that these coins share therefore much in coarse with the legal crank that comes out of the U.S. Mint. It ’ s about impossible to mistake one of these Secret Service challenge coins for a musical composition of real number money, but the parallels between the design and the design of most of our nation ’ sulfur currentness are apparent and unique. The most obvious sport is the triangular center on the back of the mint, referencing the Eye of Providence that most people know from the back of the $ 1 circular. The symbol has been at the center of countless conspiracy theories, but it ’ randomness intended mean on the $ 1 charge is quite clear thanks to the Latin give voice floating above it ; annuit coeptis, meaning God has favored our undertake. The Latin give voice on these Secret Service coins is a little unlike. Vincit omnia veritas translates to truth conquers all.

The other plan feature that this coin shares with the money we use here in the U.S. are the Roman numerals along the penetrate rim. Almost all of the money that comes out of the U.S. Mint include the Roman numerals for 1776 in honor of the year we declared independence. The Roman numerals on this coin represent the year the Secret Service was founded : 1865.

Coins For the Other Side of the Secret Service

earlier, we talked about how the Secret Service has a dual mission of protection and probe. While the Fraud Task Force coins were designed for Secret Service agents investigating fiscal crimes, these Secret Service coins were created for a different kind of team within the service. specifically, they were created for a Secret Service hand brake response team.

Emergency reply teams are stationed at the White House and early important areas around the capital, and their subcontract is to provide a coordinate tactical response to any kind of threat against the President, or whomever they ’ ve been assigned to protect. What ’ second interesting about these Secret Service challenge coins is that they have a few like plan elements as the coins created for the Los Angeles Fraud Task Force, while simultaneously telling a wholly unlike kind of floor .
ERT US Secret Service Challenge Coins
The Latin phrase munire arcem translates to fortify the castle, and the Roman numerals at the basis of the design represent the class the team was put together, 1996, rather than the year the Secret Service was established .

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