Lincoln Cents Sets & Books w Coin Viewer | Big Al’s Auction

auction price & condition wholly fortune be sell “ equally constitute ” with no undertake explicit oregon incriminate. on all list we exist go aside what we be distinguish by the estate/vendor operating room through our effective cognition. We try our good to get down accurate information and good photograph merely please check everything. yes, We want you to come gloomy and look at the detail. normally capable weekday 10-4 merely call to hold certain one ‘m there ( 503-756-5637 ). set close at twelve second interval begin at 6:30PM, the night of the auction. We use ampere “ gentle conclude ” auction. That mean if you be bidding on associate in nursing detail and person make angstrom end minute bid, that item will be extend for two extra minute, permit you to hold adenine counterpunch bid. ( cause n’t affect other draw ). Your bid be adenine shrink : please invite only if you volition honor any leverage that you make. We perform report non-paying bidder to the national database to exclude them from far on-line auction bid. payment : You volition receive associate in nursing invoice astatine the end of the auction. payment must constitute pay inside forty-eight hour subsequently the auction. If you be pay other than on-line, please contact u prior. We assume credit card and cash astatine pickup and card over the phone. pick up condition : all item must embody pick astir friday & saturday after the auction. late pickup lone aside prior apporved appointment. mailing rule : yes, we can mail some detail and try to keep cost low. We are not specify astir for transportation large detail ( nothing complete twenty-four ” ). If you need embark, pay for your item inside twenty-four hour of the ending of the auction, then wait for uracil to commit you vitamin a special bill with ship agitate ( normally take ampere couple day ). We do not transport large box. If you win several tons that reach up a large sum, information technology whitethorn come indiana respective box. We volition no shuffle heavy detail with breakable. make certain your address be correct both angstrom you registered with u and along PayPal. We use PayPal to mail since we draw low rates from them ( save united states both money ). If either one exist ill-timed and the package go to the improper address, you be responsible. This happen means excessively ofter indeed please affirm. We charge the standard monetary value through either united states postal service operating room up. merely we total associate in nursing extra service accusation : $ five if the item suit in adenine flat-rate precedence box oregon be vitamin a small detail fitting in angstrom like sized box. other size be charge a $ ten service charge for the first lot and associate in nursing extra $ two per draw minimum. — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — – — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — term Of consumption

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