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2022 Canada 1 oz Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Diadem Silver Coin .9999 Fine (w/Box & COA)

*Please note, the black clamshell box exhibits wear on its corner.
Commemorate Queen Elizabeth ’ s Platinum Jubilee with the modern 2022 Canada 1 oz Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Diadem Silver Coin ! now available at Bullion Exchanges, this Royal Canadian Mint coin contains 1 troy oz of .9999 fine silver and features selective rhodium plat. Enhancing its appeal, this spectacular silver coin incorporates one yellow and six clear Swarovski® crystals. Each delightful crown coin arrives inside a black clamshell box accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity. A limited mintage of only 4,500 coins was produced, therefore be sure to collect your 2022 Canada 1 oz Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Diadem Silver Coin now !
ever since Queen Elizabeth II a scended to the enthrone of the Commonwealth of Nations on February 6th, 1952, the Diamond Diadem has appeared in official portraits and on many banknotes, stamps, and coins. This imperial headstall has become synonymous with Her Majesty ’ s historic 70-year predominate and is the inhalation for this attention-getting canadian coin. The 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Diadem Silver Coin pays tribute to Elizabeth II as she becomes the Commonwealth ’ s beginning sovereign to have reigned for over 70 years.

The obverse features the platinum-plated effigy of Queen Elizabeth II .
The inverse displays a rhodium-plated crossbreed and floral theme. Six clear up Swarovski® crystals appear around the gorgeous yellow crystal centerpiece .
Coin Specifications:

  • Limited Mintage of 4,500
  • Special Design Feature: Rhodium Plating and Swarovski crystals
  • Contains .9999 finely eloquent with a burden of 1 troy oz
  • Matte Proof Finish
  • Produced by the Royal Canadian Mint
  • Face value of $ 20 backed by the canadian government
  • Arrives in a special total darkness clamshell box along with a Certificate of Authenticity
  • Obverse: The effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, plated in platinum over a amber background. Inscriptions : “ ELIZABETH II ”, “ D.G. REGINA ”, and “ 2022 ” .
  • Reverse: Rhodium-plated cross and floral theme embedded with six clear Swarovski® crystals and one scandalmongering crystal centerpiece.Inscriptions : “ CANADA ”, and “ 20 DOLLARS ” .

Bullion Exchanges offers a range of enticing Royal Canadian Mint Silver Commemorative Coins, including this 2022 Canada 1 oz Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Diadem Silver Coin. Consider adding the gold counterpart to this coin to your solicitation : 2022 Canada 60.08 gram Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Diadem Gold Coin .9999 Fine (w/Box & COA). Please besides peruse our wax excerpt of Silver Coins, and feel release to grab some Gold Coins excessively ! After you submit your order, your items will be safely packaged and shipped to your door. Please contact our customer services associates with any questions.

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