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When you find yourself involved in a criminal subject, getting a criminal defense lawyer is advised. You need professional representation so that you can get the result you deserve. Regardless of the crime, it ’ randomness important that you know your rights and responsibilities. Jason White & Associates can help if you ’ ve been suspected of any error or charged with a felony or misdemeanor in Provo, UT. You need a commodity defense that understands the law on your slope, evening if the patrol treat you with respect. Our feel attorneys at Jason White & Associates can provide you with the information you need for your case and answer any questions you might have .

Knowing Your Rights as a Citizen

You are given distinct rights under the U.S. and Utah Constitutions. For exercise, the good to remain dumb and limiting the information given to investigators. Unless you ’ re a suspect of a crime or driving a fomite, you don ’ t need to verify or show your ID. If you find yourself in a situation where you must show your ID, you ’ re by and large not required to provide your holocene whereabouts, activities or how much you had to drink, in the case of a DUI .
Knowing your rights as a citizen is authoritative, but you need a department of defense lawyer who understands the jurisprudence in fully if you want full security. For case, laws, such as traffic ordinances and condemnable mischief rules, can differ between the different jurisdictions of Utah County ( spanish Fork, Provo and Orem ). besides, during Utah state legislative and U.S. Congress sessions, laws can change. An technical defense lawyer keeps up-to-date on the newly interpretations of the police and how they impact criminal defense proceedings .

Remaining Silent & Denying Permission

There ’ s a clock and place when remaining dumb is what you need to do in the confront of legal action, but it ’ randomness important to know that both the Sheriff ’ south office and the Provo patrol department are certified by the Peace Officers Standards. This means they ’ re there to protect the populace and uphold the law. Most officers would preferably help than make any arrests, so a refusal to cooperate could cause problems and make an insecure environment for the community. A defense lawyer can give you advice on when to talk and when not to.

We want to let you know that if you, a acquaintance or loved one is detained or arrested, you have the right to be notified of your rights against self-incrimination and the right to find a criminal defensive structure lawyer before being questioned. In the event that you ’ re not being arrested, the police do not have to notify you of these rights. additionally, if there ’ s no evidence, or lack of probable causal agent, you don ’ t have to give permission for your personal property to be searched, such as your house or your vehicle .

Call Provo’s Criminal Defense Law Firm

The technical condemnable department of defense attorneys at Jason White & Associates are hera to help. For general questions about crimes in spanish Fork and Utah County, or if you ’ re in need of advice call us at 801-477-1546 or come visit our agency. We ’ ra felicitous to help you out .
Jason White & Associates are here to help the residents of Provo, UT with any criminal charges. If you have any inquiries about crimes or want advice in Provo and Utah County, call one of our technical criminal defense attorneys at 801-477-1546 or come by our University Avenue office. You have a right to defend yourself and we can help .

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