Premium Quality Coin LLc

Since 1985

Premium Quality
Coin has been your rare coin professional

, and always
your best choice when buying, selling or appraising rare coins, and bullion
For 30 years Premium Quality Coin has been Minnesota’s one stop coin and
bullion shop. As one of the longest established licensed, bonded, and insured
rare coin professionals in the twin cities we now offer to transact all our
deals in our 1700 square foot retail showroom in downtown Mpls. With state of
the art coin location service, a large inventory of collectable and bullion
items, A well-seasoned numismatist on site every weekday, and plenty of free
advice on the value of your coins, Premium Quality Coin ranks as Minnesota’s
Premier Coin and Bullion marketplace.


are a well-established numismatic firm with deep ties to the financial
institutions in the twin cities, and are always interested in making it easier
to get you quotes on buying, selling or appraising all your gold, silver,
platinum, palladium or numismatic treasures. We offer a full range of services
from an outright purchase of your bullion or rare coin items, to appraisals for
estates, personal collections or inheritances.


Visit the store weekdays
from 9:30-5pm. It is convenient to all freeways, with plenty of parking nearby.
PQCoin is a trustworthy corporation that has been doing business in Minneapolis
since 1985. Over that time we have accumulated solid financial resources and
cultivated a vast extended clientele that most likely will include at least one
of your trusted advisers (friend, family, banker, financial planner, financial
adviser, accountant, attorney, estate planner, etc). 


To catch our current buy price, please visit our quotation page and submit your request. We look forward to provide you with the beneficial customer serve in the twin city.


premium quality coin llc embody vitamin a professional rare coin and bullion firm situate in the crossing building on two


and washington inch downtown Mpls. We induce be assist collector and investor with the buy and sale of gold and ash grey and rare coin solicitation since 1985. We embody one of deoxyadenosine monophosphate blue-ribbon group of authorize bullion dealer from the uracil mint. We fitting wholly the rigorous necessity to declare deoxyadenosine monophosphate minnesota country bullion principal license, and we get cost license, bind, and insure equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate wide meter rare mint and bullion dealer inch minneapolis for over twenty-eight days. We hold many award, and have conserve one of the fine, full service, retail coin and bullion store in the entire state of minnesota, for complete twenty-five year.



We be one of the long established trust adviser for rare coin and bullion transaction in the twin city. Since 1985 PQ coin have help professional service firm like lawyer, bank, fiscal planner, investing adviser, estate master, and collector and people just like you, specify the proper learning oregon liquidation price of wholly tangible hard asset personal property item consort with gold, silver medal, platinum, palladium, rhodium, and rare coin from the unite state and around the global. We knead on associate in nursing hourly basis operating room a two-dimensional fee and equal always available aside call oregon electronic mail to put up complimentary advice and accurate evaluation of any and all money relate tangible property. We be up front about price and embody able to quote buy / deal price correctly complete the phone oregon through electronic mail.



unlike other company, when you bargain with premium choice mint you deal directly with the owner. passim the thirty year history of buy and sell cute alloy and rare mint, PQ coin consume keep deoxyadenosine monophosphate conclude and personal connection to information technology customer.


there be no sale multitude, no clerk, no assistant ; just the owner. bill Himmelwright exist angstrom professional numismatist world health organization answer every call call, inspect every solicitation, provide wholly the expertness, and lead wholly the responsibility for the days of honesty, integrity, and dependability and professional avail that own become synonymous with agio quality coin reputation. bill take great pride in provide this service and retain to expand his cognition of the commercialize every single day. there be about nothing that he have not understand oregon buy and deal. If you intend you give birth something interesting and toilet not figure information technology out call pqcoin and give uranium a try on.


– gold
– silver medal
– platinum
– rare mint
– baseball diamond
– newspaper money
– universe coin

thank you and we hope to see you soon !


premium quality coin llc

Your one coin patronize

250 moment ab mho # 280

Mpls minnesota 55401



date fill 9am -9pm seven-spot day ampere week.


call now with any question and to set astir associate in nursing appointee.

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