playing possum.

At the like lunch time garage sale where I found the drop leaf table, I besides purchased this phalanger belly table .
possum belly table before
At the prison term I didn ’ t know it was called a phalanger abdomen postpone. The seller told me it was called a “ Minnesota cabinet ”. I had never heard that term before and I was unable to find any sources that referred to them with that name. But I did find lots of information about opossum belly or baker ’ second tables and that is precisely what this is .
normally there would have been a hutch/cupboard type top that sat on the board, and that combination of items was the pre-cursor to the Hoosier cabinet.

Reading: playing possum.

possum belly cupboard
The phalanger belly drawers on the bottom would have held flour and sugar. normally they were lined with tin to keep rodents out ( ewww ). I didn ’ t take a very close look at the drawers on my table when I purchased it. It wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate until I got it home plate and pulled the opossum belly drawers out that I realized they were in pretty inadequate condition on the bottomland .
bad bottom
In fact, most likely unserviceable in the stipulate they were in. I ’ megabyte not a big fan of having furniture that is ‘ just for looks ’, so I knew that making these drawers functional again was going to be step number 1 .
fortunately, once again I was able to call on my perplex handyman/neighbor Ken ! I showed him the drawers and explained that ‘ back in the day ’ when Ken was a new man ( I always give him a very heavily clock time about being older than the hills, and fortunately he finds it amusing alternatively of annoying ) these drawer bottoms would have been made of tin .
possum belly drawers
That was all it took to get Ken ’ s mind think on the problem of how to fix them !
I can ’ t very give you a batch of detailed instructions on how Ken accomplished this. I equitable consider him the furniture fixing fagot. I go to work at the day job and come home at the goal of the day to find completed fixes. I know that he was able to find pieces of sheet metallic that were already the approximate size needed. He merely had to cut a few inches off the end of each slice. I besides know that he used carpet nails to attach the sail metallic to the drawer human body .
possum belly drawers 2
possum belly drawers
The sides of the drawers are still the master wood .
possum belly drawer sides
The following footstep was to paint the establish and drawer fronts in Miss Mustard Seed ’ s Linen milk rouge. I was happy to get fair the right sum of chipping. not excessively much, but fair enough to look authentic .
pb chipping
As I mentioned earlier, the top of this while appeared to be unfinished when I got it. It ’ s possible that it ’ s a raw substitution, but I actually think it primitively had a sheet of zinc over it. If you look at the above painting you can see that there are little tack holes all around the circumference of the exceed.

I decided to barely sand my top down a little to smooth out the wood and then wax with Cece Caldwell ’ s Aging Cream. It turned out gorgeous !
possum belly table top
Like most of the opossum abdomen tables I saw on-line, mine besides has a cutting display panel that pulls out .
pb cutting board
cutting board
finally, I needed to replace the hardware since it didn ’ t come with any. Most of the photograph I ’ d seen of these possum belly tables show cup pulls. I just happened to have a determine of 4 that my father-in-law gave me when he changed them out for something new ( horrors ! ). When I got them, they looked like this …
cup pulls before
In other words, nothing particular. I came up with a brilliant plan to paint them copper with the Fusion metallic paint. But once I saw the drawers with their new sheet metallic bottoms, I realized I needed to stick with just one metallic look so I repainted them in Fusion ’ second Brushed Steel .
possum belly hardware
And finally, the end solution of all of this …
possum belly title
With holiday bake temper about upon us, couldn ’ t you use a opossum belly table in your kitchen ?

possum belly closeup
This one is available. If you are local ( Twin Cities ) and concerned in it, leave me a gossip and I ’ ll get back to you with details .
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