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Polylastic ‘s current price is $ 0.000102, it has increased +15.2 % over the past 24 hours. Polylastic ‘s All Time High ( ATH ) of $ 0.00937 was reached on 11 May 2021, and is presently -98.9 % down. The maximum provide of Polylastic that will always be issued is 100.00 Billions tokens, and the stream provide of POLX in circulation is 9.20 Billions tokens. Polylastic ’ s 24 hour deal volume is $ 72.89 Thousands.

Polylastic ‘s current partake of the entire cryptocurrency market is 0.00 %, with a market capitalization of $ 937.66 Thousands. You can find more details about Polylastic on its official web site and on the block explorer. The POLX keepsake is a deflationary, fee-earning token used for government and weighting the index according to delegated venture. As the index performs and earns fees from growth, 100 % of tax income goes toward purchasing the token on the open market, and removing it from the total supply everlastingly. As the EFi space advances, the POLX token becomes more barely .

Primary Features

  • Polylastic is pegged to the total EFi market cap (EFM)
  • The EFM is a unique number available through Polylastic
  • Polylastic is, at launch, composed of pre-selected qualifying projects
  • Polylastic will reflect a ratio of this number (to be finalized post-launch)
  • A percentage of TX fees will be returned to the project’s locked liquidity pools
  • Subsequent rewards generated will be distributed to holders

The finish of Polylastic is to serve as one of the most frequently observed and followed indices in the cryptocurrency space, ampere well as the definitive measuring stick of the overall health of elastic cryptocurrencies. At establish, the track projects will be determined by the Polylastic team. extra projects may be identified by the team, through administration american samoa well as on an application footing. As it stands now, a plan ’ mho slant is determined by the follow components :

  • The project’s total market cap
  • The project’s stake of community delegated POLX tokens in the smart contract

Polylastic: The Aggregator of the Future

The Polylastic “ big picture ” is to curate, track, demystify and represent the populace of rubber band Finance through the Polylastic collector and its native token, POLX. We will remain securely above the affray of pure tendency chase as government functionality and a proprietary staking/voting system will be implemented in arrange to track the genuine pulse of this quickly growing ecosystem. Polylastic is wholly bad in nature—seeking the identical best in seigniorage, bonds, DeFi, cash systems— i.e. any of the emergence tokens of this audacious new world, wherein systems accrues fees and excess collateral down to the rubber band synthetics, possibly poised to redefine the world of decentralize derivatives. To wit, EFi tokens that are able to demonstrate demand and support via POLX ’ s “ skin in the game ” participation in arrange to warrant inclusion and determine system of weights. This will be achieved through a first-of-its-kind stake proposition equally well as a proprietary tiered-taxation social organization. Polylastic offers something new technically in a burgeoning marketplace ; attempting to harness the identical best of this emergent sector and transitively talk, realize meaning growth for the POLX token .

Polylastic: An EFi Aggregator

Polylastic, is a synthetic asset which represents a slant basket of qualifying EFi tokens that participate in our ecosystem—a procured, collective crown of what best represents the space. The proportion or slant is determined through a proprietary blend of marketplace crown and opinion ; a hybrid, inspired by the quadratic support mannequin. quadratic Funding, simply put, utilizes a match pool for investment that favors residential district support over total investing. The greater the number of active supporters, not the come of fund received is the head metric in determining how much a meet pool will contribute to a given investment. Polylastic will list tokens using a community anchored weighting system to not entirely reflect community support but besides to allow participants to realize the electric potential top of projects that may be smaller in crown but potent on opinion. To date, there have been countless elastic token projects which were not earnest in their desire to raise the integrity of these unique assets. Though this exploitative menstruation is largely in the rearview, the Polylastic collector must rightfully be reflective of the growth of the sector. consequently, we have criteria which must be adhered to in arrange to gain participation. additionally, at the time of this compose Ampleforth comprises an outsize share of the total grocery store cap. As an collector targeting a burgeoning space, less mature, notional assets are to be welcomed. Polylastic, at its core, is “ risk on ” where users, aware that EFi projects may or may not blossom as anticipate, are hoping to gain exposure to the space on the hale via the remarkable POLX nominal.

Polylastic ‘s aim is to be a “ good of breed ” aggregator—naturally, this price will fluctuate creating states of disequilibrium that will be reconciled. The clientele logic of the abridge ensures that the expansion and compression of supply accurately represent the collective market ceiling of the “ indicized ” elastic tokens. note : At the clock of this write, tokens with adjustable issue tokens include, but will not be limited to, Seigniorage, cash systems, derivatives, DeFi primitives and rebasing projects. Polylastic will be creditworthy but will not attempt to ameliorate hazard. The intention is to best approximate the actual growth of the sector and our criteria, rigorous though it may be, is anything but risk-free as protocols must be adhered to in order to gain toleration. effectively though, POLX will be a individual source provider where users can gain exposure to the existing and growing number of EFi projects .

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