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Aeos Coins are a character of currency in Pokemon Unite ( Pokemon MOBA ), the modern real prison term team-battle game. Learn how to get & farm Aeos coins, what to buy with Aeos Coins, & more .

Currency & Microtransactions Guide

What Are Aeos Coins?

Aeos Coins

Details Aeos Coins are one of the several available currencies in Pokemon Unite. early currencies in the game include Fashion Tickets, Holowear Tickets, and Gems.

Microtransactions – In-App Purchases & Paid Items

How To Farm Aeos Coins

How To Farm Aeos Coins

How To Farm Aeos Coins
1 Complete Beginner Challenges
・Up to around 1700 Coins per day (Max 3 times).
2 Do Event missions
・Up to around 600 Coins
3 Do daily missions
・Up to 200 Coins
4 Collect your Fair Play Points
・20 Aeos Coins
5 Play battles
・Win: Around 40 to 500 Coins
・Loss: Around 20 to 80 Coins
* Limited to max 2100 Coins per workweek .
6 Complete tutorials
・Total of 3200 Coins
7 Level up your Trainer
・Total 5700 Coins

* Actual Aeon Coin wages values may vary .

Complete Beginner Challenges

Complete Challenges & Missions You ‘ll have several challenges and missions to complete every day that will grant you rewards if completed successfully. Some missions reward you with Aeos coins, indeed ensure that you check them out and complete them before the day ends. Below are some of the challenges you can attempt to complete. We have yet to confirm that 1700 Aeos Coins will be the maximal consecutively per sidereal day .

Challenges: Day 1

Challenges Rewards
Complete the Advanced 1 tutorial 400 Aeos Coins
Obtain 3 Unite Licenses 500 Aeos Coins
Participate in a standard battle four times 800 Aeos Coins
total Aeos Coins 1700 Aeos Coins

Challenges: Day 2

Challenges Rewards
Score a total of 50 points 400 Aeos Coins
Deal damage to Rotom and defeat it once, with you or one of your teammates dealing the final blow 500 Aeos Coins
Deal damage to Zapdos and defeat it once, with you or one of your teammates dealing the final blow 800 Aeos Coins
total Aeos Coins 1700 Aeos Coins

Challenges: Day 3

Challenges Rewards
Participate in 1 ranked match 400 Aeos Coins
Score three goals in a single match 500 Aeos Coins
Knock out a total of 10 opposing Pokemon 800 Aeos Coins
entire Aeos Coins 1700 Aeos Coins

Aeos Coins can be obtained from Day 1, 2, and 3 Beginner Challenges only. Day 4, 5, 6, and 7 will give you Item Enhancers alternatively .Beginner Challenge Guide

Do Event Missions

Do Events There will be some events in the game that you may choose to participate in. Doing so will garner different rewards including Aeos coins. here are some of the events you can join that will reward you with Aeos Coins .

Aeos Research Institute Mission

Conditions Rewards
Obtain 10 Trainer fashion items 200 Coins, & 2 Fashion Tickets
Obtain 15 Trainer fashion items 400 Coins, & 4 Fashion Tickets
total Aeos Coins 600 Aeos Coins

Events – Upcoming & Current 2021

Do Daily Missions

Daily Missions You ‘ll get a few missions to complete on a daily that can reward you with Aeos coins. Find them at the very bottom of the Events menu.

Conditions Rewards
Participate In 1 Battle every day 30 Aeos Coins
Participate In 1 Quick Battle 50 Aeos Ticket
Participate In 3 Battles every day 60 Aeos Coins
Win 1 Battle 50 Aeos Coins
Win 2 Battles 60 Aeos Coins
total Aeos Coins 200 Aeos Coins

Claim Your Fair Play Points Reward

A Way To Ensure Sportsmanship Players with a score of 90 – 100 Fair-Play Points will receive 20 Aeos Coins daily. only players at this rank can receive this reward, so try to maintain a high score to be eligible for the reward .Fair Play Points – How To Gain & Effects

Play Battles

Play Battles Winning battles will of run garner more Aeos Coins than losing. Based on our research, we ‘ve seen variations of 40 to 500 coins as rewards for wins, and approximately 20 to 80 coins for losses. Note that Aeos Coin rewards from battles are limited to 2100 Coins per week. We ‘re still confirming what conditions make up the actual rewarded total, so stay tuned for updates !

Amount Of Obtainable Aeos Coins Is Shown After The Match

Click to EnlargeAeos Coin Visible The weekly sum of Aeos Coins you can obtain after the catch ends is now visible at the post-match results. You can check this one out to know how many Aeos Coins you received for the week .

Participate In Ranked Matches

Ranked matches will pit the players against those of their skills for bigger & better rewards. By going up the ranks ( or just participating ), players can earn extra Aeos Coins when they reach sealed milestones .Ranked Match Mode Guide

Complete Tutorials

Complete Tutorials You ‘ll be given tutorials throughout the game, enabling you to learn more about the gameplay. thankfully, taking these tutorials will actually reward you with Aeos coins adenine well, therefore act find the time to complete them .

Earn Total Of 3,200 Aeos Coins

Players will earn a sum of 3,200 Aeos Coins by completing all 4 progress tutorials .Check Out How To Play Pokemon Unite

Level Up Your Trainer

Trainer Level

Trainer Level Reward
Level 3 950 Aeos Coins
Level 25 950 Aeos Coins
Level 28 950 Aeos Coins
Level 31 950 Aeos Coins
Level 34 950 Aeos Coins
Level 37 950 Aeos Coins
Total Aeos Coins 5700 Aeos Coins

Another room of earning Aeos Coins is by leveling up your trainer ! Although the gap between grade 3 and level 25 is quite big, you can earn a huge total of coins if you keep on leveling up .Trainer Levelling Guide

Aeos Coins – What To Buy

Unlock Unite Licenses

Playable Pokemon Aeos Coins are used to unlock Unite Licenses. These licenses are needed to be able to unlock Pokemon and will cost from 6000, 8000 to 10000 Aeos Coins depending on the Pokemon.

See All Playable Pokemon

Get Some Pokemon For Free

You can get rid Pokemon licenses if you complete certain events or missions. Take note of these ones and try to complete them to get the licenses without spending any Aeos Coins or Aeos Gems. Use your resources on other hard to get Pokemon alternatively .Free Pokemon List

Buy Held Items

Held Items Held Items are power-ups that ‘ll give your Pokemon an extra boost in stats and aid your Pokemon in struggle. They can be purchased in the denounce with Aeos Coins & Aeos Tickets. They are all priced the same at 1000 Aeos Coins or 625 Aeos Tickets .All Held Items List

Do Not Buy Beginner Challenge Held Item Rewards

If you are saving Aeos Coins to purchase a new Unite License, we highly suggest not to buy the Held Items listed above since you will be able to receive them from doing Beginner Challenge Missions. This is because purchasing the above items beforehand will give you Item Enhancers as a refund reward rather of Aeos Coins .

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