1/10 oz American Platinum Eagle Coin (Random Year, BU) l JM Bullion™

This 1/10 oz american Platinum Eagle Coin was first minted in 1997 by the United States Mint. Unlike other coins, which have been designated as collectibles, the platinum eagle coin holds the eminence of being classified as “ commodity platinum. ” This means that its prize is based entirely on the metallic element as opposed to the rarity and singularity of the coin itself. It has become popular among investors because of it ’ s unique purpose, small size and high gear alloy purity .
Coin Highlights:

  • Actual platinum content of 1/10 troy oz.
  • Features .9995 pure platinum.
  • Available in Brilliant Uncirculated condition.
  • Eligible in Precious Metal IRA accounts.
  • Arrives in BU condition. Protect your investment with a 16mm Direct Fit Air Tite Capsule.

All platinum eagle coins are composed of 1/10 ozt of .9995 pure platinum. They measure 16.5 millimeter in diameter and 0.95 millimeter in width. Each of the coins in this collection are still in brand newfangled and brilliant uncirculated circumstance. As a protective meter, each one has been kept in an individual plastic font or its in the first place sealed tube to maintain its newly minted country .
The design for the platinum eagle mint depicts two of the most beloved american icons : the Statue of Liberty and the bald eagle. The front of this mint portrays Lady Liberty from the neck up in her signature crown. She gazes directly forth with an purpose and penetrating expression. The parole “ Liberty ” is inscribed above her head with the letters appearing between the points of her crown. To the right of her face are the mintage year of the coin and the motto : “ In God We Trust. ”

The double on the turn back side of the mint proudly features our national dame, who is majestically soaring through sky with his wings stretched at their full cross. besides engraved on this side are the coin ’ randomness vital statistics including honor, weight, and the monetary measure of the coin. Both these patriotic engravings are indisputable to speak to the pride and spirit of the american people .
This platinum eagle coin will add both investment and artistic value to any collection. As a courtesy to our customers, all orders are shipped wholly free of charge. We besides insure your box to protect it against any larceny, passing or damage that might occur during ship .
For far information regarding this 1/10 oz american Platinum Eagle Coin, please contact us at 800-276-6508 or get in affect via know old world chat or our on-line forms. Please be sure to visit our web site for early editions and grades of this particular mint like the raw 2014 1 oz Platinum American Eagle Coin ( BU ) .

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