Gordon Thompson Attorney Vision, Mission Statement & Values

I devoted my long legal career to protecting the rights of people accused of committing crimes. I was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1979 and the Arizona State Bar in 1982. Before becoming a lawyer, I graduated from Harpur College and Syracuse University College of Law, both in New York. I am a sole practitioner DUI & condemnable defense lawyer and I have helped over 5000 people charged with the commission of crimes to minimize the lay waste to impact of those charges on them and their families. I represent clients in Maricopa & Pinal Counties and in other courts throughout Northern Arizona.


To continue developing new ways of helping my clients and their families to avoid or mitigate the annihilating, life-altering consequences of a condemnable conviction.

Mission Statement

To use my values and knowledge acquired through 43 years of criminal law experience to get the best possible result for each of my uniquely different clients .

My Values

  • Responsibility

    Being a exclusive practitioner means I alone am responsible for all aspects of each customer ’ randomness case. I do not employ lawyer associates who know short about each client ’ s case .

  • Knowledge

    Knowledge obtained from 43 years ’ experience to remember something which may have happened many years ago which could help, or hurt, a current client ’ second casing. It besides means knowing the legal populace is constantly changing and I must keep up with the change arsenic well .

  • Viewing the Case Through My Client’s Eyes

    Each node is alone and so the starting point of every case is listening to my client’s description of their circumstances and thoughts about the case. It besides means keeping my clients constantly informed about the status of their lawsuit adenine well as promptly and politely responding to their questions.

  • Keeping Legal Fees Affordable

    People charged with crimes much suffer unanticipated fiscal losses. Helping my clients mitigate the consequences of a condemnable charge means not adding to their fiscal load. My fees are below average .

My Legal Assistant Mykell E. Wright I have been fortunate to have worked with one Legal Assistant, Ms. Mykell Wright for over 20 years. Mykell graduated from Elgin Community College in Illinois with a Degree in Paralegal Studies. Mykell ’ s cognition acquired through long experience guarantees steadily service, coherent with my values. My Recent Good Results and Client Reviews show success in accomplishing my mission.

I am happy to provide a detached initial reference either over the earphone, by video recording conference, or in my office. Call or contact me on-line right now.

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