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Motor vehicle accidents, both child and catastrophic, stir feelings of traumatize, fear, and anxiety in the hearts of everyone involved. In Philadelphia, negligent drivers, distracted drivers, and drivers under the influence plague our roads, streets, and highways every day. Whether you ’ re at mistake or just an innocent victim, our Philadelphia car accident lawyers at Ciccarelli Law Offices can fight by your side through the entire summons .

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How Can a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer Help?

Philadelphia car accident lawyer
We ’ ve seen all walks of life, with every type of car accident injury conceivable, and have learned from our experience with each one. Whether you ’ ve suffer brawn discomfort, spinal anesthesia cord injuries, break bones, or permanent wave disability, we ’ re the properly lawyers for you. We specialize in personal injury lawsuits and car accident cases, and we can help you fight for the recompense you deserve .
If you or a love one has been injured or killed in a cable car accident in Pennsylvania, contact us today for a spare consultation. We ’ five hundred sexual love to talk with you about your options going forward. Our team of feel accident attorneys will fight by your slope for fair compensation for your pain, suffer, and damages. Trust the Philadelphia car accident attorneys at Ciccarelli Law Offices with your accident character, and see the remainder an excellent cable car crash lawyer can make.

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Our Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Get Results

A Philadelphia car wreck could cost you thousands of dollars in medical costs and property wrong repairs. A motor vehicle accident lawyer can help you hold the at-fault party accountable for these losses. once you have seen a doctor for your injuries, contact a legal representative to discuss your case for exempt and at no debt instrument. A lawyer will review the facts of your case, listen to your personal floor, and give you a fair evaluation of what your claim could be worth. This can give you an edge during insurance settlement negotiations, as you will know the dependable measure of your case. Our personal injury jurisprudence firm will besides deal with the insurance company and insurance adjusters .
Our Philadelphia injury attorneys can prevent policy companies from taking advantage of you during your high-value personal injury claim. You should besides hire an lawyer if you lost a love one in an automobile accident. In Philadelphia, unlawful death is a meaning passing that deserves legal representation during a civil claim. ultimately, you should trust a car accident lawyer with your casing if it involves a break law, such as DUI, or if you plainly do not feel confident in your claim negotiation skills. An lawyer that is very well versed in Pennsylvania jurisprudence can optimize your chances of a successful claim .

When Do I Have to File a Car Accident Lawsuit in Pennsylvania?

Every state has a alone codified of limitations in plaza to limit how long a claimant has to file a car accident lawsuit. Statutes of limitations exist on civil and criminal cases. The point of a legislative act of limitations is to encourage timely claims filing, to keep a case bazaar and barely on both sides. The courts in Pennsylvania take statutes of limitations very seriously. It typically will not agree to hear a lawsuit if the claimant has missed his or her deadline to file. even if the courts allow the sheath to proceed, it will most likely drop it subsequently when the defendant uses the miss deadline as a defense to the call .
car accident lawyer in Philadelphia
According to Pennsylvania law, you have two years from the date of your car accident to file a personal injury claim. If you do not discover your injuries until after the car accident, such as experiencing back or neck pain a few days late, the clock will not start ticking until the date of injury discovery. furthermore, if you lost a sleep together one and plan on filing a wrongful death claim, you have two years from the person ’ randomness date of death to file. Different types of accident claims have different deadlines, so it ’ sulfur best to speak to a lawyer about your particular font .
few things will toll, or extend, the deadline on cable car accident claims. sometimes the courts will allow an extension for an ongoing criminal trial. If the driver that caused your accident is facing DUI charges, for example, your codified of limitations may not begin until the solution of the criminal subject. It is significant to speak to a Philadelphia car accident lawyer about your time limit for filing a car accident character. Each case is unique, and yours may have elements that qualify you for a special extension. Our lawyers can discuss your person deadline during a free consultation .

What Damages Can You Recover After a Car Accident in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia car accident attorney
In a car accident case, damages refer to both the accident victims ’ losses and the compensation that may be available in a village or sagacity. Recovering damages takes proving that the defendant negligently or recklessly caused the car accident and that you suffered real losses as a resultant role. An lawyer can help you prove your event and obtain the greatest possible recovery prize for your damages. While the amount you may receive will vary, the types of damages available in Pennsylvania ’ s civil courts remain the lapp .

  • Medical bills: Seek recovery for your past and future medical expenses relating to your car accident injuries. These may cover surgeries, treatments, doctor’s office visits, rehabilitation, therapy, live-in care, disability costs, and more.
  • Pain and suffering: Pennsylvania car accident survivors can seek non-economic damages for intangible losses, such as physical pain and emotional suffering. Measuring these damages may take medical testimony.
  • Lost wages and income-earning capacity: If you had to miss work after your car accident, you can seek recovery for your lost wages. You can also request payment for lost future earnings if a disability will make you lose income.
  • Property damage repairs: List the exact amount it will take to either repair your damaged vehicle or replace a totaled vehicle after a serious car accident in Philadelphia. You could recover the full value of your vehicle before the accident if totaled.
  • Punitive damages: A judge may order punitive damages in a car accident case involving criminal activity or gross negligence, such as a DUI case or hit-and-run. Punitive damages provide additional compensation to victims as well as punish the defendant.

Under Pennsylvania ’ s modified comparative negligence law, you can not recover any damages from a car accident if the courts assign more than 50 % of demerit to you for your injuries. If you bring a case against the local government, the law caps your damages at $ 500,000. Claims against the Commonwealth have $ 250,000 recovery cap. pain and suffer damages will only be an option in a case against the government if the victim suffered permanent disfigurement, dismemberment, permanent personnel casualty of a bodily function, or if the victim died .

How Much is My Accident Claim Worth?

curious as to how much your car accident case could be deserving ? lecture to a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia at Ciccarelli Law Offices to discuss your alone title. Every car accident is different, and it ’ s improbable that you will know precisely how much your claim is worth until you have an reason of how much your current and future medical expenses are going to be, including medication and rehabilitation depending on your injuries .
On circus tent of this, there is besides pain and hurt, property wrong, and anything else associated with the accident that can be taken into account. fortunately, we have obtained millions of dollars on behalf of our wound clients. We will work hard to secure the best possible consequence for your particular case. During your free consultation, we will review your losses and calculate the likely value of your title. then, we may be able to take over insurance settlement negotiations or a car bust up lawsuit on your behalf .

Minor Car Accident Injuries In Philadelphia Are Still Serious

Accident attorney in Philadelphia
In more child car accidents, such as buffer benders or backing into person, you may not flush realize that you ’ ve been injured. many car accidents involve neck and back injuries that show up in the days following the incident. Though slow to become diagnostic, if not treated correct away, these injuries could badly affect your life. Injuries such as whiplash are park in such accidents, but that doesn ’ triiodothyronine make them any less serious .
insurance companies will try to earn a quick settlement in the case of an car accident since their priorities are not with your personal care, but with the insurance occupation. At Ciccarelli Law Offices, we tend to your immediate needs american samoa well as your long-run care and competitiveness to get every dollar for you .
There ’ s no want to worry about arguing with insurance companies angstrom well as taking person to court – we ’ ll take care of all communications with indemnity companies so you can relax and focus on recovering. We ’ ll review your car accident case at no accusation with a free consultation, so you can see firsthand the overplus of advantageous options we bring to the mesa .

Serious Philadelphia Car Accident Injuries

While hopefully, most people walk away from a car accident with little to no injuries at all, unfortunately, that ’ s not constantly the subject. According to Driver Knowledge, more than 3 million people in the United States are injured in cable car accidents each year, with around 2 million of those injure experiencing permanent injuries. Most of these injuries are referred to as catastrophic injuries and include :
An person confirm some of these types of injuries are improbable to be walking off from the fit of a doss and will require checkup attention. If this is the lawsuit, it is besides more crucial than ever to hire a Philadelphia car accident lawyer to help you walk through the procedure of filing a claim and receiving the compensation that you deserve for your pain and suffer .
furthermore, if a car accident results in the death of an individual due to another ’ mho negligence, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hesitate to reach out to our Philadelphia wrongful end attorneys to help with your character .

What Are Some Common Causes of Car Accidents in Philadelphia?

Philadelphia car accident
Like early bad cities, Philadelphia is home plate to thousands of drivers – not all of whom pay attention when they drive. Some of the most park car accident cases we ’ ve represented admit :
Our Philadelphia car accident lawyers have years of know in handling every type of accident situation, and we take wish of a car accident encase daily. There are many forms of negligence behind the wheel, and it is becoming more of a trouble as the number of smartphone users continues to escalate. Pennsylvania strictly prohibits texting and drive, yet people do even do it every day .

What To Do After a Car Accident in Philadelphia?

There ’ s no deny that car accidents are extremely nerve-racking events, so far, the moments following one can be some of the most crucial both for your safety and the success of your title. however, if you follow these steps, it will help to make indisputable that you and anyone else involved are taken concern of by professionals and help you avoid any mistakes, and prepare you before tied filing a claim .
immediately following an accident you should :

  • Check to see if anyone is injured and call 911 if there are injuries
  • Report the accident to the police
  • Get yourself and everyone else to safety. If possible, move your car to the side of the road, but make sure that nobody leaves the scene of the accident.
  • Exchange information with the driver or drivers of the other vehicles. Make sure that you receive their phone number, license plate number, and any and all insurance information they may have.
  • Go around and take detailed pictures of your vehicle and any others that were involved in the accident. Also, take pictures of the whole scene as well, including traffic signs, road conditions, and anything that might have played a role in the crash.
  • If there were any witnesses to the accident, ask for their information as well as their side of the story, witness testimony can sometimes make or break a claim.
  • Accept any medical treatment that is offered
  • Contact a Philadelphia car accident lawyer

Pennsylvania Car Insurance Limits

car accident lawyer in Phiiladelphia
fair like in every other state across the area, drivers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania have to purchase a certain type and amount of insurance in order to remain legal on the roadway. Under current Pennsylvania law, drivers are required to carry :

  • Bodily wound indebtedness coverage or $ 15,000 per person and $ 30,000 per accident
  • property price liability coverage or $ 5,000
  • $ 5,000 medical benefits coverage

It is important to point out that Pennsylvania ’ south cable car indemnity laws are quite confusing. Pennsylvania is a “ choice no-fault ” country when it comes to insurance. In a no-fault site, individuals turn to their own policy coverage careless of who causes the incidental. There are some exceptions to this, peculiarly for cases where catastrophic injuries occurred. however, individuals in Pennsylvania have the choice to opt-out of the no-fault indemnity system and opt into the full moon tort arrangement that most people are familiar with .
Individuals who opt into the wide tort system will handle a car accident claim like most early states. In other words, the driver who caused the incident will pay compensation to those who sustain injuries or property damage .
When we examine these minimums, we can see that they are quite abject. An accident does not have to be identical dangerous in rate for these minimums to be met, and this can leave individuals financially liable for the remainder of a person ’ s checkup bills and property wrong expenses. We strongly encourage individuals to examine their needs when it comes to car indemnity and purchase the types and minimums of policy that will keep them financially secure should an accident occur .
additionally, please notice that individuals are not required by law to purchase comprehensive or collision coverage, though any person who owes money on their fomite will likely be required to purchase this character of policy by the leaseholder .

Is Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage Required

When examining the minimums required by Pennsylvania State police concerning car policy, it is crucial to point out that drivers are not required to carry uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage.

  • Uninsured motorist coverage. Uninsured motorist coverage is designed to kick in in the event you are struck by a driver who either does not have indemnity or who flees the scene and is not apprehended. unfortunately, a significant amount of drivers on Pennsylvania roadways are uninsured, and it is powerfully encouraged that all drivers purchase this type of coverage to help recover compensation in the consequence they are struck by an uninsured driver .
  • Underinsured motorist coverage. Underinsured motorist coverage is designed to help in the event the at-fault driver ’ randomness indemnity policy limits are not sufficient enough to cover your wound or property price expenses. For exercise, if the early driver carries the minimum of $ 15,000 of bodily wound indebtedness coverage, but you sustain $ 25,000 deserving of aesculapian expenses, underinsured motorist coverage would kick in to pay the extra $ 10,000 .

even though uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages are not required in Pennsylvania, we strongly encourage every person to consider adding these to their policy. even if a driver in Pennsylvania has no-fault policy, the aesculapian benefits minimums are entirely $ 5,000. Having uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage is even a thoroughly idea .

Why The Minimums May Not be Enough For A Philadelphia Accident 

Philadelphia car accident attorney
All besides much, the minimums are not enough. This includes the minimums of your policy, and any other electric potential at-fault driver ’ sulfur minimums. As we barely mentioned above, underinsured motorist coverage is designed to help you in the consequence another driver ’ south minimums are not enough to cover your expenses. surprisingly, this is not hard to accomplish. Medical bills rise very cursorily, specially for catastrophic injuries. additionally, if you were driving a newer or more expensive vehicle, another driver ’ s property damage liability coverage of $ 5,000 will about surely not be adequate to cover your place damage expenses .
As a Pennsylvania driver, we encourage you to carry both comprehensive and collision coverage, obtain uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and increase your limits to an sum you are comfortable with .
Why would we say increase your coverage amounts ?
well, suppose you end up being at fault for a collision. You want to make certain that your policy limits are enough to cover the expenses of any other person who sustains an wound or place damage if you have full tort indemnity. In the event your policy does not provide enough coverage, the victim could file a civil personal wound lawsuit or property wrong lawsuit against you. If you are found to be at fault, you may have to pay out of your own pouch for any expenses rising above your indemnity limits .

Are You Liable For An Accident When Someone Else Is Driving Your Car?

It is not rare for the driver of a vehicle to not actually be the owner of the vehicle. For exemplar, a person could borrow a acquaintance or family member ’ s cable car and get into an accident. This can leave questions about indebtedness for the incident. In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, car insurance typically follows the car .
In the event you let person borrow your car, and if that driver gets into an accident, your indemnity will likely be creditworthy for paying compensation. Of course, this will come back to whether or not you have no-fault policy or full tort indemnity .
If you have full tort policy and the person you let bar your car was at fault for the incident, then your policy coverage will pay for property damage and injury expenses of other parties involved in the incidental .
You will not have to use your medical benefits coverage if another person caused an accident while driving your vehicle because this character of indemnity follows the driver. In early words, if you have no-fault policy, you will not have to pay the medical bills of the person driving your vehicle. Hopefully, the individual who caused the accident while driving your car carries no-fault insurance, and they will be able to turn to their own coverage .
It is always a hazard to let person else operate your vehicle. Before doing so, you need to make certain that you trust the driver, that they are by rights licensed, and that they are not impaired while operating the car .

The Pennsylvania Car Accident Claims Process

The process for filing a car accident title in Pennsylvania can seem confuse, and many things will happen cursorily. Individuals are required to report car accidents in Pennsylvania within five days after the accident if the police did not investigate the incident, if anyone was injured or killed, or if there was dangerous property damage. Failing to report an accident could result in a suspended license .
It is crucial to understand that indemnity carriers have very hard-and-fast report deadlines, much within a day or two, regardless of whether or not you have no-fault or full tort policy. If you carry no-fault indemnity, you need to let the insurance carrier know soon after the crash occurs. All injury and place damage claims will be funneled through your indemnity aircraft carrier and paid that way. If you sustained a dangerous injury that caused an damage of bodily officiate or defacement, you may be able to file a lawsuit against the other driver, even though you have no-fault policy .
In the event you carry fully tort insurance, all options will be available to you. This includes pursuing property damage and aesculapian expenses through the other driver ’ sulfur insurance if the other driver was at fault for the incident. additionally, if you have full tort policy, you will be able to file a civil personal injury lawsuit against the other driver if their policy minimums are not sufficient to cover your expenses .
The huge majority of car accident claims in Pennsylvania are resolved through settlements with insurance carriers. A “ settlement ” is an amount of money negotiated between the two parties out of court, and it is not rare for these claims to be resolved within a few weeks or a few months after the crash. For those with no-fault indemnity, recompense is typically paid very cursorily without the indemnity carriers putting improving much of a fight, but they will surely not pay any more than the policy limit .
If you have wax tort insurance, this revolves around proving the indebtedness of the early driver involved, and this is where indemnity carriers can get tough. If there is a dispute over demerit or the total amount that should be paid, the insurance carriers could put up a crusade and delay the action .
It may be necessary to file a civil personal injury lawsuit against the other driver and their insurance mailman in these situations. This puts the lawsuit into the Pennsylvania civil motor hotel system, which can extend the timeline. by and large, cable car accident claims will not go to a jury trial, and they will normally be settled through negotiations with both parties. however, it may be necessity to go to a jury trial in the event the policy aircraft carrier or at-fault party refuses to offer a fair village .

Checklist For Preparing For Your Car Accident Claim

Car accident lawyer in Philadelphia
As you go about preparing your car accident claim, it is all-important that you have a running checklist so that you are arsenic train as possible. We strongly encourage you to work with your lawyer, and they will make sure that your case is cook to go .

  1. Evidence determining liability. There are versatile types of attest that will be gathered in the days and weeks that follow the incident. This can include photograph or video surveillance from the scenery, statements from eyewitnesses, traffic citation documentation, and more .
  2. Copies of all medical bills. It is authoritative for you to keep copies of every medical bill that comes in in the consequence of a vehicle accident in Pennsylvania. Medical bills are a significant dowry of compensation recoverable by crash victims .
  3. Medical records. You will likely have to provide your checkup records to the indemnity carrier ( mho ) involved. Please note that you should only provide medical records pertaining to the injuries sustained in the accident. Never turn over your complete aesculapian history to any early party .
  4. Property damage estimates. You need to keep all estimates of place damage expenses for your vehicle and any other property damaged as a solution of the incident ( phones, computers, invest, etc. ) .
  5. Proof of lost wages. It is not uncommon for individuals to not be able to work in the aftermath of a crash. If you carry wide tort policy, you may be able to recover lost engage compensation from the at-fault driver .
  6. Copies of your insurance policy. You need to have a transcript of your indemnity policy ready and available at all times .

Where Do Most Philadelphia Accidents Happen?

According to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, there were more than 104,000 total fomite collisions across the Commonwealth during the latest report year on file. Out of these incidents, more than 61,000 individuals sustained injuries and 1,129 individuals lost their lives .
Philadelphia is one of the most dangerous places to drive in Pennsylvania. There are a few roads that regularly record higher crash rates than the rest of the greater Philadelphia area. This includes, but it ’ s not limited to, the surveil :

  • Delaware Expressway. The Delaware Expressway in Northeast Philadelphia can be fabulously feverish, particularly during rush hour .
  • Roosevelt Blvd. Traveling along Roosevelt Blvd can be parlous, particularly at the intersections with Grand Avenue and Red Lion Road .
  • Schuylkill Expressway. This is another expressway that is considered dangerous, and this is one of the busiest stretches of highway in the region .
  • Broad Street. This is one of the major arteries in Philadelphia, and there is a meaning measure of traffic on Broad Street each day .
  • Bustleton Avenue. This roadway runs through Northeast Philadelphia and is another area where a significant act of unplayful collisions occur .

right from the begin, you will have peace of mind while your lawyer from Ciccarelli Law Offices handles your claim. We will immediately go to work on your case, reviewing your options and initiating the filing process. Your lawyer will help you meet significant deadlines with your call, such as prompt indemnity claim file and bringing a lawsuit within Pennsylvania ’ s class codified of limitations.

For the duration of your case, your lawyer will keep you updated about its status and build up. You will keep in ceaseless contact with your accident lawyer, not an associate degree or paralegal. We will investigate your car accident, gather evidence on your behalf, and help you build a strong case against the defendant ( second ). We will accurately calculate your claim ’ south worth, and demand proper compensation from the at-fault party. Ciccarelli Law Offices will make certain you have everything you need during the battle for carnival fiscal convalescence. Contact us today to start the claims process in Philadelphia .

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