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Car Accidents many car accidents occur because one or more drivers acted negligently. In Florida, you must normally show a dangerous injury to go beyond no-fault insurance coverage and action another driver. To establish another driver ‘s negligence in court, a personal wound lawyer in the West Palm Beach area would need to show that the early driver owed you a duty, the other driver breached that duty, there was actual and proximate causing, and you suffered damages. All drivers have a duty to use fair manage when operating their cars, and there are many ways that they can breach that duty. A transgress of duty may occur when a driver textbook or differently gets distracted behind the steering wheel, drives while intoxicated, runs a bolshevik unaccented or stop gestural, or drives while excessively fatigued, among many other examples. Truck Accidents In a truck accident encase, we will investigate to determine whether both the truck driver and their employer may bear some responsibility for the accident. It is authoritative to work with an lawyer who understands how to hold these parties responsible as appropriate. In many situations, the injuries suffered by victims in a passenger cable car after a truck accident are catastrophic or black, due to the size and burden of the truck. In summation to holding a truck driver creditworthy for their negligence, a West Palm Beach personal wound lawyer may be able to hold the employer vicariously ( indirectly ) liable or immediately liable. The direct indebtedness of an employer may be established if you can prove negligent hire, supervision, or train. vicarious or collateral liability simply means that the driver was an employee of the truck pot and on the job when they caused the crash . Motorcycle Accidents There is no buff partition between a motorcyclist and a passenger car or truck. thus, the driver of the larger vehicle may walk away without a scratch, while the motorcyclist may be left with life-changing injuries. Often, indemnity adjusters have an unfair bias against motorcyclists. An adjuster is likely to look for ways in which an hurt motorcyclist was negligent and at fault. relative negligence is a doctrine that reduces the amount of damages that you can recover as a plaintiff in an accident claim, based on the extent to which your own negligence caused the accident. We understand how to fight back against these arguments and make sure that our clients get all of the recompense that they are entitled to receive . Bicycle Accidents Florida ’ s no-fault insurance law requires you to turn first to your own no-fault insurance coverage after a bicycle accident. You can recover 80 % of your reasonable medical expenses, 60 % of your lost wages, and refilling services such as family clean or babysitting through no-fault coverage. In arrange to file a lawsuit for damages against an at-fault driver, you will need to have suffered a unplayful injury, such as loss of bodily function, disfigurement, or serious scars. unfortunately, alike to motorcyclists, bicyclists miss much auspices against the impact of a car or truck, so these situations arise all besides frequently. Our personal injury lawyers can help West Palm Beach bicyclists determine who was creditworthy for a crash and prove the full oscilloscope of their damages.

Pedestrian Accidents Florida is considered one of the most dangerous states for pedestrians. Pedestrians are besides covered under Florida ‘s no-fault law. Although drivers have a heightened duty to avoid colliding with a pedestrian, the driver is not mechanically at fault. consequently, policy adjusters may try to look for ways in which you were to blame as a pedestrian. Pedestrians have a duty to use reasonable caution when crossing roads or interacting with motive vehicles, and there are several laws set away in Florida Statutes section 316.130 that they need to obey. however, most pedestrian accidents do result from driver error, and the consequences can be devastating or fatal. We have represented not lone hurt pedestrians but besides the families of victims of pedestrian accidents who lost their lives to careless drivers . Premises Liability All property owners have a duty to keep their property sanely safe for true visitors and may be held accountable for a visitor ‘s injuries arising out of a dangerous condition on the property. by and large, to win a premises liability lawsuit, our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers will need to show that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition. This frequently comes down to establishing constructive notice through video surveillance testify, witness testimony, or the testimony of experts who can explain how long a dangerous condition likely existed. Some common causes of accidents on property include spills or wet floors, uneven or cracked pavement, faulty handrails or guardrails, break steps, and float pools that lack the appropriate guard protections . Workplace Accidents Often, workers are limited to receiving workers ‘ compensation benefits when they are injured on the subcontract. They can not sue their employers for damages, since workers ‘ compensation is considered an single rectify. however, if you are injured at work due to a third party ‘s negligence, you may be able to sue that one-third party for damages in a personal injury claim. workplace accident victims much bring claims against manufacturers of bad equipment, careless drivers, and other defendants that have no employment kinship to them . Construction Accidents construction employers must provide a condom workplace for employees and report serious injuries to OSHA. In many cases, Florida residents who are injured in construction accidents are limited to workers ‘ compensation benefits. however, when accidents arise out of intentional lead by an employer, a non-employer ‘s negligence, or a bad product, you may have other legal options. A personal injury lawyer at our West Palm Beach firm can advise you on the diverse types of actions that you can pursue.

Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect In Florida, nurse home patients are legally entitled to a basic set of rights. Nursing base laws require a adeptness to provide patients with a homelike, clean, comfortable, and safe environment. In rehearse, however, nursing homes are much short-handed, and many caregivers are not adequately trained or get frustrated easily with the challenges of caregiving. If you or a love one has been abused or neglected in a nursing dwelling, such that a serious injury or wrongful death occurred, it may be possible to hold the nursing home accountable . Medical Malpractice Cases arising from health care negligence tend to be specially building complex. In order to recover damages for aesculapian malpractice, our attorneys will need to show that a doctor ‘s actions in diagnosing or treating you fell below the professional standard of care, and this deviation from the standard of care caused your injuries. This normally means retaining experts in the defendant ’ south peculiarity or a related sphere who can explain how the defendant ’ randomness care was deficient and how it led to your injuries. medical malpractice claims must meet specific procedural requirements, which makes it significant to retain legal guidance early in the procedure . Defective Products If you were injured by a bad product, you may be able to recover damages from the manufacturer and others in the chain of distribution. There are three types of product defects : market defects, fabricate defects, and design defects. In some cases, the personal wound attorneys at our West Palm Beach firm will need to retain an expert to show the being of a defect. These cases often are based on nonindulgent indebtedness, which means that you do not need to show negligence by the defendant to establish indebtedness . Boating Accidents Boating is a popular recreational bodily process in Florida. Varying laws may apply to injuries arising from an accident on the water, depending on the specific plaza where the boat accident happened. You may be able to recover damages under theories of negligence or intentional wrongdoing, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as specific maritime laws. These cases can be exchangeable to motor fomite collision cases, since they often arise from a boatman ’ s failure to by rights operate their vessel, such as by being drink or distracted or lacking the appropriate education.

Dog Bites Dog bites can result in austere injuries and infections for both adults and children. There are many theories under which you can potentially recover compensation for dog pungency injuries in Florida. These include negligence, negligence per selenium ( negligence as a matter of law ), hard-and-fast liability, and designed torts. even if the pawl did not actually bite you, our attorneys still may be able to recover damages if you were injured because the dog knocked you over or caused injuries in another character of approach or incident . Wrongful Death Under Florida Statutes section 768.19, when person ‘s death is caused by another party ‘s unlawful act, negligence, default, or contractual transgress, the dead person ‘s estate can sue in civil court for wrongful end. The personal spokesperson of the estate is supposed to file the case. It is filed on behalf of not only the estate of the realm but besides any surviving class members. Surviving relatives who can recover damages include the dead person ‘s spouse, children, and parents, angstrom well as any rake relative or adopted sibling who was partially or completely dependent on the dead person for services or support . Consult a Knowledgeable Personal Injury Attorney in West Palm Beach, Orlando, Plantation and Miami If you have been injured or a loved one died because of person else ’ south actions, you should contact our personal wound lawyers. At Freeman Injury Law, we represent victims and their families in cities such as West Palm Beach, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Plantation, Hollywood, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Margate, Coconut Creek, Pompano Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Port St. Lucie, and other areas of Dade, Broward, Orange, Palm Beach, and St. Lucie Counties. Call us at 800-561-7777 or use our on-line form to set up a release consultation.

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