15 Antique Vintage Cookie Jars Worth A lot of Money

We all love cookies, but who loves cookie jars ? We do ! If you love vintage cookie jars, you probably already know there are a fortune of expensive antique cookie jars out there ! If not, this article should open your eyes. I sampled over 15 antique cookie jars from across the web and scoured eBay to discover the value of each jolt .
Discover which antique vintage cookie jars you need to add to your collection, and which ones would be best for selling .
When it comes to kitchen collectibles, there are many great options. Vintage cookie jars are among the most popular choices. Whether you are decorating a raw home or old, replacing older pieces with newer ones, or barely looking for stocking stuffers and host gifts, these antiques from times retentive gone by have quite a act of value .

15 Antique Vintage Cookie Jars Ever Sold


Antique Vintage Cookie Jars Year Price
1 Royal Worcester English Porcelain Biscuit Cookie Jar 1890 $ 480.00
2 Victor Saglier Antique Cookie Jar 1800s $ 496.47
3 Antique Jar English Carlton Ware Victorian Jar 1800s $ 435.00
4 vintage Czech Apothecary Cookie Jar 1970s $ 130.00
5 greatest Silver Mounted & Cut-Glass Biscuit Barrel Cookie Jar 1927 $ 505.85
6 George Jones & Sons – Madras Ware Biscuit Barrel 1891- 1920 $ 558.40
7 Depression Glass Cobalt Blue Cookie Jar 1920 – 1949 $ 445.00
8 Old Vintage Original Shawnee Clover Pig Cookie Jar 19930/40s $ 335.75
9 Beverly Hillbillies Mansion Cookie Jar 2002 $ 294.95
10 vintage Ransburg Cookie Jars 1930 – 1950 $ 350.00
11 large Ornate Victorian Silver-Plated Cookie Jar 1890s $ 321.90
12 limited Edition Treasure Craft Smokey the Bear Cookie Jar 1995 $ 298.56
13 top Notch Antique English Crystal Biscuit Box 1880 $ 781.76
14 Antique Silver Biscuit Box 1910s $ 766.77
15 vintage Cookie Jar 60 ’ south McCoy Collectible 1960 $ 2,000.00

1. Royal Worcester English Porcelain Biscuit Cookie Jar

Year: 1890
Price : $ 480.00
1. Royal Worcester English Porcelain Biscuit Cookie Jar
This is one of China ’ s Porcelain Cookie Jars, this dateless design features a hand-painted matte-finished pull with cover girl flowers and leaves. This jolt was made by Roy Worcester in 1890 and it has its match, original underplate ; it has been hallmarked by Royal Worcester on the bottom of both the jolt and the plates. For an antique with such fantastic designs and quality, it has no flaws or chips, it is in fantastic condition .
This 19th-century classical is of fabulous quality with lovely, bright gold accents and an ivory or light cream color on it. Standing at about 6 3/4 inches in diameter and 7 inches in acme. The Royal Worcester cookie jar has a remarkable size. honorably, it commands a remarkable fee, as it is priced at about $ 480 on Etsy .

2. Victor Saglier Antique Cookie Jar

Year: 1800s
Price: $ 496.47
2. Victor Saglier Antique Cookie Jar
This is another unusually designed Antique cookie jar that would leave your kitchen looking classy and give it a good transition in quality and taste. This is a alloy and glass cookie jar by Victor Saglier a Famous french Smith in the 1800s, the eyelid, handle and stand are made of metal and the body of the cookie jar is made of thick methamphetamine or crystal, that ’ s not all. It ’ south besides decorated with a floral design and has touches of gold on it. This is a great selection for any collector and for its timbre .

3. Antique Jar English Carlton Ware Victorian Jar

Year: 1800s
Price : $ 435.00
3. Antique Jar English Carlton Ware Victorian Jar
This Antique cookie clash was produced by Carlton Ware Victorian in the 1800s. The company produced items between 1894 and 1926, it is a porcelain silverware design that features an English Rose design. Looking at the jar you can tell that it features only one big single rose and that makes it very unique because most jars normally display a bouquet of flowers. This has a full bloom Rose design on the front and back and a modest rosebud on the other sides of the cookie jar .
Another interest have of this cookie jar is that it is marked “ W & R ” which means “ Wiltshaw and Robinson ”. The “ Crown Mark ” on it was normally found only in the tad of gloomy but this piece features a embrown shade, it is one of the earlier wars from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England when the brown shade was hallmarked circa 1894 – 1895 .

4. Vintage Czech Apothecary Cookie Jar

Year: 1970s
Price : $ 130.00
4. Vintage Czech Apothecary Cookie Jar
This exquisite bohemian Blown Green Glass Apothecary Cookie jar was produced in the 1970s, it is an especial choice for your array of collectibles in your kitchen, with its vibrant hand-blown green glass that has the perfect contrast to the invention. The hinge top functions by rights and it has a grass ring latch, which is vibrant in age and patina .
The inner rim indicates hints of a prior insert, probable for little glasses, associates, or pipes, The inside function is open memory. The outside indicates hand-colored floral motifs, conventional emphasizing, and a womanhood on top of it. These sections are heavily pale, chiefly rubbed off from senesce. The underneath is unmarked or signed. It sells for $ 130.00 on Etsy .

5. Sterling Silver Mounted & Cut-Glass Biscuit Barrel Cookie Jar

Year: 1927
Price : $ 505.85
5. Sterling Silver Mounted & Cut-Glass Biscuit Barrel Cookie Jar

This is an early on 20th-century silver-mouthed and cut-glass cookie jolt from precisely 1927. It is a hallmarked greatest rim, eyelid with a swing manage, the master dilute glass container was beautifully crafted and has starburst patterns on its sides and the base of it. All the silver parts are individually hallmarked and there are no secret descriptions or signatures .
It was hallmarked by Hobson, Janes, and Gilby in 1927, this cookie jar is in a absolutely adept condition however it has equitable light wear and minor dents, however, there are no major damages or chips to the glass. The glass is neat and has no stains or colors beginning. It measures Diameter : 13.7cm ( 5 1/2″ ), Height to top of lid : 16.5cm ( 6 1/2″ ), Height with handle extended : 22.5cm ( 9″ ). approximately .

6. George Jones & Sons – Madras Ware Biscuit Barrel

Year: 1920
Price: $ 558.40
6. George Jones & Sons - Madras Ware Biscuit Barrel
This Cookie Jar was produced by George Jones and Sons with its fantastic design you wouldn ’ t even tell that it is a cookie jar, it looks more like an antique inner collectible piece. It is indeed stunning and rare if I might add, this Madras Ware dates to 1891-1920 which makes it very rare and particular. It is besides fully marked to the base with Madras Ware England, and it has a crescent moon seal on it .
Looking at the features of this cookie jar you would notice its classifiable scandalmongering glaze and its absolutely hand-painted design with red flowers, it has a silverplate lid and handles .
For a classical like this made in the early 1800s, it ’ south in a very estimable condition and has no chips or cracks however the glaze is creased as would be expected and the silver plate of the fittings is worn out and the base metal is showing through deoxyadenosine monophosphate well .

7. Depression Glass Cobalt Blue Cookie Jar

Year: 1920-1949
Price: $ 445.00
7. Depression Glass Cobalt Blue Cookie Jar
This Freestanding Cookie jar has many reasons why it is perfective for a kitchen collectible collection with its alone Cobalt Blue color made of Depression Glass this classical is sure a must-have. It was produced by Hazel Atlas in the United States of America. It is a lidded and an comfortable clean cookie jar with a cylinder form. It has authentication and license of production to prove that it is an master .

8. Old Vintage Original Shawnee Clover Pig Cookie Jar

Year: 1930/40s
Price: $ 335.75
8. Old Vintage Original Shawnee Clover Pig Cookie Jar
This original Shawnee Clover Pig Cookie Jar is one of the most valuable out there, it was produced in recently 1930/40s in the United States of America, it a features a hog dressed in a chuck boy dash, with its motley hand-painted design with perfective attention to details on this Ceramic & Porcelain piece. It is 11 1/4″ tall in duration and height, this lift lid cookie jar sells for $ 335.75 on eBay

9. Beverly Hillbillies Mansion Cookie Jar

Year: 2002
Price: $ 294.95
9. Beverly Hillbillies Mansion Cookie Jar
This is a beige-colored cookie clash that was perfectly crafted to look like the Beverly Hills mansion of Jed Clampett. This cookie jar is going to leave your kitchen looking beaming. It is a perfect piece for your collectible collection of antique kitchenware. With its absolutely designed structure of 6 column inch in width,10.5 inch in distance and 5 column inch in altitude, this Beverly Hills designed cookie jar is fantastic. It sells at $ 294.95 on eBay

10. Vintage Ransburg Cookie Jars

Year: 1930-1950
Price: $ 350.00
10. Vintage Ransburg Cookie Jars
This is a collection of three vintage Ransburg cookie jars circa 1930-1950. The solicitation comprises two black jars and one red-orange jar. It has an cosmetic hand-colored flower decoration on the jars in classic Ransburg style with boldface textural strokes. The Cookie jars come without lids, they are excellent and can be used as vases. This dress is in good disposition with wear reproducible with age and practice .
All the jars are marked except the orange jars which are unmarked. This is an excellent choice for your antique collectible collection and it would bring back memories .

11. Large Ornate Victorian Silver-Plated Cookie Jar

Year: 1890s
Price: $ 321.90
11. Large Ornate Victorian Silver-Plated Cookie Jar
This Silver-plate, Ceramic Cookie jar is a rare one to come by ; it is ornately decorated with gold and gloomy flowers and accented with gild perimeters. The bombastic flowery priggish cookie jolt eyelid and swing cover are silver plated, the eyelid is bright geld with floral and geometric drawings on it .
I would say this is an Incredibly naturalistic piece with a draw of history and character to it. It was produced in England around the 1890s and this cookie clash weighs 786g, it is 14cm improbable to the eyelid, 23cm tall to the handle and 13.5 diameters at the widest point. This classic Antique Vintage cookie jar is in great condition .

12. Limited Edition Treasure Craft Smokey the Bear Cookie Jar

Year: 1995
Price: $ 298.56
12. Limited Edition Treasure Craft Smokey the Bear Cookie Jar
This is a limited-edition Bear Cookie Jar produced in 1995 and it was crafted to look like a bear with a shovel, international relations and security network ’ thymine that interesting ? It is made 100 % with ceramic and it is very rare and difficult to come by as the clash has never had a crumb placed in it. It is in arrant condition, and it looks flawless with its hand-colored paintings, and it ’ s had no flaws or wrong .
This cookie clash was found at an estate sale of a series vintage collector. It has never been used and it has a first gear product number of 56. Smoke ’ randomness Cookie jolt edition was introduced in 1994 and they released only 250 of it. For $ 298.56 this is worth having in any collectors collection .

13. Top Notch Antique English Crystal Biscuit Box

Year: 1880
Price : $ 781.67
13. Top Notch Antique English Crystal Biscuit Box
Glass has a way of making any musical composition look stylish and attractive, this is Topnotch as the name indicates, it ’ s an exquisite silverplate make of Glass. It was made in England and Victorian in an era dating around 1880 .
The box is made from a heavy assemble of glaze with a sequel of slantwise ribs weave with unbent dents to create a most impressive design. The nucleotide stands on three actual bun bottoms and the penetrate are amply marked and signed by the London trader, “ S. Smith, King Street, Covent Garden ”. Both base and lid are beautifully adorned with an engine-turned proficiency and the hinge cap is capped with a very imperial looking pennant inspired finish .

14. Antique Silver Biscuit Box

Year: 1910s
Price: $ 766.77
14. Antique Silver Biscuit Box
This cookie jolt address for itself, its flawless finish up and design makes it worthy to be in any collectors solicitation. It is an Antique Silver Cookie Jar, and the eyelid of the at is adorned with a town-let video along a river arrant with a windmill and boats .
The gloomy belly-shaped surface is festooned with floral motifs. The extra rate silver ( 833/1000 ) cookie jar was produced in 1913 by Gerardus School, established in Amsterdam. It Measures a diameter of about 15.0 cm., height about 6.0 cm., weight approximately 360 grams. It besides sells for $ 766.77 on etsy

15. Vintage Cookie Jar 60’s McCoy Collectible

Year: 1960
Price: $ 2,000
15. Vintage Cookie Jar 60's McCoy Collectible
last on our list today is the $ 2,000 Vintage Cookie jolt from 1960. It is McCoy ’ s master, and it is handmade. This cookie jar is beautiful, and it has been marked underneath it with McCoys original authentication. It was given rise to In the USA McCoy Pottery. It is in Mint Condition, and it has no Chips/Cracks .

History Of Antique Cookie Jars

History Of Antique Cookie Jars
Cookie jars are designed to be utilitarian preferably than attractive or cosmetic ceramic or field glass jars frequently found in american and canadian kitchens and homes .
In the United Kingdom, they are recognized as cookie barrels or biscuit jars. If they are cans made from tin plate, they are named cookie tins. They are used to store actual cookies and biscuits, they are besides occasionally utilize to conserve other palatable items like candy or frump treats, or non-edible items like money ( in the way of a hoggish bank ) .
Cookie jars, besides recognized as biscuit containers or jars, have been used in England since the latest clock time of the eighteenth century. They were initially made of glass with metallic lids. They evolved and became outstanding in America around the period in 1929 .
Cookie jars
Before american cookie jars were made of looking glass which had metal screw-on caps. Stoneware became predominantly used to make cookie jars in America around the 1930s. Cookie jars from the early on times came in cylindrical forms and were by and large painted with floral or flick insignia or emblazoned with come to decals .
The Brush Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio is normally perceived to be the foremost ceramic cookie jar makers. The jolt produced by the Brush Pottery was green with the expression “ Cookies ” embossed on the illusion .
many cookie jar factories heeded Brush ’ sulfur proficiency to ceramics in the late 1930s, and methods became more creative with diagrams, fruits, vegetables, elements, animals, and other capricious translations just like the Hull “ Little Red Riding Hood ” predominate .
The bright time period for american cookie jar generation covers the years from 1940 to 1970, with numerous factories surging to significance .

Types Of Cookie Jars

Cookie jars have different creative make and materials. There are different types of cookie jars, and their materials vary. These are a few of the categories of cookie jars known .

Silver Cookie Jar

Silver Cookie Jar
This type of cookie jar has its material made from a silverplate or Silverware. They are normally found in the 1900s because metals were amongst the first designs made for cookie jars .

Glass Cookie Jars

Glass Cookie Jars
This is another phase of cookie jar only that has its material made from glass. They are normally identical beautiful and have inscriptions on the sides of them to enhance their appearance. Glass cookie jars are known to cost less than the ceramic cookie jars. Rumor has it that cookies stored in a glass cookie jar stays newly longer than expected because of its lid and material .

Character Cookie Jars

Character Cookie Jars
As its name implies, character cookie jars are jars that are made to look or resemble a shape or to take the human body of a finical thing. Whether an animal, plant, cartoon character or a person. It must take the identity of an animal, place or thing .

Non-Character Cookie Jars

Non-Character Cookie Jars
Non-Character cookie jars do not look like an identity form of any kind, they are basic and have little or no designs on them. These cookies are very dim-witted and are perfective for a basic kitchen décor because they are a weakling homely .

McCoy Cookie Jars

McCoy Cookie Jars
McCoy cookie jars have been manufactured by the Roseville, Ohio-based Nelson McCoy Sanitary Stoneware Co. since the 1930s. The arrangement works in establishing functional and embellishing ceramics items, involving cookie jars, jugs, pitchers and crocks using mud borrowed from the country close to its factory. The McCoy cookie jars come in a assortment of molds, techniques and fire-glazed colors .

Where Can You Sell Your Antique Cookie Jars

Collectors have taken an interest in cookie jars as they are gradually increasing in prize particularly if your cookie clash is an Antique and is Vintage excessively. If you are reading this article and you have a cookie jar you think might be worth a fortune of money and you want to put it up for sale, you come to the correct stead .
There are a few stores online and onsite where you can sell your Antique cookie jars for a good sum of money, but before you think of putting your cookie jar for sale you should first ensure that your cookie jar is clean and in mint condition or if it ’ s not, make sure it ’ mho clean and by rights keep and if it has any damage be dependable and transparent with the buyer .
besides, ensure to know the character of cookie jar you have while using an on-line price steer to determine the respect and price you would give your jar .
Below are places you could sell your Antique Cookie jars

  • Ebay
  • Esty
  • com
  • Ruby lane
  • Amazon
  • Shopify
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Get a booth in an antique mall
  • Yard sales

How To Tell If Your Mccoy Cookie Jar Is Authentic

Step 1 – The Shape

Examine the shape of the cookie jar. In the mid-1930s Concave-shaped jars accentuating yellow floral trimmings and round, flat coating were produced. Ball-structured cookie jars with honeycomb structures in green, maroon, and embrown were made in the former 1930s american samoa well as honest-to-god milk-can-shaped cookie jars with cast handles in different colors of total darkness, bluing, ivory, yellow and green were produced between 1939 and 1944. The shape of the cookie jar would determine its authenticity

Step 2 – Check The Date

Find out if your cookie jar is unmarked on the bottom of the cookie clash. Jars marked “ USA ” with a conceptual line in the coat of the jar were produced from 1940 to 1943, while those with “ USA ” and a semicircle moon were produced from 19401942. Jars marked “ McCoy Handpainted ” were manufactured in the late 1940s, while jars bearing the score “ McCoy Made in the USA ” were created from 1940 – 1950 .

Step 3 – Color

Examine the colors of your cookie jar, Many of McCoy cookie jars made were earth-toned jars colored with fire-glazed paint. Tints such as ivory, white, black, green, blue, and yellow were more common in the 1940s and 1950s .

Final Words

When you think of a cookie jolt, your mind credibly mechanically jumps to a ceramic or glass sugarcoat container that you ’ vitamin d find in grandma ’ s kitchen ( if she was lucky enough to have one ). If you ’ re lucky enough to have such an item as part of your collection, there ’ s no doubt it is worth quite a moment. But, did you know there were antique cookie jars with concealed values sitting on your grandma ’ s ledge ?
If you ’ ra golden enough to already own one or two of these 15 antique vintage cookie jars, congratulations ! You have some fantastic pieces of history in your home, the best separate is you can get between $ 100 to $ 2,000 for it .




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