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When Frank Miranda moved to Florida at the age of 18, he had no hint that ocean driftwood would set the way for his future. As a unseasoned male child, Frank played amongst the sawdust-covered floors of his father ’ randomness woodworking shop class. He observed his father transform crude wood into utilitarian and beautiful items. Young Frank, inspired by his forefather ’ south charming, began to construct animals out of the piles of rubbish wood. When visitors to the workshop began to offer him money for his creations, he was thrilled .
Realizing he could make a life creating artwork, Frank, who is wholly self-taught, launched into his own business. Gathering driftwood from the beaches around the Gulf Coast of Florida, he carved the animals he saw trapped in the woodwind. He whittled birds, lizards, pisces, snakes… no patch was ever the lapp. Setting up a studio in the Clearwater-Largo area of Florida, Frank devoted himself to his craft. For the following 40 years, he traveled to art shows throughout and beyond Florida. Though he was given commission sour, Frank ’ s master pieces, particularly his birds, were a hit .
In his off-time during his travels, Frank attended estate sales which led to several unique collections including historical padlocks from around the populace, disturbing items representing homo ’ s cruelty to man, aesculapian ephemeron, and taxidermy. His friends and clients dropped into his studio, which had transformed into an unofficial oddities museum, to see what modern items were on display.

After decades of traveling to art shows, Frank came across the Oddities television receiver show, which featured the now-shuttered Obscura Antiques & Oddities denounce in New York City. Frank had an epiphany. His time on the road was coming to an conclusion.

In 2012, Frank, who sees beauty in the abandoned, bought a Victorian-style theater in a ailing part of Largo, restored it, and opened Oddities and Antiques. His artwork studio, or as some people call it, an oddities museum, is filled with carefully curated items from across the ball. Walking into the store, you might american samoa well be entering the home of the Adams Family. Along with out-of-this-world pieces from curio artists, Oddities and Antiques is filled with vintage clothes and costumes, antic framed photos and art, astounding taxidermy, colored art gear, cockamamie dally, medical quackery, disturbing dolls, circus memorabilia, funeral displays, carvings that have to be seen to be believed, brotherly items, improbable jewelry, items from sci-fi and horror films, worm collections, articulated bones, specimen jars filled with biological wonders, cryptozoological gaffs, and the number goes on and on. Best of all, Frank takes the time you need to partake the backdrop of each token. The store besides features Frank ’ s alloy pisces sculptures which are breathtaking to behold .
Frank says his front-runner aspect of owning the stores is watching the reactions of unknowing walk-ins who are then shock when they enter through the front door that they freeze for a moment before fleeing in confusion or fear. He knows, when that happens, he ’ s done something right. Oddities and Antiques is a direct extension of the artist Frank Miranda and his flimsy compulsion with the colored side of humanity .

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