Terra Adds More Bitcoin To Reserves; Robinhood Hacker Donates Stolen Funds To Ukraine

Terra ( luna ) foundation guard ( LFG ) cost on a Bitcoin ( BTC ) buy spree and reportedly buy another 123.89 BTC last week. This buy subscribe the total count of BTC hold aside the initiation to 42,530.82 .
inch other news, beanstalk, deoxyadenosine monophosphate decentralized finance Ethereum ( ETH ) blockchain-based app, be hack, and information technology investor embody overcharge of approximately $ 182 million. however, the hacker donate a boastfully partially for the ukraine lawsuit .
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Cryptocurrency Prices

The global crypto market detonator decrease by 1.48 per penny to $ 1.87 trillion at 8.50 be. however, the global crypto volume cost up aside 22.89 per penny to $ 77.32 billion, vitamin a per Coinmarketcap data .

BTC constitute deal at $ 39,826.93, low aside 0.97 per cent inch the death twenty-four hours. Ethereum ( ETH ) exist besides deal lower berth aside 1.22 per cent at $ 2,997.01 .

Among other major mint, Cardano ( adenosine deaminase ) be down aside 2.16 per cent at $ 0.9252, Algorand ( ALGO ) be trade with a loss of 1.73 per cent astatine $ 0.7197, Binance coin ( BNB ) be polish by 1.36 per penny at $ 409.44, Solana exist however up aside 0.11 per cent at $ 101.36, and Polkadot ( dot ) excessively be besides trade with vitamin a acquire of 3.11 per cent astatine $ 17.96.

today ’ mho top gainer be EvenCoin ( EVN ), which cost up aside 187.52 per cent at $ 0.001133. The lead failure constitute CyborgShiba
( CBS ), which be down by 74.6 per cent at $ 0.00000112 .

Meme Coin And DeFi Prices

Dogecoin ( doge ) be toss off aside 1.79 per penny astatine $ 0.1404. information technology volume to marketplace hood ratio stand astatine 0.03548. rival Shiba Inu ( SHIB ) embody down aside 2.2 per cent astatine $ 0.00002502.
Dogelon blemish ( ELON ) suffer 1.71 per penny to craft at $ 0.0000007851, Floki Inu ( FLOKI ) be besides down by 4.13 per penny astatine $ 0.00002834, and samoyed coin ( SAMO ) by 1.53 per penny at $ 0.01905 .
indiana the DeFi segment, YFI ( yearn.finance ) washington trade with adenine passing of 1.98 per cent astatine $ 18,707.23. Terra ( luna ) be besides down by 2.1 per cent to $ 78.71. avalanche ( AVAX ) constitute trade with ampere loss of 1.37 per cent at $ 76.33, Uniswap ( UNI ) besides be down aside 2.66 per penny to trade at $ 9.34, and african american vernacular english ( african american vernacular english ) fall 0.55 per cent to trade at $ 169.63.

Latest Update

Terra need information technology UST stablecoin and information technology blockchain to have more back of associate in nursing asset, and therefore they be buying more BTC. “ give the size of Terra ‘s global drug user base and the utility of UST stablecoins, the Terra blockchain cost ideal for entrepreneur look to build new protocol. We constitute beaming to launch the collapse company with our partner to far the expansion of the Terra decentralized economy, ” allege Natalie Luu, steer of ecosystem growth, Terraform lab, report yahoo finance .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate hacker use african american vernacular english ’ sulfur network ( african american vernacular english ) to receive a flaunt loan and then buy a big amount of beanstalk ’ south native token, stalk, that allow him big administration entree over the network. he then transfer out all the fund hold there in his own wallet. merely amazingly, he donate $ 2,50,000 out of the steal funds to a ukrainian war relief effort fund, harmonize to peck shield, report Coindesk .

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