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Jumeau doll Jumeau ad from 1885 Jumeau was a french caller, founded in the early 1840s, which designed and manufactured high quality bisque dolls. It was founded by Louis-Desire Belton and Pierre-François Jumeau in the Maison Jumeau of Montreuil-sous-Bois, near Paris, France. While Belton did not remain with the company for long, under Jumeau ‘s leadership ( and later, under the leadership of his son, Emile ), the company soon gained a reputation for dolls with beautiful faces and “ exquisite ” clothing which replicated the democratic fashions of the prison term. [ 1 ] The dolls are however popular with collectors today, and have sold for over £2,000 at auction. [ 2 ]

history [edit ]

The Jumeau company inaugural emerged as a partnership between Louis-Desire Belton and Pierre-François Jumeau in Paris in the early 1840s. In 1844, Belton and Jumeau presented their dolls at the Paris Exposition ( at which they received an ethical mention ), but by 1846 Belton ‘s name was no long associated with the dolls, and Jumeau was trading in his own correctly. [ 4 ] A bronze decoration in the 1849 Paris Exposition followed, as did an appearance at the Great Exhibition in London in 1851, at which the party was awarded a foremost Place Medal. [ 4 ] Through much of this period, the firm sold alone their own dolls to wholesalers, although during the 1850s and 1860s, the company moved into selling wax dolls imported from Britain. [ 5 ] At the Paris expositions and the Great Exhibition in London, Jumeau dolls received their commendations due largely to the timbre of the invest, and no particular significance was attached to the dolls themselves. This changed in 1867, when at the Exposition Universelle of that class, the company was awarded a flatware decoration, and “ particular citation was made of the dame ‘s heads ”. [ 4 ] 1867 was besides the class that Pierre-François ‘ son, Emile Jumeau, joined the company. [ 6 ] By 1873, when they were awarded a gold decoration at the Vienna Exposition, [ 4 ] the company was producing their own bisque dolls in their factory in Montreuil. [ 1 ]
Catalogue scratch of a Jumeau dame from ca 1880 Although the Jumeau firm had won commendations, very few Jumeau dolls can be securely identified dating before the 1870s. [ citation needed ] however, by 1877 Emile Jumeau had produced the first Bébés ( i.e. dolls in the trope of a fiddling girl ). With realistic glass eyes and “ stylish fashions ” produced by costumiers, thousands of Bébé dolls were produced for an international market. [ 6 ] In 1878, the Jumeau company won a gold decoration at the Exposition Universelle ( 1878 ). The award was proudly advertised on the bodies, boxes, shoes and even the dress labels of the dolls. Jumeau won a number of early high awards including the loot for the best dollmaker at both the Sydney International Exhibition ( 1879 ) and Melbourne International Exhibition ( 1880 ) in Australia. The dolls were internationally sought after as lavishness items and condition symbols. The firm besides was regarded as an industrial success, with product figures of over three million dolls per annum by the mid-1890s.

The “ fortunate Age ” of the Jumeau factory lasted for two decades, from the deep 1870s to the late 1890s, when the rival from german dolls sent the firm into fiscal difficulties. The Jumeau dolls from the late 1890s are of more variable choice. german dolls in the 1890s were cheaper than the french, but still well-made and much loved by little girls, even if they were by no means as elegant or graceful in face or costume as the best Jumeau dolls. [ citation needed ] The Jumeau company became separate of the french pudding stone the Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets. The S.F.B.J. still continued to use the Bébé Jumeau trademark throughout the twentieth hundred, even producing dolls in the manner of Jumeau .

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