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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Irvine, Orange County

If you are facing condemnable charges in Irvine, California, partnering with an feel Irvine criminal refutation lawyer can be the difference between walking out of the court or going to jail .
Whether you are being investigated for a crime or have been arrested and officially charged with a crime, facing the prosecutor ’ second office entirely can be confuse, nerve-racking, and unfair .
At the Kosnett Law fast, our entrust Irvine criminal defense lawyers will remain by your side throughout your case to ensure your rights are protected from begin to finish and protect your freedom, so you can face the charges with confidence .
With our Irvine criminal defense mechanism lawyers ’ full-time attention and a commitment to provide the best criminal defense for your alone charges, together we can develop the best consequence.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys In Irvine, California

Our condemnable department of defense lawyers in Irvine are dedicated to delivering actual results for our clients, no count their charges or criminal history .
At the Kosnett Law firm, we believe our Orange County residents deserve the best criminal department of defense available for their unique needs .
Our Irvine criminal defense attorneys provide exceptional legal representation in the following practice areas:
DUI Defense Attorney Irvine
Whether you have been charged with your inaugural DUI, or a subsequent DUI, our condemnable defense attorneys in Irvine will customize your case to pursue the best results available for your singular circumstances .
We understand how nerve-racking DUI charges can be, as your license can be revoked, and if convicted, the charges can stay on your read for employers or lenders to see during a background check .
According to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, there were 141,372 total DUI arrests last year throughout the state .
While most were misdemeanor DUI arrests, closely 5,000 were felony arrests that come with serious consequences .
Do not let your DUI charges change your life. Allow our Irvine DUI defense attorneys to provide the solutions you need to move forward by securing the best result available for your singular circumstances .
Drug Crimes Attorney Irvine
drug and marijuana charges can be difficult to overcome, even with our submit ’ s progressive cannabis laws .
unfortunately, most people misunderstand how cannabis laws are enforced, which means they may obtain it illegally — or have besides much in their possession .
Our criminal defense lawyers in Irvine will outline your charges to ensure we are focusing on the proper approach to delivering results for your shell .
If you have been arrested or charged with possession, manufacture, or traffic of any type of illegal means, whether it is prescription drug medication or another controlled message, we want to discuss the details of your charges right away .
The oklahoman you sit down with our Irvine cannabis or drug charges lawyers, the better prepared we will be to face the prosecutor ’ south office with a clear and concise defense that nets the best results for your character .
Property Crimes Attorney Irvine
property crimes can lead to hard charges that are unmanageable to overcome without the aid of an experience condemnable defense lawyer in Irvine .
A property crime conviction of any type can lead to jail prison term and other harsh penalties that may alter your future, which is why it is thus authoritative to understand precisely what you have been charged with, so we can outline the penalties that accompany those charges — and how to counter them .
Property crimes, as defined by our California laws, can include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Theft
  • Burglary
  • Robbery
  • Arson
  • Possession of burglary tools
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Trespassing
  • Vandalism

At the Kosnett Law firm, our Irvine criminal defense attorneys will examine your charges and design a custom-make defense that is right for you .
Prostitution Attorney Irvine
In Irvine, California, individuals can face criminal charges for soliciting prostitution or engaging in prostitution .
Our California Legislation outlines prostitution as a sex offense that includes the dissemble of having sex with another person in exchange for recompense .
compensation does not always mean cash and can be any type of requital .
You can be charged with a crime of prostitution if you:

  • Agree to engage in the act of prostitution
  • Engage in the act of prostitution
  • Solicit another to engage in prostitution

Whether you are the person receiving recompense for arouse, the person paying to engage in a sexual run into, or the person arranging a intimate meet between two people, you can face unplayful charges that require an have Irvine condemnable defense lawyer to pursue the best consequence .
When you face prostitution charges without an Irvine criminal defense lawyer, the prosecutor ’ mho office will do their best to make an exercise out of you, which could mean extra charges that remain on your record going forward .
We can help mitigate your charges, so you can put this behind you .
Restraining Order Attorney Irvine
Restraining orders are not uncommon and are most common in two forms:

  • Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
  • Civil Harassment Restraining Orders

Your relationship with the person who filed the intimidate order will dictate which type of order was placed against you .
If your spouse files restraining order against you, it will be charged in the domestic violence category .
Civil harassment restraining orders can be filed by anyone — no matter their relationship — when the actions that occurred and led to the restraining order caused a reasonable person to suffer hearty aroused distress .
Our criminal defensive structure lawyers in Irvine understand that the prosecutor ’ mho office takes both orders very seriously, and if a restrain order has been filed against you, you are going to need serve pleading your case inside and outside the court. That is where we come in .
Do not let the prosecutor ’ second office provide one-half of the narrative to the evaluator. We will stand up for you, and your rights, so you can move forward freely .
Firearm Defense Attorney Irvine
California has incredibly rigorous accelerator laws that continue to tighten and change each year .
As the ever-evolving approach path to gun control remains at the acme of our lawmakers ’ agendas, firearm-related charges can come with immediate imprison clock time, even for those who have no criminal history .
At the Kosnett Law Firm, our criminal defense lawyers in Irvine defend our California residents against the following weapons charges:

  • Carrying a concealed and/or loaded handgun
  • Brandishing a firearm
  • Improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle
  • Illegal discharge of firearms
  • Making false statements to obtain firearms
  • Illegal sale of a firearm
  • Dealing in assault weapons without a license
  • Assault with a weapon
  • Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon
  • Manufacture or possession of destructive devices
  • Transfer of large-capacity magazines
  • Using firearms in a restricted area or for self-defense

Gun charges are complicated and can be well manipulated into an increased charge by the prosecutor ’ randomness agency to advance their political agenda. Do not let the prosecutor ’ s position violate your rights. Contact our Irvine criminal defense attorneys before talking to anyone in their position, so you do not end up on the ill-timed side of the state ’ s crusade for grease-gun control legislation.

Misdemeanor Attorney Irvine
At the Kosnett Law firm, our criminal defense attorneys in Irvine know that most people understand misdemeanor offenses are less complex — and come with fewer penalties — than felony charges .
That does not mean they will not go on your permanent record .
misdemeanor convictions can jeopardize your professional license, ability to drive, and may appear during an employer or landlord background check, placing your ability to get a speculate or rent a home in hazard .
Some of the most common types of misdemeanors in California can include:

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Driving on a suspended license
  • DUI
  • Public drunkenness
  • Reckless driving
  • Domestic violence
  • Petty theft
  • Shoplifting
  • Soliciting for an act of prostitution
  • Probation violations

California misdemeanor crimes carry a maximal conviction of up to one year in county jail .
They can besides include fines, probation appointments and accompanying costs, and educational classes that take prison term and money to complete .
misdemeanor charges are not elementary, nor unimportant. They can be animation changing .
If you have been charged with a misdemeanor in California, contact our Irvine criminal defense lawyers to learn how we can pursue the best consequence for your sheath .
Felony Defense Attorney Irvine
Our felony department of defense attorneys in Irvine know how terrify felony charges can be, which is why we design our cases with realistic expectations. If we can get your charges dismissed or decreased, we will .
If not, we will create a solid defense that provides the best opportunity for your specific charges, including:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Motor vehicle theft
  • Drug abuse violations
  • Forgery and counterfeiting
  • Fraud
  • Domestic violence and child abuse
  • Property crimes, including burglary, larceny, arson, and theft
  • Stolen property violations
  • Violent crimes, including manslaughter, murder, robbery, assault, and forcible rape
  • Weapons violations, including possessing a gun without a proper license, carrying a concealed weapon, or a felon possessing a gun charge

Each of these charges is unplayful and can result in dangerous consequences .
Our felony defense lawyers in Irvine provide the skill and experience our clients need to face the prosecutor ’ second office with confidence, tied if they have previously been convicted of other charges. Contact us today to learn how we can build the best department of defense for your singular circumstances .
Federal Criminal Defense Attorney Irvine
federal crimes are more severe than those charged at a local horizontal surface and are penal by a higher legal authority in a federal court .
Since union crimes, charges, and laws are different than local or submit crimes, charges, and laws, you must be defended by a federal criminal defense lawyer in Irvine .
At the Kosnett Law tauten, our California federal criminal defense attorneys know your rights and can protect you during each phase of the legal action .
Expungement Attorney Irvine
If you have been convicted of a crime in California, and are focused on getting your animation spinal column on track, our criminal defense attorneys in Irvine are here to outline your legal options, so you know which charges can be expunged from your record — giving you a clean slate .
Expungement is not available in every site or for every charge .
To qualify for this dance step, the court will first look at whether there is evidence of rehabilitation after the completion of your probation period .
following, our probation termination and expungement lawyers in Irvine will outline the steps of withdrawing your guilty plea or no contest supplication to seek a judgment of dismissal of your criminal conviction .
For our clients who are still under the restrictions of probation, we may ask that the court dismiss your probation early on when you are legally eligible for early probation result .
Our California Legislation allows individuals who have in full completed their probation requirements successfully to become eligible for expungement when convicted of certain misdemeanors or felony offenses .
Contact our criminal department of defense attorneys in Irvine to discuss your eligibility, so we can begin outlining your future .

A Strong Economy in Irvine, California Provides Successful Opportunities for Our Residents

closely 283,000 people are living in Irvine, California who are supported by our ever-expanding economy .
The major companies operating in Irvine admit :
As dedicated criminal defense lawyers in Irvine, we support each of our node ’ sulfur rights to work and live in our community without being persecuted for their previous or current criminal history .
We provide leading representation for our clients because we know that even the smallest misdemeanor charge could have a significant shock on your life. And as condemnable charges increase, indeed will the penalties, which can include significant imprison time .
You do not have to face the prosecutor ’ south office alone. No matter the charges waged against you — or how simple or severe you perceive them to be — partnering with a skilled criminal defense lawyer in Irvine will significantly increase your chances of success inside and outside the court .

Contact Our Criminal Defense Attorneys In Irvine, California Today

If you have been arrested, investigated, or charged with a crime, contact our skilled Irvine criminal defense attorneys nowadays by calling ( 949 ) 541-6885 or by completing our on-line touch form to learn how we can design the best defensive structure available for your singular case .
We invite you to call Kosnett Law Firm today at (949) 541-6885 to arrange a Free Consultation to discuss your situation.

Irvine Criminal Defense Attorney FAQs

Do I Have to Talk to the Police or Prosecutor After An Irvine Arrest?

No. In fact, we believe anyone who has been charged with a crime should observe their right to remain silent until they can talk to an Irvine criminal refutation lawyer. The patrol and the prosecutor ’ second office can not force you to make a statement. It is good to talk to an lawyer first, no matter what crime you are being charged with .

Can I Have My Conviction Vacated and Removed From My Record?

Post-conviction relief and expungements are evaluated on a case by case footing. If there was a legal error in the case that caused the conviction, you may be eligible to vacate the conviction correctly aside .
For others, many steps must follow to obtain eligibility, when they qualify. If you would like to review your criminal history and existing record to learn which charges can be vacated, contact our have expungement attorneys in Irvine nowadays .

I Have Learned There Is A Warrant For My Arrest In Irvine. What Should I Do?

If there is a sanction for your collar, contact our experience criminal defense lawyers in Irvine to review the charges and the best run of legal action for responding to them. We will accompany you to ensure your rights are protected while we examine the big word picture of your case, so you are never left in a vulnerable status with the prosecutor ’ randomness function .

Can I Be Deported If I Am Not a U.S. Citizen and Was Arrested For A Crime?

Your immigration condition may be considered and impacted by the factors of your arrest including the nature of the condemnable charges and the length of meter you have been in the U.S. To learn more about your ability to stay inside the country after an check, contact our feel criminal defense attorneys in Irvine .

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