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Personal Injury $ 6,000,000 Verdict for Iowa Nursing Home Neglect Victim After Lethal Fall An 83-year-old charwoman died after suffering a good fall at Buffalo Center ‘s timely Mission Nursing Home. During the fall, the resident fractured her hip and shoulder, and ultimately it resulted in her premature death. The jury awarded the charwoman ‘s family $ 2 million for annoyance and suffering, $ 2 million for punitive damages, $ 1 million for loss of company and comfort, and $ 1 million for loss of function in thinker and body.

Personal Injury $ 8,000,000 colonization for Man Paralyzed by Cedar Rapids Police Officer During Traffic Stop A 37-year-old valet was paralyzed after being shot by a former Cedar Rapids Police officer during a traffic stop in 2016. The City of Cedar Rapids and the customer came to an $ 8 million settlement agreement two days before a jury trial was set to begin. Workers ‘ compensation $ 1,800,000 Verdict for Worker Injured at Iowa Luke Bryan Concert A 47-year-old male was at the UNI-Dome in Cedar Falls, IA helping with Luke Bryan concert put-down in February 2016 when he was struck and run over by a forklift driven by a State of Iowa employee. The client suffered a badly fractured ankle that necessitate multiple surgeries. He was ineffective to work for four months while he recovered, and ultimately could not return to the job he had before due to his injuries. The State of Iowa offered $ 75,000 before test to settle the case but RSH Legal personal injury attorneys argued that the client ‘s injuries were deserving more than that. The jury agreed and awarded $ 1.8 million for lost wages, loss of affair, and pain and hurt. medical Malpractice $ 1,200,000 settlement for Paralyzing Spinal Injury Caused by Negligent Review of X-Ray Films 45-year-old conserve and father is paralyzed after a radiologist fails to identify a spinal anesthesia fracture on an x-ray film and orders nurse to move the patient — severing his spinal cord medical Malpractice $ 600,000 Verdict for Severed Artery During Surgery in Black Hawk County 27-year-old woman suffers a discerp iliac artery during surgery for endometriosis. She is placed in a medically induced coma and suffers multiple complications. RSH Legal aesculapian malpractice attorneys go to trial and argue the sophisticate made a medical erroneousness during operating room. The malpractice verdict awards the charwoman with recompense for trouble and suffer and future medical expenses. Nursing Home Injury $ 900,000 Verdict for Punitive Damages and Pain and Suffering in Mason City Nursing Home An 84-year-old woman suffered from several falls and go to bed sores during her 2 ½ year last out at Good Shepherd Health Center in Mason City, Iowa.There was besides a bedbug infestation and mouse in the resident ’ second room. After respective falls, the nonmigratory was taken to the emergency room, where she was found to be chronically dehydrated and scraggy. The house physician died in hospice a short time later. dependable Shepherd maintained that the house physician had received proper manage throughout her stay. A Cerro Gordo County jury reached a $ 900,000 verdict against Good Shepherd breastfeed facility for pain and suffer of the resident and for punitive damages. medical Malpractice $ 400,000 settlement for Placing Incorrect Heart Valve by Iowa City Doctor A 59-year-old husband and church father had the wrong heart valve placed by University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.Doctors placed a mechanical center valve alternatively of a weave valve into the patient. The patient had specifically requested a weave valve, but doctors ignored his consent and rather used a mechanical valve. The result of this checkup malpractice means the affected role will need to be on blood thinners for the rest of his life. Workers ‘ compensation $ 125,000 liquidation after Permanent Total Award After Neck Injury Resulting in Loss of Job 34-year-old materials animal trainer suffers cervical disk hernia at two levels while lifting on the job – resulting lifting restrictions cause personnel casualty of job and aggravation of major depressive disorder medical Malpractice $ 5,650,000 Verdict for Paralysis Caused by a chiropractic adaptation 63-year-old conserve and beget is paralyzed from the shank down after a chiropractor applies besides much power while adjusting a cram in the patient ’ s upper berth moo back car Accidents $ 415,000 settlement with Vehicle Owner for Loaning Vehicle to Unfit Driver 82-year-old suffers collapsed lung, fractured rib and permanent wave injury to the bladder after his cable car is hit by a car driven by a alienated aged woman with hapless driving history. Fall Injury $ 9,000,000 structure Accident – Wrongful death involving precipitate from scaffolding. construction Accident – Wrongful death involving fall from scaffolding. construction Accident – Workplace Injury $ 9,000,000 construction Accident, Ironworker Suffered Neck Injury Ironworker suffered a neck injury after being struck on the principal by air hammer left on a scaffold at a construction site. We argued the company that left the scaffolding out failed to follow its own safety policies and OSHA regulations. OSHA Violation Injury $ 300,000 worker Was Injured in Gas Tank Explosion in Muscatine worker was injured in accelerator tank explosion when he was using a cutting blowtorch to cut off a gasoline tank he allegedly knew had gas in it. car Accidents $ 275,000 head-on Auto Accident in Wapello County, Iowa head-on car accident case where a womanhood had broken an ankle. Woman was accused of driving on the ill-timed english of the road. wrongful Death $ 4,000,000 settlement for Wrongful Death Caused By failure to Diagnose and Treat Spinal Meningitis 31-year-old wife and mother dies after multiple doctors fail to diagnose spinal anesthesia meningitis despite significant symptoms and 3 trips to hospital. Our personal Injury Attorneys challenged the medical facility and doctors for a unlawful death encase that gave her family some fiscal security. Social Security Disability $ 6,139 Cancer Survivor Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits After Being Initially Denied by the Social Security Administration 56-year-old woman diagnosed with phase 3 cancer was approved at the reconsideration degree of solicitation after the SSA originally told her that her condition had not lasted long enough to be approved for benefits. She received the back pay owed to her by the SSA of $ 6,139 and receives ongoing monthly payments that allow her to provide for her own food, invest, and shelter. She besides has ongoing medical coverage to help cover her ongoing checkup discussion. Social Security Disability $ 12,874 intellectually disabled Child Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits 21-year-old woman diagnosed with learning disabilities and other genial health impairments since childhood was approved to receive benefits from her parent ’ south work record after an administrative Law Judge listening. She received her back benefits of $ 12,874. She continues to receive monthly benefits and medical policy coverage. Social Security Disability $ 22,627 chronically Ill Man Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits After Having Been Denied for More Than 2 Years 28-year-old man suffering from chronic pain requiring a spinal anesthesia cord stimulator implant due to his badly deteriorated rear, and permanent digestive system conditions requiring practice of an ostomy bag the remainder of his life was approved after an administrative Law Judge hearing. He received his back benefits owed to him by the SSA of $ 22,627. Since he has a child child equally well, his son besides received back benefits from the SSA and both receive ongoing monthly payments. Social Security Disability $ 74,370 Stroke Survivor Approved for Social Security Disability Benefits After First Applying for Benefits in 2007 59-year-old man in the first place applied for Social Security Disability Benefits in December of 2007 after suffering a stroke in September of 2007. The stroke rendered him permanently injured and he had been denied disability benefits by the SSA multiple times. His case even went to federal district court. He and RSH Legal did not give up. After his one-third unlike Administrative Law Judge hearing he was approved for benefits. He was awarded $ 74,370 in past due disability benefits and ongoing monthly disability payments. Fall Injury $ 2,000,000 Verdict for Pre-death Pain and Suffering at Assisted Living Facility 82-year-old man with dangerous dementia was wrongfully retained in an assist be facility quite than transferred to a higher level of care. failure to provide proper care led to his precipitate, break pelvis, and eventual death. Personal Injury $ 4,000,000 settlement for Paralysis Following Sledding Crash – Personal Injury 37-year-old male suffered broken back and paralysis after falling on his sled into a rock-lined ditch placed at the bed of a sled hill. Others had been injured in the same ditch prior to customer ’ randomness paralysis. He received a pay out from the personal wound encase. Brain Injury $ 1,000,000 colony for Brain Damage Caused by Negligent Medical Monitoring 75-year-old retire nurse and grandma is admitted into hospital for meek high blood pressure ; repair fails to monitor her sodium tied and she suffers permanent wave brain price ( colony during test after we presented our sheath ) injury to Child $ 825,000 colony for Injury Resulting from Negligent Response to Shoulder Dystocia neonate suffers permanent loss of manipulation of hand and arm after repair fails to properly answer to shoulder dystocia during parturition medical Malpractice $ 1,000,000 settlement for Amputation Caused by Negligent Prescription of Antibiotics 17-year-old loses his leg after doctor of the church negligently prescribes the incorrect antibiotic to treat an contagion injury to Child $ 1,100,000 liquidation for Birth Injury Caused By Negligent Management of Delivery newborn suffers dangerous brain damage as a result of medical personnel failing to by rights monitor and treat complications during parentage injury to Child $ 1,250,000 Verdict for Injury Resulting from Negligent Response to Shoulder Dystocia newborn suffers permanent wave loss of use of hand and arm after doctor fails to properly respond to shoulder dystocia during birth car Accidents $ 175,000 Verdict Against Two Drivers for Collision at Uncontrolled Intersection 17-year-old passenger suffers a pelvis fracture and a sift ligament in knee after vehicle she is riding in and another vehicle clash after each vehicle fails to yield at an uncontrolled intersection on a nation road. car Accidents $ 212,500 colony with Negligent Garbage Truck Driver for Failure to Yield 37-year-old suffers severe ankle injury after a garbage truck fails to yield and pulls out in front of her fomite ; ankle injury requires multiple surgeries and results in significant disability and a life of medication therapy. Motorcycle Accident $ 300,000 Verdict for Death of Motorcyclist Caused by Car Driver ’ s failure to Yield 43-year-old riding a motorcycle is killed after a car driver fails to yield after stopping at a arrest sign and causes a collision ; jury finds cable car driver to be 60 % at fault for the collision. car Accidents $ 300,000 verdict for Back Injury Caused by Rear-End Collision 22-year-old male auto-repair clerk suffered upper back myofascial injury requiring repeated injections to manage trouble after being rear-end on a four-lane divided city street. cable car Accidents $ 465,000 Verdict Against Insurance Corporation for Uninsured Motorist Benefits 67-year-old is killed in a car accident with an uninsured driver. Victim ’ s own insurance refuses to pay uninsured motorist benefits. After a trial, jury reaches verdict of $ 465,000 for victim ’ randomness estate and his two adult children. Court orders indemnity pot to pay limits of victim ’ s policy.

car Accidents $ 498,822 Verdict Against Insurance Corporation for Underinsured Motorist Benefits 54-year-old cyclist suffers a traumatic genius injury when a driver with minimal policy hits him on a nation road. Victim ’ s own indemnity refuses to pay underinsurance motorist benefits. After a trial, the court orders the policy corporation to pay the limits of the victim ’ randomness policy. cable car Accidents $ 725,000 liquidation with Farmer and Tractor Owner for Causing Collision at Field Entrance 67-year-old passenger suffers severe leg fracture and resulting disability after her car rearends a farm tractor and implement that illegally pulls out in front of it. pedestrian accident $ 1,200,000 settlement for pedestrian Struck by Driver with Eye Condition 19-year-old surveyor is struck by an aged driver with an eye condition ; surveyor suffers multiple break bones and permanent disability. Brain Injury $ 2,000,000 settlement for Worker Struck by Driver in Construction Zone 29-year-old streets worker is struck by an inattentive driver in a construction zone ; worker suffers severe brain injury and multiple separate bones which combine to cause permanent wave disability. cable car Accidents $ 150,000 colony with Dog Owner for Road Rash 56-year-old motorcyclist and 55-year-old passenger suffer severe road rash and the passenger suffers tear shoulder muscle when a chase known to chase cars runs in front of motorbike on highway and causes the bicycle to go down. Motorcycle Accident $ 300,000 Verdict for Death of Motorcyclist Caused by Car Driver ’ s failure to Yield 43-year-old riding a motorbike is killed after a car driver fails to yield after stopping at a stop sign and causes a collision ; jury finds car driver to be 60 % at defect for the collision. Fall Injury $ 125,000 village for Broken Hip A 90-year previous temp breastfeed home nonmigratory falls from his go to bed and breaks hips after staff fails to answer his calls for toileting aid ; resident finally returns home plate and lives extra three years with diminished quality of life. checkup Malpractice $ 200,000 settlement for Fractured Hip A 90-year old woman suffered a hep fracture, operation and death due to nursing home negligence. car Accidents $ 400,000 village for Closed-Head Injuries and Facial Fractures Three tractor-trailers collide in winter repel conditions causing 40-year-old driver to suffer break facial bones and a close question injury. Fall Injury $ 250,000 colonization for die Fall Victim ’ s Family An 84-year old resident prone to falls dies after a fall at the harbor home. Records reveal that resident had fallen several days earlier and no extra precautions were taken to prevent subsequent falls. Truck Accident $ 1,610,209 Verdict for Disabling Injuries Caused by Truck Driver Running Stop Sign 42-year-old driver suffers fractures of pelvis, tailbone and upper back when a semi-truck driver runs a diaphragm sign and causes crash ; the resulting physical limitations combine with austere depression to result in permanent disability. Workers ‘ recompense $ 95,742 Award for Daily Services Provided by Spouse to Injured Worker After actor is paralyzed on the speculate, his wife, a license nurse ’ second adjutant, provides day by day dwelling health care ; after a hear, workers compensation commissioner orders that wife be paid at reasonable rate for her daily services Nursing Home Injury $ 275,000 liquidation for Poor Pressure Ulcer Care and Prevention An 84-year erstwhile man with a complicate health history developed a atmospheric pressure sensitive in a hospital and was transferred to a nursing home. The harbor home failed to take worry of the pressure ulcer and it greatly worsened finally resulting in surgery and death. Fall Injury $ 362,000 Verdict for Wrongful Death of Nursing Home Resident 93-year previous retired nanny ’ s aide dies after being allowed to fall 18 times during a 30-month last out at a nurse home ; jury finds nursing dwelling apt for the willful and luxuriate disregard of their house physician ’ south rights and condom Workers ‘ compensation $ 245,962.50 liquidation for Multiple Work-Related Back Injuries Resulting in Loss of Job 62-year-old traveling salesman suffers multiple magnetic disk herniations resulting in permanent rise restrictions and loss of job through involuntary early retirement Brain Injury $ 400,000 settlement for Head Injury in Nursing Home 83 year-old charwoman was improperly transferred into her bed, causing a genius injury and finally death. Workers ‘ compensation $ 330,000 colony after Permanent Total Award for Disabling Back Injury and Depression 28-year-old pitch hand truck driver suffers disc hernia while lifting a keg on the job resulting in permanent wave rise restrictions and an aggravation of a disabling major depressive disorder Workers ‘ compensation $ 388,000 colony after Permanent Total Award for Neck Injury While Lifting Heavy Steel 46-year-old equipment machinist undergoes multiple neck surgeries after work-related injuries that result in significant permanent wave restrictions and a personnel casualty of his profession Brain Injury $ 466,000 colonization after Permanent Total Award After a Work-Related throw 62-year-old salesman is injured in an ATV rollover while on the occupation ; he suffers a stroke resulting in brain injury, left-sided weakness and natural depression Social Security Disability $ 600,000 colonization for Disability Due to Crushing Injuries from Trench Collapse 35-year-old plumber suffers multiple fractures after being crushed from shank down in trench collapse ; those in see of construction web site had not informed plumber he was working in abandoned septic plain wrongful Death $ 1,020,000 Motorcyclist ’ s Wrongful Death Settlement with Trucking Company 45-year-old motorcyclist is killed on his way to work when tractor-trailer fails to yield and turns into cyclist ’ second path. Workers ‘ recompense $ 1,149,238 settlement for Death of Worker Due to Chemical Exposure in Workplace 49-year-old railway car worker is killed after entering a tank car filled with nitrogen ; owner of car had failed to properly inspect or distinguish tank car before sending it in for repairs Brain Injury $ 1,589,351 Verdict for Brain Damage Caused by Construction Site Accident 26-year-old construction actor is struck in headway with chain from crane ; blow results in brain price resulting in disability and need for life of medication. wrongful Death $ 1,250,000 colony for Wrongful Death Caused By Negligent Prescription of Drugs 37-year-old wife and mother dies after accidental overdose of prescription drug medication wrongfully prescribed by doctor car Accidents $ 40,000 liquidation for Rear-end Crash Resulting in Spinal Disc Injuries 23-year-old male college student suffered mid and low back disk bulges requiring chiropractic treatment and epidural injections after being rear-end by a driver exiting a highway ramp. car Accidents $ 90,000 settlement for Roll-over Crash Resulting in Back and Neck Nerve Injuries 50-year-old female nurse suffered aggravations of neck and back disk bulges requiring nerve root procedures to control pain after being struck by a driver who ran a period signal and rolled her SUV over on its top. Truck Accident $ 336,000 liquidation for Parents of Adult Daughter Killed in Semi Pile-up 42-year-old womanhood killed in a multi-vehicle pile-up involving numerous semis on the interstate in a snow storm. Parents recovered for the loss of the loving relationship with their adult daughter. bicycle Accidents $ 121,365 Verdict for Wrongful Death of Nine-Year-Old Due to Semi-Bicycle Collision 9-year-old girl riding a bicycle on highway is run down and killed by a semi-truck driver ; jury finds semifinal driver 65 % at demerit for collision Fall Injury $ 155,000 settlement with Negligent Driver Who Failed to Secure Trailer Load 60-year-old driver suffers neck and back injuries after her car is struck by railroad ties falling off of the trailer ; hand truck driver failed to properly secure preview load. wrongful Death $ 253,500 Verdict for Wrongful Death Due to Failure to Diagnose Diverticulitis 73-year-old grandma is admitted into hospital with a dilate abdomen and complains of hard lower abdominal pain ; doctor of the church fails to order CT scan that would have discovered diverticulitis ; after four days in hospital, diverticulum ruptures and causes infection that kills affected role ; on appeal, Iowa Supreme Court reduced verdict to $ 128,500 back to Top


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