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Our History of Extraordinary Medical Malpractice Verdicts & Settlements

The lawyers of Hepworth Holzer have a long history of obtaining exceeding verdicts and settlements for our clients in aesculapian malpractice cases. Some of the verdicts and settlements we have accomplished include :

  • A trial verdict of $7.55 million in a case of hospital negligence that resulted in the death of a healthy 40-year-old man;
  • A trial verdict of $6.15 million for the surviving husband and two small children of a 28-year-old woman who died during surgery as a result of errors by multiple people involved with managing a blood replacement process at the conclusion of the orthopedic surgery;
  • A $5 million settlement in 2015 for a woman who suffered paralysis due to failure by the hospital to diagnose a spinal abscess;
  • A trial verdict of $4.2 million in a case against physicians who misdiagnosed a neck fracture, resulting in quadriplegia;
  • A $2.7 million settlement for a young woman who sustained life-threatening injuries as a result of a drug prescription that was excessive; and
  • Numerous settlements in excess of $1 million involving various types of medical negligence scenarios.

Our lawyers have vast experiencing helping victims of medical malpractice collect due restitution. There are not good Boise aesculapian malpractice lawyers.

Frequently Asked Medical Malpractice Questions

Are there any time limits for my lawsuit if I was injured in the hospital?

many clients wonder about the time limits that apply to cases against hospitals or medical professionals. There are specific time limits, and it ’ s authoritative to be familiar with the particular time limits, as they can vary depending on the site. For exemplar, if the medical supplier is an employee of the submit, there are particular notice provisions that the lawyer and the individual need to be familiar with as function of the process of filing that call in a timely fashion. The cosmopolitan rule in Idaho is you have two years from the clock time when you ’ ve been harmed until the time when you must file your lawsuit before you lose the right to file the lawsuit, but that ’ s a identical general predominate, and there are multiple exceptions depending on the circumstances. While there ’ s a biennial legislative act of limitations that applies to many cases in Idaho, there are a diverseness of cases that are limited by different specific rules. You need to consult a lawyer that specializes in aesculapian malpractice cases, who understands how those codified of limitations rules apply to your specific case. The bottom wrinkle is, consult an experienced professional with experience in medical malpractice cases so they understand the answer to the time limitations that apply to your case. At Hepworth Holzer we understand those issues, and we can give you steering on those questions.

Do I have a medical malpractice claim if my medical care didn’t make me better?

If checkup care did not make you better, would you have a medical malpractice case ? There is no easy solution to that question, but consider a few general observations. medical malpractice cases require you to prove that the doctor did something wrong or that the healthcare provider did something wrong that prevented you from making a recovery or that actually caused damage in the path of the concern being provided. The simple fact that you didn ’ triiodothyronine get full as a resultant role of the wish provided very is not a very hard indication that you have a medical malpractice case. medical malpractice cases are complicated and they require meaning injuries in order for them to be cases that lend themselves to the litigation process. There ’ sulfur no bare answer to the question of whether your failure to recover is the fault of the sophisticate. The best answer is you need to consult a lawyer who is experienced with checkup malpractice cases and they can give you the guidance you need in order to decide whether you have a case deserving looking into further or not. If you have questions about checkup malpractice cases, please contact the Hepworth Holzer law firm. We ’ re experienced with those cases and would love to help you.

How do I choose the right medical malpractice attorney?

Are there any extra considerations that one should have in mind when choosing a medical malpractice lawyer in Idaho ? The elementary answer to that question is it is authoritative to hire a lawyer who has a well-established history of handling medical malpractice cases. medical malpractice cases have multiple special rules that apply to them in the state of Idaho. You need to have a lawyer in Idaho who is familiar with all those extra rules, and that all underscores the importance of hiring person who has handled multiple aesculapian malpractice cases and focuses a significant assign of their practice on handling medical malpractice cases. An know aesculapian malpractice lawyer is critical to having a good experience with a lawyer handling a medical malpractice case. At Hepworth Holzer respective lawyers in our firm have significant experience with aesculapian malpractice cases and we would be happy to help you with answering your questions or giving you the steering you need your position.

How much does it cost to file a medical malpractice claim?

How much does it cost to file a medical malpractice case in Idaho ? The file of the lawsuit is not inevitably particularly expensive, but once you file the lawsuit, then there ’ s substantial expense. The term filing a lawsuit, typically for a medical malpractice case, means that you have gathered the medical records, submitted the medical records for review to one or more checkup experts, made a decision along with your lawyer that it makes sense to proceed with pursuing the medical malpractice case, and have actually filed the lawsuit. Those initial steps can involve thousands of dollars, but probably those initial steps can be completed for less than $ 10,000 and in many cases for less than $ 5,000. Filing a checkup malpractice character requires investment of money with medical professionals and with gathering information before you can even file the lawsuit, and that ’ s just the begin. The expense of the process takes off dramatically from there, and most medical malpractice cases involve the investing of tens of thousands of dollars, if not more than a hundred thousand dollars with certain cases. Because of the costs involved with medical malpractice cases, it ’ randomness important to investigate them thoroughly and to consult with a knowledgeable and feel checkup malpractice lawyer so that you ’ re making a good decision whether to file the character or not. At Hepworth Holzer we have solid experience with handling medical malpractice cases and we can help you with making a decisiveness of whether it makes sense to start the action of investigating your event or not.

Is there anything special about medical malpractice cases in Idaho?

Is there anything special about aesculapian malpractice cases in Idaho ? The answer is yes. Ask yourself, can a lawyer who does not have solid feel with handling medical malpractice cases be a good choice of a lawyer to handle your event ? The answer to that is no. You need a lawyer who has substantial experience with handling a medical malpractice shell because there are multiple particular rules that apply to medical malpractice cases. The cases are complex and require person who has handled like cases to be able to recognize the issues that the case will involve, and you need a lawyer who can help you find the right experts. You need a lawyer who can appear in court and do a good problem of representing you in woo. aesculapian malpractice cases are limited for a assortment of reasons. As such, you need an experience and competent medical malpractice lawyer who knows all the special issues that go along with handling a medical malpractice case. If you have questions about a aesculapian malpractice case, contact the Hepworth Holzer Law firm. We have a lot of feel with those cases and we can help you understand what you need to know to decide whether moving forward with your case makes sense or not.

What can I do if I live in a small town and don’t want to sue my doctor for medical malpractice?

If you live in a modest town and you have a kinship with your doctor in your little town, but you feel that your sophisticate has made an erroneousness that has caused you harm, what can you do about that position ? That is a challenging situation. We have found that when the encase involves the relationship between a repair and a patient in a modest township, those cases can be very, identical difficult cases. I ’ d say the reasons can vary, but I ’ d say the most obvious reason is that the jury that will be impaneled to consider the sheath will likewise come from that smaller residential district or the county where that small residential district is located, and many of the residents of those smaller communities and those smaller counties will know the doctor, respect the doctor, and possibly even have a doctor/patient relationship with the doctor. That presents a identical challenge active that has to be evaluated cautiously. There are some solutions that can be identified to overcome that challenge. For exercise, it could be that the doctor of the church is an employee of the hospital, so preferably than name the individual doctor, you can name the hospital entity for the mistake made by the repair who is an employee of the hospital. That ’ s one possible way to address the small town issue. That may not be an adequate way to address the issue, it ’ second just a potential solution to consider. There are certain situations where you can file the case with a court outside the community where the doctor resides. It could be that the small community you live in is fair a small community in a much larger county, and the case that you file will be in that much larger county, and it ’ s not likely that residents from your minor community would be chosen to participate on the jury that your character involves. again, these are complicate questions that you need a prepare professional to help you evaluate, but the interrogate is a well one, and it ’ s an authoritative one. It ’ s a interrogate that a good lawyer would recognize and would discuss with you and help you understand whether that dynamic is so baffling that it prevents you from being able to likely be successful with your claim. Again, these checkup malpractice cases, whether they ’ re in modest communities or modest counties or large communities and a large county, they ’ re difficult cases. They ’ rhenium complicated cases that involve complex issues, and you need a stipulate professional to help you evaluate and understand the best course of action to take. At Hepworth Holzer, we have experienced lawyer who have handled checkup malpractice cases throughout the state of Idaho, in smaller communities american samoa well as in the larger areas, and we ’ five hundred be happy to evaluate your specific situation to help you understand whether it makes sense to pursue your event or not.

What damages can I recover for after being injured by bad medical care?

What types of damages can you recover in a medical malpractice case in Idaho ? The answer is that all medical malpractice cases involve the convalescence of aesculapian expenses that had to be incurred due to the aesculapian error involved. In some cases, those checkup expenses are identical significant and other cases those medical expenses may not be closely as significant.

For exercise, let ’ s say that the affected role died as a resultant role of the medical error involved ; the aesculapian expense leading up to the death may not have been significant, but that doesn ’ thyroxine mean the case international relations and security network ’ thyroxine significant. The encase could be very significant if there ’ s a death involved, then wrongful death cases are a specific category of checkup malpractice cases that have their own set of damages that can be recovered. In a non-death checkup malpractice case, typically those cases involve recovery of checkup expenses, both past, meaning from the time of the incidental to the time of the trial, and future, meaning from the clock time of trial into the indefinite future. recovery of medical expenses is an important class of compensation. many people are harmed to the bespeak where it interferes with their ability to work, indeed recovery of lost wages or lost income is an authoritative category of damages that are normally sought in checkup malpractice cases. Another class is what I ’ ll generally refer to as pain and suffer. That ’ s a terminus that literally refers to the physical pain and suffer that you experienced throughout the course of whatever occurred. It doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate mean fair the incident that resulted in the damage ; it besides involves the durable effects of the damage. There are other damages other than the physical pain and hurt. It ’ s the dislocation of your relationship with other syndicate members. It ’ s the inability to engage in normal daily activities. It ’ s the inability to engage in recreational habits or undertakings that you ’ ra adoring of doing. In summation to the out-of-pocket losses that come with medical expenses or lost income, the pain and hurt damages can be the most significant damages that you ’ rhenium claim, and they can be significant. In Idaho, unfortunately, our legislature has adopted limits on how much you can recover for pain and suffer. In a aesculapian malpractice lawsuit, there is no limit on how much you can recover for medical expenses that you ’ ve incurred or for income that you have lost. There ’ randomness not an artificial hood that applies to the personnel casualty of those types of damages. When it comes to pain and distress, however, Idaho ’ second legislature has adopted a capital that limits how much you can recover, and the current come of that cap is in the region of $ 350,000. What that means is your injury could be catastrophic and could have life-long consequences for you, but the damages you can recover for pain and suffering for that injury can be limited, legally, by laws adopted by our legislature. It ’ randomness authoritative to be familiar with these laws and important to understand that, at the very beginning, you should consult with an experienced checkup malpractice lawyer who is familiar with those laws and can explain those to you as you ’ re discussing whether you want to proceed with your case when you inaugural consult with them. If you have questions about damages and aesculapian malpractice cases, feel spare to contact the Hepworth Holzer Law firm and we ’ ll do our best to answer your questions.

What does medical malpractice mean?

The doubt is, what does the condition checkup malpractice mean in Idaho ? The term aesculapian malpractice refers to a checkup professional, whether it ’ s a repair, nurse, harbor practitioner, or some early type of healthcare provider – the interrogate regarding what is medical malpractice is if the aesculapian professional has failed to provide care that complies with the standards expected of similarly trained medical professionals, and if the failure to provide competent care causes serious injury, that is a situation that is typically referred to with the term medical malpractice. It ’ second important to recognize that mistakes happen, and sometimes those mistakes don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate result in any damage at all. If a checkup professional makes a err but it doesn ’ t cause damage, that would not be a case that makes sense to pursue because there ’ second been no damage. There are cases where the checkup master makes a mistake and it causes damage but not significant damage, or it ’ randomness harm that can be corrected without significant extra caution or significant dislocation of the person ’ s life. Again, it ’ s likely that that type of case is not going to be a shell that a lawyer can help you with. These are complicate questions, and there ’ s no simple convention for what a aesculapian malpractice case is that you should pursue and what casing is not a case you should pursue. The answer is to contact an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. They can answer your questions and can give you good steering a far as the future steps to take or not take. We at Hepworth Holzer are very know with aesculapian malpractice cases. We ’ ve been handling medical malpractice cases for decades, and we would be happy to answer your questions and give you commodity guidance if you have questions about checkup malpractice.

What happens over the course of a medical malpractice claim?

What happens during the course of a medical malpractice case in Idaho ? The solution is that there are several steps that about all checkup malpractice cases will involve. The first step of the work is gathering all of the information related to the incident in question. That typically involves gathering aesculapian records, gathering imagining studies, gathering any information that relates to the incident that is believed to be the aesculapian malpractice incidental in question. That ’ second pace one ; you have to gather the fundamental information. step two is that data has to be reviewed by a medical master in ordering to make a decision of whether there has been checkup malpractice. There are lawyers who have solid have with handling medical malpractice cases, but those lawyers don ’ t have the medical expertness to tell you whether you have a checkup malpractice or not without first consulting with a medical master who specializes in the checkup issues involved in your case. Before the lawyer can even help you determine whether you have a feasible aesculapian malpractice encase or not, it will be necessary for that lawyer to consult with one or more checkup professionals who can review the medical records and the checkup information that relates to your case and advise the lawyer whether it looks like there has been medical malpractice that has caused a serious injury. once a determination is made that there appears to be a feasible case, Idaho has special rules that apply before you can proceed with filing a lawsuit, and those limited rules require you to file a charge with the Idaho Board of Medicine. The Board of Medicine conducts a reappraisal of the case. They interview the participants, both the patient and the doctor, and they generate a written report that generally comments on whether the Board of Medicine believes the case has merit or not. The findings of the Board of Medicine are not binding. In early words, if the Board of Medicine finds in your favor, that doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate hateful you win ; it doesn ’ t even mean that the finding of the Board of Medicine will be admissible in tell. Likewise, if the Board of Medicine finds that your casing does not have deservingness, that doesn ’ thymine prevent you from pursuing your case ; it ’ second just the opinion of the Board of Medicine giving you some feedback about whether they believe you have a meritorious lawsuit. Every event in Idaho has to be submitted to the Board of Medicine for follow-up before a lawsuit can be filed. Once the Board of Medicine has completed their review, then a lawsuit is typically filed, if it ’ s determined by the lawyer and the individual that that ’ s the adjacent step they want to take. once the lawsuit is filed, a draw happens. You have to find and retain medical experts to help you prove your case. Those experts have to review the records, review depositions of the participants in the incident, and render opinions about whether there was in fact medical malpractice. The refutation will do the lapp. They will hire experts to defend against the shell. once experts are retained by both sides, those experts ’ depositions will be taken. The depositions of the parties will be taken. The depositions of the healthcare providers will be taken. There ’ sulfur a batch involved with pursuing a medical malpractice case. once all the experts have rendered their opinions, then, in many cases, there ’ s an attempt to explore settlement of the character before the sheath goes to trial. With medical malpractice cases, because of a number of considerations, many times medical malpractice cases will not resolve before test, and then those cases go to test. Those trials are typically jury trials, so they ’ rhenium submitted to a jury to resolve the case. The medical malpractice work from beginning to end is a complex, time-intensive, unmanageable process that involves a draw of monetary value to both sides. For all of those reasons, the checkup malpractice event should involve identical serious injuries to justify the expense, and the time that it will take, and the disturbance of everyone ’ s lives that will be involved before choosing to pursue a checkup malpractice character. Again, this is a complex motion and normally involves a multi-faceted answer. If you have questions about medical malpractice cases, please call the Hepworth Holzer Law tauten and we ’ ll do our best to guide you through this process.

Why won’t medical malpractice lawyers who say they take medical malpractice cases take mine?

If a lawyer handles aesculapian malpractice cases, what would prevent that lawyer from handling your case ? That ’ s a difficult interrogate to answer. For one, make sure you ’ re talking to a lawyer who handles medical malpractice cases. The question assumes that the lawyer has a background with handling those cases, but that ’ s very important to begin with. second, there are many reasons why a lawyer with experience handling checkup malpractice cases may choose not to handle your event. There ’ s not a individual answer or evening a few answers to that interview. It ’ south complicated and differs from case to event. It is the especial medical malpractice case that we ’ rhenium able to help with because there are a draw of things that go into the determination of whether a sheath makes feel to pursue that involves medical malpractice. Rather than trying to give you a few answers that may not apply to your position, you should consult with one or more than one aesculapian malpractice lawyer. If one lawyer who has a history of checkup malpractice works tells you they can not help you, then ask that lawyer for a referral to another medical malpractice lawyer and contact a second lawyer to see whether you get a similar answer to what the foremost one said. These are building complex cases, and the determination of whether it makes common sense to pursue the case is typically a complex decision or surely can be, therefore make certain you ’ rhenium consult with an experience checkup malpractice lawyer. If you have questions about your font that involves medical malpractice issues, please feel exempt to call Hepworth Holzer Law firm and we ’ ll do our best to answer your questions.

Will I be able to settle my medical malpractice case without going to court?

The doubt is, can you settle your medical malpractice case without going to woo ? The answer is that you ’ ll need an have lawyer who has substantial know with handling medical malpractice cases to do that. An consuming majority of the time, you ’ ll have to file a lawsuit to pursue your medical malpractice case. The question was whether you ’ ll have to go to court, so my interpretation of the condition “ going to court ” is do I have to file a lawsuit, and the solution to that is there ’ sulfur a impregnable likelihood that you will have to file a lawsuit as separate of pursuing your subject. not all medical malpractice cases where lawsuits are filed actually end up going to test. There are a significant share of checkup malpractice cases that are filed that do end up going to test, but not all. Will there be an opportunity to settle the case before going to trial ? In most cases, you will have an opportunity to explore colony. ultimately, the decision of whether to settle your case or not rests with you, the client, with the profit of the advice from your lawyer, but it ’ s not necessary to go to trial in all cases in order to get a meet solution.

These are complex questions that involve in depth answers and you ’ ll need very, very know and competent representation if you are pursuing a medical malpractice event. At Hepworth Holzer we have a long history of handling aesculapian malpractice cases, and we would love the opportunity to visit with you about your situation and give you the best advice we can.

Call Or Contact Us Your Free Medical Malpractice Case Review

With the benefit of our experience and expertness, we will help you determine whether your claims have merit. We will help you understand the legal process available to you to seek recompense for the damages which have resulted from the checkup error you or your family has experienced. We will do our best to help you decide on the best course of military action for your circumstances. If you have a aesculapian malpractice claim, remember, confer with a lawyer immediately. There are important time limitations on your claim.

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