How to start a babysitting business

hera ’ s what you need to do to get the bible out about your babysitting services. once you ’ ve completed your babysitting basics, such as CPR and first-aid coach and a babysitting run, you need to start letting families know that you are ready to babysit. From writing or polishing up your resume and occupation references and creating a standout job profile to building a sociable media presence, hera ’ s what you need to know to get the news out about your babysitting business .

1. Put together a resume and references

Before you set away on marketing your babysitting services, put everything together in a sketch, including your name, contact data, work and child care experience ( however minimal ), special skills and any caper or personal references .

2. Create a professional online job profile

adjacent, create a job profile on an on-line babysitting resource, such as Having an on-line job profile can extend your digital reach to more potential clients. Pull from your resume to list your professional skills and relevant have.

Before finalizing your on-line job visibility, make certain to :

  • Include a tasteful, high-quality profile photo or headshot.
  • Make sure to complete each section with accurate information.
  • Have a parent or trusted friend check for typos.
  • Include your current contact information and availability.

once your profile is up, prepare for the calls to come in.

3. Spread the word out about your services

While you are waiting for caper offers to roll in via your on-line profile, there are other ways to get the word out about your services and handiness. Try these methods :

  • Leave a babysitting flyer in neighbors’ mailboxes.
  • Post a flyer on community boards in local coffee shops, the library or post office.
  • Try using social media. Share your job profile on your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter — and it goes without saying that you should make sure any of your public social media accounts are friendly and professional.
  • Ask your parents or neighbors to send a text or email blast to all their friends and colleagues announcing your availability to babysit.

4. Be ready when the job comes

last but decidedly not least, to run a successful babysitting business, you need to be organized.

You should be ready to :

  • Respond to prospective families and babysitting requests quickly — parents are busy, so make it easy for them to hire you and they’ll call back again and again.
  • Answer questions about yourself.
  • Pull up your schedule in a snap, using an online calendar app or other tool.
  • Scan your availability quickly so you can book meet-and-greet interviews and new jobs on the spot.
  • Keep track of clients’ contact information, addresses and even the kids’ birthdays!

Have more babysitting questions ? Check out The Professional Guide for Babysitters .

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