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fter employee salaries, marketing is typically the biggest expense for most businesses .
As a business owner or marketer, don’t you want to make sure your marketing dollars are being spent in the most productive way possible ? Yeah, me too .

But what often ends up happening is most businesses try different marketing tactics without a clear plan, & walk away with little success .
Or they’ll get lucky và score a big marketing thắng but soon find themselves unable to scale their marketing tactics, goals và strategies to drive consistent growth .
In this guide, you’ll learn how to grow your business strategically & maximize lợi nhuận generated from your marketing dollars with a well-defined marketing plan .
Don’t know how to create a marketing plan ? Start with one of Venngage’s templates today. You don’t need any kiến thiết skills to make a great plan that helps align your đội & grow your business .

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What is a marketing plan?

A marketing plan is a report that outlines your marketing strategy for your products or services, which could be applicable for the coming year, quarter or month. 

Watch this quick, 13 – minute đoạn phim for more details on what a marketing plan is & how to make one yourself :

Typically, a marketing plan includes :

  • An overview of your business’s marketing and advertising goals
  • A description of your business’s current marketing position
  • A timeline of when tasks within your strategy will be completed
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) you will be tracking
  • A description of your business’s target market and customer needs
  • A description of how you will measure the performance of the strategy

For example, this marketing plan template provides a high-level overview of the business & competitors before diving deep into specific goals, KPIs và tactics :

Learning how to write a marketing plan forces you to think through the important steps that lead to an effective marketing strategy. And a well-defined plan will help you stay focused on your high-level marketing goals .

With Venngage’s extensive catalog of marketing plan templates, creating your marketing plan isn’t going to be hard or tedious. In fact, Venngage has plenty of helpful communications and design resources for marketers. If you’re ready to get started, sign up for Venngage for Marketers now. It’s free to register and start designing.


Whether you’re a đội trying to mix smarter marketing goals, a consultant trying to phối your client in the right direction, or a one-person nhóm hustling it out, Venngage for Marketers helps you get things done. You’ll also get helpful webinars & presentations delivered right to your inbox, lượt thích this one :

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Marketing plan vs. marketing strategy

Although often used interchangeably, the terms “ marketing plan ” và “ marketing strategy ” vì have some differences .
Simply speaking, a marketing strategy presents what the business will vì in order to reach a certain goal. A marketing plan outlines the specific daily, weekly, monthly or yearly activities that the marketing strategy calls for .
A company’s extended marketing strategy can be lượt thích this :

Notice how it’s more general và doesn’t include the actual activities required to complete each strategy or the timeframe those marketing activities will take place. That kind of information is included in a marketing plan, lượt thích this marketing plan template which talks about the nội dung strategy in detail :

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Types of marketing plans + 9 marketing plan examples

Depending on your marketing strategy và how granular you would lượt thích your marketing plan to be, you can either create a marketing plan for the whole year’s strategy or one separate marketing plan for each channel you would lượt thích to target .
Let’s take a look at several types of marketing plans you can create, along with specific examples for each .

1. General marketing strategic plan / Annual marketing plan

This is a good example of a marketing plan that covers the overarching annual marketing strategy for a company :

Another good example would be this Starbucks marketing plan:

Starbucks marketing plan exampleSource
This one-page marketing plan example from coffee chain Starbucks has everything at a glance. The bold headers và subheadings make it easier to segment the sections so sánh readers can focus on the area most relevant to them .
What we lượt thích about this example is how much it covers. From the ideal buyer persona to actional activities, as well as positioning và metrics, this marketing plan has it all .

Another marketing plan example that caught our eye is this one from Cengage. Although a bit text-heavy and traditional, it explains the various sections well. The clean layout makes this plan easy to read and absorb.

Cengage marketing plan exampleSource

The last marketing plan example we would like to feature in this section is this one from Lush cosmetics.

It is a long one but it’s also very detailed. The plan outlines numerous areas, including the company mission, SWOT analysis, brand positioning, packaging, geographical criteria, & much more .
Lush marketing planSource

2. Content marketing plan

A nội dung marketing plan highlights different strategies, campaigns or tactics you can use for your nội dung to help your business reach its goals .
This one-page marketing plan example from Contently outlines a nội dung strategy và workflow using simple colors & blocks. The bullet points detail more information but this plan can easily be understood at a glance, which makes it so sánh effective .
contently marketing planSource
For a more detailed nội dung marketing plan example, take a look at this template which features an editorial calendar you can chia sẻ with the whole nhóm :

3. SEO marketing plan

Your SEO marketing plan highlights what you plan to bởi for your SEO marketing strategy. This could include tactics for links building, trang web on-page optimization, off-page optimization và more .
This SEO marketing plan example discusses in detail the target audience of the business & the SEO plan laid out in different stages :

4. Social media marketing plan

Your mạng xã hội truyền thông marketing plan presents what you’ll bởi to reach your marketing goal through mạng xã hội truyền thông. This could include tactics specific to each mạng xã hội truyền thông channel that you own, recommendations on developing a hot nhất channel, specific campaigns you want to run, và so sánh on, lượt thích making use of Twitter walls that could display live Twitter feeds from Twitter in real-time on digital screens .
Edit this mạng xã hội truyền thông marketing plan example easily with Venngage’s drag-and-drop editor :

5. Demand generation marketing plan

This could cover your paid marketing strategy ( which can include tìm kiếm ads, paid mạng xã hội truyền thông ads, traditional advertisements, etc. ), gmail marketing strategy và more. Here’s an example :

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How to write a marketing plan 

As mentioned above, the scope of your marketing plan varies depending on its purpose or the type of organization it’s for .
For example, you could create a marketing plan that provides an overview of a company’s entire marketing strategy or simply focus on a specific channel lượt thích SEO, mạng xã hội truyền thông marketing, nội dung marketing và more, lượt thích in this example :

Marketing plan outline

A typical outline of a marketing plan includes :

  • Executive summary
  • Goals and objectives
  • User personas
  • Competitor analysis/SWOT analysis
  • Baseline metrics
  • Marketing strategy
  • Tracking guidelines

Below you will see in details how to write each section as well as some examples of how you can kiến thiết each section in a marketing plan .

Let’s look at how to create a successful marketing plan (click to jump ahead):

1. Write a simple executive summary

Starting your marketing plan off on the right foot is important. You want to pull people into your amazing plan for marketing domination. Not bore them to tears .

One of the best ways to get people excited to read your marketing plan is with a well-written executive summary. An executive summary introduces readers to your company goals, marketing triumphs, future plans, & other important contextual facts .

Basically, you can use the Executive Summary as a primer for the rest of your marketing plan .

Include things like:

  • Simple marketing goals
  • High-level metrics
  • Important company milestones
  • Facts about your brand
  • Employee anecdotes
  • Future goals & plans
  • And more

Try to keep your executive summary rather brief & to the point. You aren’t biên tập a novel, so sánh try to keep it under three to four paragraphs .
Take a look at the executive summary in the marketing plan example below :

The executive summary is only two paragraphs long — short but effective .
The executive summary tells readers about the company’s growth, & how they are about to overtake one of their competitors. But there’s no mention of specific metrics or figures. That will be highlighted in the next section of the marketing plan .
An effective executive summary should have enough information to pique the reader’s interest, but not bog them xuống dốc with specifics yet. That’s what the rest of your marketing plan is for !
The executive summary also sets the tone for your marketing plan. Think about what tone will fit your brand ? Friendly & humorous ? Professional and reliable ? Inspiring and visionary ?

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2. Set metric-driven marketing goals

After you perfect your executive summary, it’s thời gian to outline your marketing goals .

(If you’ve never set data-driven goals like this before, it would be worth reading this growth strategy guide).

This is one of the most important parts of the entire marketing plan, so sánh be sure to take your thời gian & be as clear as possible .
As a rule of thumb, be as specific as possible. The folks kết thúc at VoyMedia advise that you should mix goals that impact trang web lượng truy cập, conversions, và customer success — và to use real numbers .

Avoid outlining vague goals like:

  • Get more Twitter followers
  • Write more articles
  • Create more YouTube videos
  • Increase retention rate
  • Decrease bounce rate

Instead, identify key performance metrics ( KPI hiệu quả chiến dịch ) you want to impact và the percentage you want to increase them by .
Take a look at the goals page in the marketing plan example below :

They not only identify a specific metric in each of their goals, but they also mix a timeline for when they will be increased .
The same vague goals listed earlier become much clearer when specific numbers và timelines are applied to them :

  • Get 100 new Twitter followers per month
  • Write 5 more articles per week
  • Create 10 YouTube videos each year
  • Increase retention rate by 15% by 2020
  • Decrease bounce rate by 5% by Q1
  • Create an online course and get 1,000 new leads

You can dive even deeper into your marketing goals if you want ( generally, the more specific, the better ). Here’s a marketing plan example that shows how to outline your growth goals :

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3. Outline your user personas

Now, this may not seem lượt thích the most important part of your marketing plan, but I think it holds a ton of value .
Outlining your user personas is an important part of a marketing plan that should not be overlooked .
You should be asking not just how you can get the most visitors to your business, but how you can get the right visitors .
Who are your ideal customers ? What are their goals ? What are their biggest problems ? How does your business solve customer problems ?
Answering these questions will take lots of research, but it’s essential information to get .

Some ways to conduct user research are:

  • Interviewing your users (either in person or on the phone)
  • Conducting focus groups
  • Researching other businesses in the same industry
  • Surveying your audience

Then, you will need to compile your user dữ liệu into a user persona guide .
Take a look at how detailed this user persona template is below :

Taking the phút giây to identify specific demographic traits, habits & goals will make it easier for you to cater your marketing plan to them .

Here’s how you can create a user persona guide:

The first thing you should add is a profile picture or icon for each user persona. It can help to put a face to your personas, so sánh they seem more real .

Next, danh sách demographic information lượt thích :

  • Age
  • Job
  • Income
  • Identifiers
  • Goals
  • Challenges
  • Activities/Hobbies

The user persona example above uses sliding scales to identify personality traits lượt thích introversion vs. extroversion và thinking vs. feeling. Identifying what type of personality your target users tend to have an influence on the messaging you use in your marketing nội dung .
Meanwhile, this user persona guide identifies specific challenges the user faces each day :

But if you don’t want to go into such precise detail, you can stick to basic information, lượt thích in this marketing plan example :

Most businesses will have a few different types of target users. That’s why it’s pertinent to identify và create several different user personas. That way, you can better segment your marketing campaigns và phối separate goals, if necessary .
Here’s a marketing plan example with a segmented user persona guide :

The important thing is for your đội or client to have a clear picture of who their target user is và how they can appeal to their specific problems .
Start creating robust user personas using Venngage’s user persona guide .

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4. Conduct an extensive competitor analysis

Next, on the marketing plan checklist, we have the competitor research section. This section will help you identify who your competitors are, what they’re doing, & how you could carve yourself a place alongside them in your niche — & ideally, surpass them. It’s something you can learn to vì with a công cụ lượt thích GrowthBar .
Competitor research is also incredibly important if you are starting a blog .

Typically, your competitor research should include:

  • Who their marketing team is
  • Who their leadership team is
  • What their marketing strategy is (this will probably revolve some reverse-engineering)
  • What their sales strategy is (same deal)
  • Social Media strategy (are they using discounting strategies such as coupon marketing to get conversions)
  • Their market cap/financials
  • Their yearly growth (you will probably need to use a marketing tool like Ahrefs to do this)
  • The number of customers they have & their user personas

Also, take as deep a dive as you can into the strategies they use across their:

  • Blog/Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • SEO Marketing
  • Video marketing
  • And any other marketing tactics they use

Research their strengths & weaknesses in all parts of their company, và you will find some great opportunities. Bookmark has a great guide to different marketing strategies for small businesses if you need some more information there .
You can use this simple SWOT analysis worksheet to quickly work through all parts of their strategy as well :

Click the template above to create a SWOT chart. Customize the template to your liking — no design know-how needed.

Since you have already done all the research beforehand, adding this information to your marketing plan shouldn’t be that hard .
In this marketing plan example, some high-level research is outlined for tam competing brands :

But you could take a deeper dive into different facets of your competitors ’ strategies. This marketing plan example analyses a competitor’s nội dung marketing strategy :
It can also be helpful to divide your competitors into Primary & Secondary groups. For example, Apple’s primary competitor may be Dell for computers, but its secondary competitor could be a company that makes tablets .
Your most dangerous competitors may not even be in the same industry as you. Like the CEO of Netflix said, “ Sleep is our competition. ”

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5. Set accurate key baselines & metrics

It’s pretty hard to plan for the future if you don’t know where your business stands right now .
Before we bởi anything at Venngage, we find the baselines so sánh we can compare future results to something. We bởi it so sánh much it’s almost lượt thích second nature now !
Setting baselines will allow you to more accurately track your progress. You will also be able to better analyze what worked & what didn’t work, so sánh you can build a stronger strategy. It will definitely help them clearly understand your goals & strategy as well .
Here’s a marketing plan example where the baselines are visualized :

Another way to include baselines in your plan is with a simple chart, lượt thích in the marketing plan example below :

Because dữ liệu can be intimidating to a lot of people, visualizing your dữ liệu using charts & infographics will help demystify the information .

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6. Create an actionable marketing strategy

After pulling all the contextual information và relevant metrics into your marketing plan, it’s giây phút to break lao dốc your marketing strategy .
Once again, it’s easier to communicate your information to your đội or clients using visuals .

Mind maps are an effective way to show how a strategy with many moving parts ties together. For example, this mind map shows how the four main components of a marketing strategy interact together:


You can also use a flow chart to bản đồ out your strategy by objectives :

However you choose to visualize your strategy, your nhóm should know exactly what they need to vì. This is not the phút giây to keep your cards close to your chest .
Your strategy section may need to take up a few pages to explain, lượt thích in the marketing plan example below :

With all of this information, even someone from the development đội will understand what the marketing đội is working on .
This minimalistic marketing plan example uses màu sắc blocks to make the different parts of the strategy easy to scan :

Breaking your strategy xuống dốc into tasks will make it easier to tackle .

Another important way to visualize your marketing strategy is to create a project roadmap. A project roadmap visualizes the timeline of your product with individual tasks. Our roadmap maker can help you with this.

For example, this project roadmap shows how tasks on both the marketing & website thiết kế side run parallel to each other :

A simple timeline can also be used in your marketing plan :

Or a mind bản đồ, if you want to include a ton of information in a more organized way :

Even a simple “ Next, Now, Later ” chart can help visualize your strategy :

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7. Set tracking or reporting guidelines

Close your marketing plan with a brief explanation of how you plan to track or measure your results. This will save you a lot of frustration lao dốc the line by standardizing how you track results across your nhóm .
Like the other sections of your marketing plan, you can choose how in-depth you want to go. But there need to be some clear guidelines on how to measure the progress & results of your marketing plan .

At the bare minimum, your results tracking guidelines should specify:

  • What you plan to track
  • How you plan to track results
  • How often you plan to measure

But you can more add tracking guidelines to your marketing plan if you see the need to. You may also want to include a template that your đội or client can follow, to ensure that the right metrics are being tracked .

The marketing plan example below dedicates a whole page to tracking criteria :

Use a checklist maker to not only track marketing results but also to note xuống dốc tasks, important life events, or tracking your daily life .

Similarly, the marketing plan example below talks about tracking content marketing instead:


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9 marketing plan templates to inspire your growth strategy

1. Free marketing plan template

Here’s a không lấy phí nonprofit marketing plan example that is ideal for organizations with a comprehensive vision to chia sẻ. It’s a simple plan that is incredibly effective. Not only does the plan outline the core values of the company, it also shares the ideal buyer persona .

chú ý how the branding is consistent throughout this example so sánh there is no doubt which company is presenting this plan. The nội dung plan is an added incentive for anyone viewing the document to go ahead và give the nhóm the green light .

2. Pastel social media marketing campaign template

Two-page marketing plan samples aren’t very common, but this không tính tiền template proves how effective they are. There’s a dedicated section for business goals as well as for project planning .

The milestones for the marketing chiến dịch are clearly laid out, which is a great way to show how organized this business strategy is .

3. Small business marketing strategy template

This marketing plan template is perfect for small businesses who mix out to develop an overarching marketing strategy for the whole year :

Notice how this aligns pretty well with the marketing plan outline we discussed in previous sections .
In terms of specific tactics for the company’s marketing strategy, the template only discusses SEO strategy, but you can certain expand on that section to discuss any other strategies you would lượt thích to build out a complete marketing plan for .

4. Orange simple marketing proposal template

Marketing plans, lượt thích the sample below are a great way to highlight what your business strategy & the proposal you wan to put forward to chiến thắng potential customers .

5. One-page marketing fact sheet template

This one-page marketing plan example is great for showcasing marketing efforts in a persuasive presentation or to print out for an in-person meeting .

lưu ý how the fact sheet breaks xuống dốc the marketing budget as well as the key metrics for the organization. You can thắng end clients và partners with a plan lượt thích this .

6. Light company business fact sheet template

This one-page sample marketing plan clearly outlines the marketing objectives for the organization. It’s a simple but effective way to chia sẻ a large amount of information in a short amount of thời gian .

What really works with this example is that includes a mission statement, key tương tác information alongside all the key metrics .

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7. Marketing media press kit template

This press kit marketing plan template is bright & unmistakable as belonging to the Cloud Nine marketing agency. The way the brand colors are used also helps diversify the layouts for each page, making the plan easier to read .

We lượt thích the way the marketing department has outlined the important facts about the organization. The bold và large numbers draw the eye và look impressive .

8. Professional marketing proposal template

Start your marketing chiến dịch on a promising note with this marketing plan template. It’s short, sharp & to the point. The table of contents sets out the agenda, & there’s a page for the company overview & mission statement .

9. Social media marketing proposal template

A complete marketing plan example, lượt thích the one below, not only breaks lao dốc the business goals to be achieved but a whole lot more. Note how the terms và conditions & payment schedule are included, which makes this one of the most comprehensive marketing plans on our danh sách .
Checkered Social Media Marketing Proposal Template  

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7 tips to keep in mind while you’re creating your marketing plan

While a marketing plan doesn’t necessarily have to be pretty, an impressive kiến thiết certainly helps if you want your plan to be more convincing .
Presentation is especially important if you’re presenting your marketing plan to investors, or if you need to convince your trùm to approve your requested marketing budget .
That’s where a marketing plan template can help. If you don’t have a designer available, or even if you want a framework to base your own kiến thiết on, a template gives you a solid foundation to work with .
Start creating your marketing plan with a template & then customize the thiết kế to fit your information & to incorporate your own branding .
Here are seven marketing plan templates to get you started, along with some báo cáo kiến thiết best practices you should follow when creating your plan .

1. Identify, describe and illustrate your target audience

Knowing your target audience is one of the most fundamental steps that every marketing đội should take before making any marketing decisions. So by the giây phút you begin viết bài your marketing plan, you should have your target audience identified .
In your marketing plan, you should dedicate a section to introducing your target audience .
To help keep your target audience top-of-mind when planning và executing your marketing strategies, it can be helpful to visualize your audience personas. Faux images of your personas, illustrations và icons are all great ways to put a face to your personas ’ “ names ” .
Take this page from a marketing plan example that includes imagery và icons :

A photo of “ Cassandra Vane ”, their “ head of marketing ” persona, is provided to make the character seem more real. You can incorporate photos seamlessly into your page kiến thiết by using image frames .
Icons are also used to visualize the different components that make up this persona ( their identifies, their demographic information, their goals & their chất lượng challenges ) .

2. Visualize important process flows and strategy roadmaps

To effectively outline hot nhất marketing strategies, processes, và timelines, it can be very helpful to visualize the flows .
You could opt for a classic flow chart or a more creative marketing plan infographic. Whatever type of visual you choose to create, the goal should be to make the information easier for people to follow .
The first step is to organize your flow into distinct steps. Remember to clearly label each step và to use symbols lượt thích lines or arrows to indicate the direction in which the flow should be read .
It can also be helpful to visualize each step using different shapes, or attaching an icon to each step .
For example, this page visualizes an gmail chiến dịch flow :
Icons represent each gmail as an individual block, to make it easier for readers to visualize the process. Concise descriptions give readers context to understand the flow chart .
Take a look at how information flows visually throughout this promotional marketing plan template thanks to strategically placed visual cues :

3. Emphasize important statistics, metrics, and numbers in your marketing plan

To make your plan both more convincing, và easier to scan, you should create a hierarchy of information in your page kiến thiết .
For example, you can use charts và pictograms to visualize important stats or metrics. Or you could write important numbers in a bright-colored phông so sánh they stand out from the rest of the text .
This is an opportunity to get creative with your page kiến thiết. Look at how speech bubble pictograms are used in this marketing plan example to show key statistics :
In that same marketing plan, important content-related dữ liệu is emphasized using brightly colored shapes, illustrative icons & big font :
màu sắc choice, icons & fonts styles all help bring key information forward in this nội dung strategy plan template :

4. Use your main marketing goal to guide your design

One of the main goals of your marketing plan is to identify your high-level marketing goals. Your marketing plan thiết kế should be driven by this goal – in your page layouts & in the kiến thiết elements you use .
You can bởi this by picking a thiết kế motif that reflects your goal & using that throughout your marketing plan. This could be a particular shape or chiến thắng ( for example, using images of plants in a work plan to represent growth ) or a màu scheme that reflects the mood of your mission .
This mạng xã hội truyền thông marketing plan example identifies their goal as being the go-to source of inspiration & information for runners :
Take a look at how they use chat bubble icons và a bright, bold màu sắc scheme to give their marketing plan a friendly & energetic thiết kế :

Pro Tip : You don’t need to create a comprehensive marketing plan yourself. With our real-time collaboration feature, you can leverage your entire đội to help you shape your marketing plan together anytime, anywhere. In real-time .

5. Vary your page designs to make your marketing plan engaging

Putting in the extra bit of effort to use visuals will not only make your marketing plan more engaging, it will also make it easier for readers to retain information .
That’s why while you could use the same page layout throughout your whole plan, it’s a good idea to vary your page kiến thiết. Mixing up your thiết kế will prevent your plan from being too predictable. Plus, you will have more flexibility to visualize information creatively .
For example, this SEO plan template simply inverts the màu scheme on each page. While the overall màu scheme for the whole plan is cohesive, each individual page is varied :

6. Visualize your top channels using charts, icons, and pictograms

It’s important for your nhóm to understand your highest-performing channels. That way, you can identify areas you may want to funnel more resources into, whether it be mạng xã hội truyền thông, paid ads, điện thoại tiện ích advertising, organic or referral lượng truy cập .
This is where visual communication can be highly effective. A simple but effective way to analyze your channels is to visualize the dữ liệu. You can vì this using charts, pictograms và infographics with Venngage’s infographic creator .
For example, a pie chart can put into perspective where the bulk of your lượt truy cập is coming from :
A stacked bar would also work well to visualize this information .

You can also use icons to emphasize and differentiate between channels, like in this marketing plan slide:

Take a look at how charts, icons & color-coding make it easy to scan this marketing agenda presentation for information about specific channels :

7. Use borders or color blocks to organize your pages into sections

Generally, it’s good practice to stick to one topic per page. This will help keep your marketing plan more organized và make it easier for readers to scan for information .
That being said, you may want to put more than one topic on the same page, lượt thích if both topics are directly related. In that case, you can organize the page into sections using borders or blocks of background màu sắc .
For example, look at how this page is clearly divided into two sections, thanks to the use of a màu sắc block background :
Blocks of màu are also used to make the sections headers stand out. Take a look at the different pages in this promotional plan template :

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A few more marketing plan design best practices:

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when start designing your marketing plan .

Keep your design elements like fonts, icons and colors consistent

While it’s good to switch up the layout of your pages to keep your marketing plan engaging, it’s important to keep your thiết kế consistent. That means :

  • Using the same font styles for your headers, body text, and accent text (generally, try to stick to only using 2-3 different font styles in one report)
  • Using the same color scheme throughout your plan, and using the same colors for specific types of information (ex. blue for “social media goals” and green for “SEO goals”)
  • Using the same style of icons throughout your report, like flat icons, line art icons, or illustrated icons

marketing plan example

Download your marketing plan as a PDF

It’s important that your nhóm is on the same page. Sharing your marketing plan via Google Docs or a file-sharing service can be unreliable. In most cases, it’s easier to simply tải về your marketing plan as a PDF và chia sẻ it with your nhóm that way .
You can tải về your marketing plan in high-quality PDF or interactive PDF định hình with Venngage .

Include a table of contents to make it easy to find specific information

This tip is pretty self-explanatory. Even if you’re putting together your marketing plan as a presentation, a simple table of contents at the beginning will give your audience an idea of what they can expect .

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Now that you have the basics for designing your own marketing plan, it’s time to get started:


This article is also available in Spanish : ¿ Qué es un Plan de Marketing y Cómo Hacer uno ?

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