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previously Town Coin was just a town Star in-game currency that players could use to buy, sell, and trade items. however, with the approaching Season 2 Play-2-Earn Crypto Game of Town Star there are ways for players to earn more Town Coins outside of the crippled by participating in marketing campaigns, bounties, raffles, giveaways, and competitions – These are put on 3rd party affiliations like the “ Suggest an NFT Town Star Contest ” that was put on by VersaGames .
Town Coin will play a big part in the approaching Play-2-Earn Crypto Gaming season which is scheduled to begin around the end of Q1 or possibly the originate of Q2 and run through September 2022 *. The idea of Play-2-Earn is to allow players to earn Town Coins for playing Town Star and engaging with games by completing daily Achievements and Weekly Challenges .

How Town Coin Can Be Utilized in Season 2

Town Coin Token With the approaching Season 2 of Town Star, Gala Games have big plans for how they will utilize Town Coin. Again, folks, these are meditation and suggestions that we heard the community put forth .
Staking/HODLing Town Coin: Town Coins are locked into the Town Star Game meaning that they can not be traded or sold on exchanges until after the conclusion of Town Star Season 2. They would earn a % for the total of coins staked during the distance of the season.

Town Power: possibly a newfangled Power Level that will replace Gala Powe gas constant Level. Town Power would be implemented to replace Gala Power ( which is across all Gala Games ) that allows you to earn X sum of Town Coin from the NFTs you place. This goes as newly games come into Gala Games, which has nothing to do with Town Star it would not affect people purchasing the Gala Coin .
Example: You are gala Power Level 10 and Town Coin Power Level 10. You have 10 NFTs that earn 100 Town Coin. You would be able to place down these 10 NFTs that each earned 100 Town Coin to earn 1000 Town Coin .
Gala Power Level Referrals: possibly coming back to refer fresh players to the Gala Eco System that will earn Gala Token. Hopefully they ’ ll be retrospecting every invite and referral we ’ ve all made since this is on the Blockchain !
There are besides new opportunities for Town Coin holders to cash in on their holdings by being able to spend their Town Coins in the game itself. Imagine if you bought enough of Town Coin during the Alpha Days and were able to use them in-game for bonuses, discounts, or even paid content. The prize would skyrocket as Town Coin holders nobelium longer have to deal with volatility or lose money due to markets. rather, they can use their earnings in the game itself without worrying about the prices change .
Another electric potential for Town Coin is that it will be used to purchase/swap with Gala tokens, which themselves are worth money. This besides means that players won ’ t have to cash out their township Coins if they don ’ thyroxine want to, only if they would like to diversify into other cryptocurrencies .
last, the Town Star game will continue to grow as they continue to advertise and market to newly players ampere well as keep honest-to-god players coming rear for more. Town Coin ’ s value will see capital returns as Town Star continues to grow into a popular, mainstream social bet on choice that can be enjoyed by all sorts of different people .

The Future of Town Coin

ultimately, there are plans for Gala Games to offer bounty services in the future, but they will be paid for with Town Coins. Imagine being able to buy exclusive items that no one else could always get, or purchasing a especial mountain possibly in Mirandus alone available through Town Coin. This type of interoperability between games would allow players to enjoy some cool aspects of Mirandus without costing them any real money, which is very important as it becomes mainstream and gets more casual players and they drift between Gala Games Ecosystem * .
There are besides plans for partnerships with other companies to provide more options for Town Coin holders, but that information is top secret at the moment as Gala Games works on securing these major deals that will have a big consequence on how town Coin is monetized in the future.

plan to earn more Town Coin from your NFTs ? You ’ ll need to HODL those Town Coin in order to be able to earn more / play enough NFTs to earn. It ’ mho besides going to be increasingly difficult for higher Town Power Levels to earn/complete their daily Achievements and Weekly Challenges .
With all of this being said it ’ s very clear that Gala Games is in it for the long catch with Town Coin. Hiring a team of 3 actuaries and economists to help turn Town Coin around, the future looks bright as Gala Games aims to continue supporting their flagship game that has become so democratic in such a short total of prison term. If you ’ rhenium interest in learning more town Star is an approaching social gambling platform built on the Ethereum net that allows players to earn crypto coins, Town Coin being the first of these coins, for playing Town Star and engaging with games, social media sites, and other Town Coin partners .
* This is meditation and not 100 % Official yet from Gala Games .

Town Coin Today

The live Town Star price nowadays is $ 0.116453 USD with a 24-hour trade bulk of $ 576,227 USD. Town Star is down 12.77 % in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap rank is # 3375, with a alive marketplace hood of not available. The circulating issue is not available and the soap. add is not available .
If you would like to know where to buy Town Star, the top cryptocurrency exchanges for trade in Town Star stock are presently OKX, TOKENCAN, Bitrue, Uniswap ( V3 ), and Jubi. You can find others listed on our crypto exchanges page .
Town Coin is the fairly launch token behind Town Star .
Town Coin Price Today

Town Star is a competitive farm game from one of the co-founders of Zynga, the company behind Farmville. Each workweek, the peak players on the leaderboard win big prizes, and every day, players complete challenges to unlock and collect TownCoin play-to-earn rewards ! The finish is to grow, gather and craft your way to building the most effective and fat township conceivable. Will you be a Town Star ?
Town Star is the flagship game of Gala Games, built on Gala ’ mho decentralized net and utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. Player-owned NFTs offer in-game advantages can be purchased and traded on secondary coil markets !

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