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Sitting ( Left to Right ) : Tina Joslin, Travis Patterson, Mike Patterson, Elisa Perez, and Tiffany Wolfe ( Travis Patterson and Mike Patterson are Lawyers ; all others are Non-Lawyers ). Standing ( Left to Right ) : Rachell Sweeden, Grace Ocanas, Anna Patterson, Kolter Jennings, Gina Reid, Greg McCarthy, Matt Ipock, Joyce Knight, Travis Heller, Erin Parise, John Shaw, Abby Gallegos, Tennessee Walker, and Sara Andress ( Anna Patterson, Kolter Jennings, Greg McCarthy, Travis Heller, John Shaw, and Tennessee Walker are Lawyers ; all others are Non-Lawyers )
We wake up every day with one goal in beware – put up access to judge to those who are hurting, careless of the austereness. To do this, we have flipped the traditional law firm business model on its head. We are lean. We are effective. We use technology. And we are accessible. The sum of these parts is a team that is cook to fight for you. Because we recognize that an wound doesn ’ t have to be catastrophic to be life-changing .
And the best part ? If we don’t win, you won’t owe us a penny. Simple as that .

How We’re Different:

In order to achieve our goal of providing access to justice to as many people as possible, we recognized that we couldn ’ triiodothyronine structure our law fast the “ traditional ” manner. We had to be different. We had to find a way to provide effective representation while always keeping our clients ’ best interest at the vanguard. So we built a robust pre-litigation department that utilizes the latest engineering. When a customer signs up with Patterson Law Group, our pre-litigation attorneys and staff aggressively pursue settlement with the indemnity companies before filing a lawsuit. This keeps expenses down and typically results in earlier settlements. If and when litigation becomes necessity, our know, passionate attorneys and staff, already familiar with your encase, are quick to fight for you in court.

Access to Your Legal Team:

If you need to hire a personal injury police firm, it ’ sulfur because you ’ rhenium dealing with a very big problem. The one thing you don ’ t need is more problems, like being kept in the colored by your lawyer. At Patterson Law Group, our clients have access to their cloud-based case file, meaning they have access to up-to-the-minute updates on what is happening with their case. Clients can see who precisely at our fast did what precisely for their case. And if they have any questions, they call us and we answer. We take pride in being there for our clients when they need us .
Patterson Law Group Attorneys

We’re All About Adding Value:

Need assistant getting your cable car fixed ? We ’ ll avail you, free of charge. Unlike other personal injury firms, Patterson Law Group has staff members who are trained to assist clients with their property damage. need to file a call with your policy company for personal injury protection ( “ PIP ” ) or Med Pay ? We ’ ll assistant you, free of commit. We do all this to add value to you, our customer .

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