20 Christmas gift ideas for history lovers

And if you ’ d like to stow a history book or two under the tree, read our roundup of 2022 ’ mho best history books here. As the countdown to Christmas continues, we ’ ve picked out 20 delightful presents that we think history lovers would love. Designed to suit a range of diachronic interests and budgets, there ’ s something for everyone on the nice number here.


Julius Caesar pen holder

Et tu, Biro ? This is a pen holder with a difference, as ancient history lovers can take a leaf out of Brutus ’ record and stab this 3D-printed bust of Julius Caesar in the back with their pens and pencils – repeatedly.


Anne Boleyn’s “B” necklace

Perfect for fans of Wolf Hall or The Tudors, this reproduction of Anne Boleyn ’ s iconic “ B ” pendent necklace will be a welcome accession to any Tudor fancier ’ sulfur jewelry box.



Want to relax like an ancient egyptian ? We ’ vitamin d recommend senet – a boardgame beloved by pharaoh that sees players move their pieces across the board, mimicking the soul ’ randomness travel through the hell to reach the afterlife .

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This handcrafted set makes the game accessible for modern players, coming with detail instructions on how to play.


Second World War 1945 coin set

For those with a bigger budget, a adjust of historic coins from the Royal Mint is a standout endowment. These nine coins – which were in circulation during the final year of the Second World War – are presented in request packaging that details some of the milestone events that led to Britain ’ s victory.


Henry VIII’s armour apron

Modelled on a suit of armour made for Henry VIII in 1540, this printed apron will transport bakers from their 21st-century kitchens to the stateliness of the Field of the Cloth of Gold – although this fabric is 100 per cent cotton.


Colosseum 3D jigsaw

Are you not entertained ? Any recipient of this majestic 3D Roman Colosseum saber saw surely will be. The puzzle bent besides includes an LED light, to illuminate the thrills and spills of the ring.


Viking horn tealight holder

Set a stormy atmosphere with these unique tealight holders. Inspired by Viking drink in horns, these décor pieces carved from ox horn will be sure to get guests talking – and possibly flush toasting.


Henry VIII’s disappearing wives mug

This countenance brings the celebrated phrase “ Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived ” to life in a whole fresh room. Simply add a hot beverage and watch as portraits of the queens disappear, and their assorted fates are revealed.


A hieroglyphic journal

be active over, bullet train journals. This hieroglyphic journal contains 200 pages designed to help the owner draw out hieroglyph on graph paper and then translate them into English. An excellent summation to the stock of anyone who ’ sulfur concerned in ancient egyptian acculturation and speech.


HMS Victory in a bottle

The HMS Victory was the jewel in the royal navy ’ second pennant, serving as Lord Nelson ’ s flagship when he stormed to victory during the battle of Trafalgar. Rather than travelling to Portsmouth to see the georgian embark in all its aura, bring a man of naval history home with this mini-Victory in a lightbulb-shaped bottle.


Historic properties scratch-off poster

Set a challenge for history explorers with this gorgeous scratch-off bill poster from English Heritage. It includes 292 historic properties and gardens to visit across England, from celebrated locations like Hadrian ’ s Wall to fascinating areas of matter to off the beat track.


DNA kit

For history that hits closer to dwelling, try an AncestryDNA kit. These tests shed fascinating ignite on people ’ s inheritance, from the ethnicity of their ancestors to uncovering new syndicate connections.


Shakespearean insult calendar

If you don ’ t want to be accused of being a mad-headed ape this Christmas, make certain you add this to your shop basket. With a colorful diss from the bard himself for all 365 days of 2023, it ’ ll bring a smile – or a scowl – to its recipient role ’ mho face every day.


Stonehenge chess set

Taking divine guidance from the landscape of Stonehenge, this chess set combines the beauty of the game with the stateliness of the stone set. The board is emblazoned with a sandbag birds-eye view of the neolithic stand stones, and the pieces are reimagined as objects connected to Stonehenge, from the stones themselves to spear heads.


Morse code kit

Do you know your dots from your dashes ? This apt kit from Imperial War Museums is designed to put your morse code skills to the quiz, as you can build your own morse machine and learn more about the history of the language.

More like this


Medieval cat coasters

If you had to picture medieval illustrations, it ’ s carnival to say your mind wouldn ’ t immediately leap to cats wearing crowns or walking on their hind leg. But both feature on this far-out coaster set, which showcases four attention-getting chivalric big cat illustrations. A purr-fect present for any history geek with feline friends.


Hamilton-inspired hoodie

If you know person who still has the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat, they can belt out the tunes in comfort while wearing this historical hoodie mimicking Alexander Hamilton ’ south costume. For the less musically minded, LightInTheBox has a crop of early historical hoodies on volunteer, from medieval knights to second World War military designs.


Viking beard beads

Bring your beard or braid game to a new floor with these handmade rudiment rune beads. Based on the Norse Futhark rune alphabet, this set of 24 silver hair beads mix manner and Viking history.


Turn your tweet into a cuneiform tablet

Swap mindless scrolling on Twitter for turning tweets into a part of history. Dumb Cuneiform will transcribe any 140-character message of your choosing into cuneiform – a write system popular in the ancient Middle East – and imprint it on a clay pill for you, so your inside jokes will last forever.

A digital subscription to HistoryExtra

What do you get the history fan who has everything ? A subscription to us can ’ t go faulty ( at least in our humiliate public opinion ! ). They ’ ll unlock access to 2,500 articles, 1,000 award-winning podcast episodes and numerous television lectures – all for £34.99 a class. ad

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