Vietnam Agarwood Chips – Wild Natural Premium Chips – 15 gr

final weight :15 gr
KIM ANH VIETNAM AGARWOOD : Our Agarwood chips are 100 % Vietnam Natural Agarwood chips from the jungles and in natural shapes. This is natural wood chips with religious scents for practicing meditation, yoga, zen or other spiritual activities with relaxing aroma. The Agarwood aroma is a useful aid for spiritual activism. The cense chips is a kind of premium wood chips that help your space full of pure and delicate olfactory property .
HOW TO USE AGARWOOD CHIPS : We can enjoy the natural olfactory property of agarwood by burning them with a charcoal incense burner, or an electric cense burner. This aloeswood chips besides are the main material for producting cense sticks, inscense cones, and incense coils. Tibet incense and traditional japanese incenses or jinko infuriate are often made from Vietnam Agarwood chips .
HELPFULNESS IN SPIRITUAL ACTIVISM : The Agarwood chips can be use to create spiritual scents, meditation scents or zen scents. Since ancient times, aloeswood chips have been used in rituals of many different religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Brahmanism, Buddhism and Catholicism. today, Agarwood is even used in Islam mosques and Buddhist temples, particularly Tibetan Buddhist temples. Tibetan meditation infuriate constantly dwell of Agarwood aloeswood chips.

VIETNAM HIGH QUALITY AGARWOOD : Agarwood is found in natural forests in some Southeast asian countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, … Vietnam Agarwood is considered as the highest quality Agarwood. Vietnam Agarwood aroma is unlike from the early types of aquilaria, it is frequently considered as a valued material for Agarwood incense because of this extra aroma. Premium Vietnam Agarwood is the essential ingredient of all high-grade incense from Japan or Taiwan .
SOME OTHERS NAMES : Aligawood chips, oudh chips, oud wood chips, aloeswood chips, scented chips, scented wood chips, ….

Kim Anh Agarwood Chips contains 100 % Vietnam natural Agarwood chips and packaged with capital care and attention to detail .
Kim Anh Agarwood chips can create the amazing olfactory property that is unforgettable and extremely antic.

Kim Anh Agarwood chips have aroma that not easy to describe in words. It is deep, balanced, complex with gratifying and deep warmheartedness. Agarwood, for thousands of years, has used for purifying the heed, get rid of negative energy, bring good luck, …It profoundly affects the soul, and take us to the spiritual door that is not limited by fourth dimension or space and can bring us into the state of nirvana .
The Vietnam agarwood is rated as the highest quality Agarwood. Agarwood is the “ The wood of the God ”, found in natural forests in many Southeast asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam … In especial, Vietnam Agarwood is constantly considered the highest quality because of the special delicate olfactory property .
The aroma of Agarwood Vietnam is very elegant, delicate and durable. Vietnam Agarwood is the all-important ingredient of most natural incense on the global commercialize. japanese has used Agarwood from Vietnam to produce their incense from ancient to present .

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