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Kevin Churchill provides aggressive defense to all DUI charges in Denver and the surrounding Colorado counties. He is dedicated to protecting those accused of drink drive in Colorado from unnecessary convictions and condemnable penalties. Our clients do not plead guilty when a better result can be obtained. DUI and DWAI convictions can have life-changing consequences beyond the criminal motor hotel penalties involved. Those charged with DUI in Denver are typically everyday people such as commercial hand truck drivers or anyone else that must drive in club to make a support and support their syndicate .
With 20 years of experience, Kevin Churchill has represented hundreds of clients in Colorado F that have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. experience in the plain allows Mr. Churchill to uncover the weaknesses in the tell against you .

Colorado DUI Laws

Colorado DUI laws have recently changed to include more hard penalties for those convicted of driving under the influence. It is more important than ever to have an expert DUI lawyer when you have been charged with a drunkard drive umbrage. Any offense that occurred after July 1, 2010 has increased compulsory minimum jail sentences attached, american samoa well as the possible revocation of your driver ’ s license. The loss of a driver ’ second license is a meaning burden for everyone. There are enormous difficulties in getting to work, picking up the kids after school, or equitable getting your groceries at the supermarket. Hiring a competent and dedicated DUI lawyer is all-important. Mr. Churchill has represented those charged with DUI or DWAI in hundreds of cases. He handles cases throughout the Front Range and easterly Colorado. Please call our office immediately if you are facing charges, and by all means, do not plead guilty until an have lawyer has thoroughly reviewed all aspects of your case .
professional Licenses Affected by DUI in Denver, Colorado

  • Airline Pilot
  • Dentist
  • Doctor Nurse
  • Teacher
  • Truck Driver

Denver DUI Attorney

The defense of a Denver DUI requires experience in a very specify field. In addition to being well versed in evidential police, criminal jurisprudence, and constituent law, a good DUI lawyer in Denver must understand the science behind your rake alcohol test, and have the experience to understand how the Denver police make duet arrests. Every sheath is different, but the goal is always the lapp :
To minimize the impact a DUI arrest has on your life by reducing the charges against you or having the charges dropped altogether.

The consequences for a DUI conviction can include both drawn-out jail sentences arsenic well as the personnel casualty of your privilege to drive. even beginning offenses carry a 9 month revocation of your driver ’ sulfur license — and mandate imprison if your blood alcohol message is very high. Our first objective is to help you avoid a conviction altogether, and if that can not be done, then to help you avoid unreasonably coarse penalties in Denver courts and at the Colorado DMV. It ’ randomness significant to amply understand the DUI laws in Colorado so you can avoid these adverse consequences. For exemplar, it ’ mho essential to know that you can be charged with and convicted of driving while impaired even if your BAC is under .08 percentage, which is the legal restrict. You do not have to be legally impaired to be charged with a crime. Without having this information, you might think it ’ s a good theme to speak with the patrol and inform them that you only had a little bite to drink. If you find yourself in this situation, think again. If you find yourself facing any type of DUI charge in Colorado, always consult with an feel lawyer right away. Do not speak with anyone if your lawyer is not introduce.

DUI Penalties

DUI is a criminal charge, and can result in substantial jail sentences. The testimony of a bias police officer could convict you and send you to jail. An feel DUI lawyer can make the deviation between going to jail, or not .

Colorado DMV

Your license to drive may be revoked as a result of your DUI charge. You must act within 7 days in ordering to preserve your right to have a DMV hearing regarding your driver ’ sulfur license. You have more than 7 days if the police tested your blood .


The evidence in DUI cases can be complicated. An lawyer with many years of know in this specify playing field can be a crucial asset, pointing you in the properly commission as you make decisions about how to resolve your case .

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