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The Creative Coin front-end has launched and we are working on Round 1 of our Airdrop…..Yay!

So here’s how it works….

creative Coin is a tribe for creative Steemians !
When you make a creative post you can either use our front-end hypertext transfer protocol : // or you can use any Steem front-end and just use the tag creativecoin as one of your tags.
If person with stake creative Coin upvotes your post you will be rewarded with Creative Coin and Steem .
No need to wait for the Airdrop to end….you can start using the creativecoin tag now!!!

The Creative Coin Airdrop!

With assistant from @ inactiveness, we created a number of Steemians who have used creative types of tag over the last 3 months. We then subtracted users that were on diverse blacklists.
After that, I removed anyone with less than 50 SP. My reason is that a big percentage of those users are in constant power down, just taking rewards out of the ecosystem, which ultimately does not help the community.
I did not have the clock time nor the brain to manually check 9,000 accounts so if you are a creative Steemian that has less than 50SP and is not in constant baron down then please let me know in the comments. I will check your account and add you to the Airdrop .

Our Airdrop will be occurring in phases

Airdrop No.1 will be 1,000 creative Coin to all members on the list.
We thought it would be nice for everyone to start off on an even playing plain.
After a certain measure of fourth dimension, we will be doing Airdrop No.2.
Steemians who staked Airdrop No.1 will receive the 2nd Airdrop.
Those who dumped will not receive it .
again, the reason is that staking these tribed coins helps the community.
When you stake your coins you can help others by rewarding them with Creative Coin when you upvote them.
Dumping does not help the community .
We will be doing astir to 4 or 5 phases of this Airdrop. Members who continue to interest each Airdrop will keep receiving creative Coin during each future phase .
besides, if you purchase creative Coin and stake, you may be added to future Airdrops .
Phase one of our Airdrop is presently in progress and may take a bite so we will keep you updated.
Steem Engine is currently experiencing technical difficulties and we are waiting for the dev to fix it. We appreciate your patience while the issue gets sorted out. We will make a post letting everyone know when Phase 1 of the airdrop is complete.

Team Members

creative Coin team members have started with 10,000 impale Creative Coin for the purposes of curating content with the creativecoin tag !
team members will not be upvoting themselves with their impale, nor will they be powering down their bet on.
The Creative Coin team member goal is to help members of the creative community.
I will make another mail talking more about the team at a late date .

Yet Another Discord!

We created the Creative Coin Discord to help keep this american samoa organized as potential.
If you have any questions just hop in and ask away !


finally, big thanks to @ derangedvisions who is depart of the creative mint team and made these amazing graphics !
Wes besides helped set up the Discord and has been with us from the get down of this project helping us to bring it to fruition .
besides, more thanks to @ clayboyn for creating our whitepaper. I could not have done this without his help .
And thanks to everyone who will be staking creative coin and helping members of the creative community !

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