Sintron ST-003 Coin Operated Timer Control Box With 3 Prong/4 Prong 220V for US/Canada Dryer Power Plug

update 2020-09-03 : US Canada with free transport nowadays. 3~6 working days rescue .
SINTRON ST-003 Coin Operated Timer Control Power Supply Box With 3/4 Prong Dryer Power Plug

This is Sintron’s new designed (year 2020) Heavy Duty Timer box, specially made for US/Canada up to 220V~240V 30Amp (rating current) electronic devices, ST-003 can be used to charge and control the time of your electronic device. you can decide the price and the time that you would like your device to run and then let user to pay before using it. Many of our customers might use it for Electric DRYER. Because Electric Dryers are Heavy Duty devices and require much higher safety standard .
PS. you might besides be concern in using IOT device ST-026. so that you can always check your income anytime from your calculator or mobile telephone .

note : this is for Heavy Duty Electric Dryer, if you would like to use it for laundry Washer or gasoline dry etc .. you can get ST-002 model. which is cheaper.
please besides comment not to get this from no-brand merchandise, as they might not notice what the safety prerequisite is and lone copy our ST-003 design and then sell .
update : we have filed Patent and got answer from USPTO with lotion number : 29/738,345 if no problem, we should get Patent for this in 15~18 months from now. ( 2020.06.18 )

Features :

①. Accept up to 6 kinds of different coins .
②.Controls Heavy Duty electric devices ( Electric Dryer, Car Charging station etc … )
③. 30A ( current rat ) electrical might capacity. with Multi Solid relay and fuses for base hit ! apply 10 gauge wire ( above ) for safety ! guard first !
④. suitable for public place placement .
⑤. Digital timer : pace adjustable by owner through two simple tug clitoris switch .
⑥. You are able to determine lotion reliance for how many coins should be inserted .
⑦. utmost time : 99:59
⑧. Time type : hour : second or HOUR : MINUTE ( Adjustable )
⑨. weight : 8KG. Dimensions : 26cmx 13cm x 28cm

Parts inside boxes as below :

When you receive your order, you need to plug it in baron first. then set up the coin acceptor for the coins you would like to insert, and then set up the time. Basically that ‘s reasonably much all the work indigence to be done .
Video Setup direction as an example ( newspaper direction included besides ) :


①. connect 3/4 prong world power cord to AC 220V/240V .

②. Set up the coin mech to accept coins ( No. 7 ) .
③. Set up clock time, price and operated mode on timekeeper dining table ( No. 6 ) .
④. Power off .
⑤. Plug ability wire of DRYER by going through rear hole into the mercantile establishment ( NO.1 ) .
⑥. Please put on iron sheet and cheat cap .
⑦. Please turn on office and manipulation it .

after set up, you can start to use :
world power on – > User cut-in mint – > Time runs down and supply power to device – > Cuts off might after time runs out

-There are two type of USA might fireplug of this coin box, please check with your device before order.

software list :
( 1 ) ST-003 Coin Box * 1

( 2 ) Power cable ( 3 Prong or 4 Prong ) * 1
( 3 ) Keys * 2
( 4 ) Paper Manual * 1

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