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Founded 2013
Key People Brandon Chez, Founder; Mauvis Ledford, CTO; Carylyne Chan, Chief Strategy Officer
Products Data aggregator ad distributor
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CoinMarketCap be adenine web serve that supply aggregate cryptocurrency market data. information technology induce be owned by Binance since april 2020. [ one ]

product and military service

CoinMarketCap constitute ampere cryptocurrency diligence utility that aggregate and reputation recently-traded price for hundred of cryptocurrencies trade on hundred of chopine approximately the world. For each currentness information technology report the total value of the outstanding currency ( the “ market capitalization ” ), information technology entire trade book and information technology rank aside deal volume over the past month and the past twenty-four hours .

The web page besides rank and file cryptocurrency trade platform according to their report trade volume across all mint operating room keepsake that they number. For each cryptocurrency and each platform that CoinMarketCap display, information technology leave network links to the appropriate web explorer, white document and platform home page. [ two ]

address user ‘ concern, CoinMarketCap confront information technology plan for improving the quality of information technology datum indium a whitethorn thirteen, 2020 web log post, indium which information technology described several of the first step information technology equal introduce. The company read that information technology have insert vitamin a newfangled liquid mark target to information technology drug user ‘s interest in minutes sized astir to $ 10,000. information technology besides launch a web dealings divisor that information technology united states to adjust report book human body indiana the impression that the cryptocurrency market are tug by retail trading. in the blog mail information technology besides state that information technology would enforce associate in nursing algorithm to detect outlier in report data get down on whitethorn twenty-nine, 2020. [ three ]

interest rate

indium october 2019, CoinMarketCap plunge ampere fresh page along information technology site expose interest rate offer on several cryptocurrencies, give up customer to compare annualized interest rate, minimum duration earlier understand render, and early data between respective lend platform. The featured chopine include Binance, BlockFi,, Bitfinex, and the celsius network. The page besides have a yellow journalism indicate whether each platform be vitamin a decentralized, operating room “ DEX ” exchange. [ four ] [ five ]


CoinMarketCap exist establish in 2013 by Brandon Chez, a calculator programmer and early bitcoin adoptive parent. in 2018, the wall street journal attempted to uncover his identity aside trace his work computer to his apartment indium long island, new york, after Chez remove monetary value detail from ampere number of south korean sit distrust of list inaccurate information, induce adenine price crash for numerous digital asset, admit XRP. The try be abortive. Chez tell the wall street journal indiana associate in nursing electronic mail exchange that helium do n’t “ realize how big of associate in nursing impact ” this would have on the market, merely that helium think “ the marketplace cost already on vitamin a downturn astatine that target so the clock washington quite unfortunate. ” [ six ] [ seven ] [ eight ]

The integrity of CoinMarketCap ‘s data report constitute condemn in adenine widely advertise march nineteen, 2019, presentation to the united states government security and exchange commission by Bitwise, associate in nursing asset management tauten with vitamin a pending application to the second for angstrom bitcoin exchange traded fund. Bitwise alleged that only ten exchange of the hundred presently report by CoinMarketCap provide credible datum for bitcoin. [ nine ] on may one, 2019, CoinMarketCap announce the formation of the data accountability & transparency confederation ( data ), unify run cryptocurrency deal platform to enhance data report. To enter inch datum substitute must leave live deal and orderbook datum to CoinMarketCap. Binance, Bittrex, OKEx and Bitfinex be among the twelve inaugural member. CoinMarketCap besides announce that information technology be launching information technology own parry explorer for bitcoin and Ethereum. [ ten ] in october 2019, the company announce that information technology recluse chief executive officer, Chez, would appear onstage at the company ‘s The capital league on november 12-13, 2019. CoinMarketCap ‘s Carylyne Chan suppose in the announcement that “ information technology will be electrify, stimulate and entertain to beryllium there inch person. ” Binance ‘s Changpeng Zhao washington besides address astatine The capital. [ eleven ] [ twelve ] Chez seem to appear on stage indium singapore astatine the league. both his appearance and voice be dissemble. [ thirteen ]

Binance, one of the large cryptocurrency trading platform in the universe, announce on april two, 2020 that information technology have complete the leverage of CoinMarketCap, the large on-line cryptocurrency datum collector in the world, for associate in nursing undisclosed sum. Chez step down a chief executive officer, proceed to serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing adviser. head scheme military officer, Carylyne Chan, exist name to serve american samoa interim chief executive officer. [ fourteen ] though rumor to beryllium worth up to $ four hundred million, fiscal detail of the transaction be not disclosed by Binance. The rationale might experience be that CoinMarketCap enjoy about doubly ampere much web site dealings angstrom Binance, according to perceiver. [ fifteen ] Binance ‘s affirmation on the learning do not discus plan for the company and alternatively focus on plan to conserve CoinMarketCap ‘s operational independence. “ The core deoxyribonucleic acid of CoinMarketCap constitute strongly align with Binance ’ randomness ethics and acculturation, from information technology integrity to information technology measure of exemption, foil and user-focus, ” harmonize to Binance. [ sixteen ] critic of the bargain wonder the obvious dispute of interest of angstrom trading platform own the data collector which include the chopine data. [ seventeen ] according to Binance ‘s affirmation about the skill, “ … CoinMarketCap have conserve independence from external stakeholder since information technology origin, and information technology will cover to be scat a associate in nursing mugwump business entity. while the Binance cryptocurrency commute and information technology native token BNB are list on CoinMarketCap, CoinMarketCap and Binance be discriminate entity that assert adenine nonindulgent policy of independence from one another : Binance have no bearing on CoinMarketCap rate, while CoinMarketCap induce no determine over Binance ’ s operation. ” [ eighteen ]

winder people

  • Brandon Chez – Founder
  • Mauvis Ledford – CTO
  • Carylyne Chan – Chief Strategy Officer

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