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Thanks for scrolling all the direction to the end of the page. once again, I ’ m excited to welcome you to Crypto Jobs List — the best place on the Internet to find and post blockchain jobs, crypto jobs and web3 jobs !

I ’ ve started this caper control panel rear in conclusion of September 2017, when I was looking for technology jobs in cryptocurrency companies myself. I had to jump from locate to site, looking for positions in versatile exchanges, wallets, and research projects. Opportunities were scattered all over the locate and pretty unvoiced to come by. So I thought it would be cool to have a centralized ( the sarcasm 😅 ) site with all the positions. I thought no one will care about the job board and it ’ ll die off in a week, but, apparently more and more people cared enough about it to start applying to jobs, sharing Crypto Jobs List with friends and, of course, companies started listing their job posts.

Today I hope you are enjoying the site, applying to jobs and getting response from hundreds of crypto startups that have listings on CJL to day.

I powerfully believe that blockchain engineering and cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy stages, about like the internet in 1990s. The “ Facebooks ” and “ Googles ” of crypto-era are yet to be founded and I believe that the only way to grow this diligence is to stop checking mint prices every dawn, and start buidling the engineering, products and companies that will fuel the coin marketplace emergence.

I suggest you apply to the blockchain jobs listed on Crypto Jobs List, signup to our newsletter and follow up on social media — to stay on top of the latest career opportunities.

What’s the difference between Blockchain Jobs, Cryptocurrency Jobs and Web3 Jobs?

Some use words Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Crypto interchangeably, however there is some minor differences between them. Blockchain is a broader engineering, or a set of technologies, while cryptocurrencies is one ( quite a major one ) application that leverages blockchain engineering. So what ‘s the deviation between Blockchain Jobs and Cryptocurrency Jobs, you may ask. Blockchain jobs are career opportunities in a broader spectrum of companies – they might be enterprise blockchain jobs, they might be working with a consensus level blockchain technologies. E.g. blockchain technology in supply chain industry is quite different from blockchain applications in cryptocurrency industry. There might be quite a bit of overlap tho. Cryptocurrency jobs, on the other hired hand, are crypto opportunities in cryptocurrency focused startups. They might be jobs in DeFi or jobs in NFT startups. A few years ago we ‘d see more jobs in L1, protocol level foundations and cryptocurrency projects. Nowadays most cryptocurrency jobs are in companies that build on top of programmable blockchains, such as Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain or others.

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