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If you are facing criminal charges in Broward County, you may need the help of an know criminal department of defense lawyer. It may be crucial to contact a lawyer arsenic soon as possible after an apprehension. A Broward County criminal lawyer could help you better understand the trial process for your case and how to defend your rights. En Español .

What Are Non-Violent Drug Charges?

Broward County is notoriously hard on drug crimes. State attorneys and prosecutors aggressively prosecute those facing such charges. There are respective classifications of drug charges based on the type and total of drugs allegedly involved. however, even a apparently minor cannabis possession charge can even lead to rigid criminal penalties and long-run consequences .
One park criminal consign in Broward County is possession. self-control occurs when police find an illegitimate drug on person ’ s person, like in a pocket, or when they exercised control condition over illicit drugs—for example if person has drugs in their car. self-control of certain Schedule I drugs, such as heroin, is normally a felony charge .

What Does a Charge for Intention to Sell Mean?

When person possesses a drug and intends to distribute it to other people, they could face a charge of monomania with captive to sell. The amounts of drugs person allegedly possesses dictates whether they face a simple self-control blame or the more serious possession with intent charge. Broward County charges possession with captive as either a second or third-degree felony, depending on the means involved.

drug traffic occurs when person is in possession with the purpose to sell very big amounts of an illicit kernel. For exemplar, person with 25 pounds of marijuana could face a third-degree drug trafficking charge. Like other drug crimes, the measure and type of message involved determines the degree of the felony charge .

Defining Violent Offenses in Broward County

The Florida State Department of Law Enforcement reported 7,550 violent crime arrests in Broward County in 2016 alone. Broward County harshly prosecutes battery, sexual assault, domestic violence, and other violent crimes. Those confronting a fierce criminal charge could face years in the prison, even for a first-time umbrage.

A Broward County criminal lawyer knows in some cases, these arrests may have been the result of victims trying to defend themselves. In the inflame of the moment, the patrol sometimes catch people acting in self-defense along with their attacker. Regardless of the specific circumstances, the individual could call a criminal defensive structure lawyer who could represent them and advocate for their side of the history in court.

Record Sealing and Expungement Options

person who already has a criminal record may be able to pursue a criminal expungement. A records expungement removes qualifying arrests and other records from a person ’ s criminal history as if it never happened .
In some cases, the motor hotel may seal a conviction commemorate rather than expunge the charge, which means it does not show in the public record. not everyone qualifies for expungement or seal of a record ; a restricted lawyer in Broward County could explain further .
If you are facing a condemnable accusation in Broward County and are concerned with how it might affect your life, contact a Broward County criminal lawyer to discuss your legal options and schedule a spare case evaluation .

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