Update Log (Pet Simulator X)

basically, things got cheaper and coins are easier to get. Let me know if it feels better ! I took a look at poise after some discussion and decided I needed to make some pretty big changes. specifically : just a heads up : this is a bantam update. I recently returned from vacation and needed to get an update out angstrom soon as possible, so I divided the content in two. This week, I plan to release another update, most likely on Sunday. Until then, we ‘re saving the best for last – therefore stay tune !

Pet Simulator X plushies have been announced, if you have n’t already seen them ! These will be available in a very limit quantity, and will go on sale very concisely ! The BIG Games Twitter feed will keep you up to date. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on these


Hell Island

  • A whole new island, brimming with chests after you complained that there weren’t enough the last time. So there you have it! Have fun 🙂

10 New Pets

  • There are several new pets, including a new Mythical pet! “There are also three new Exclusive Pets.”

Auto Hatch Pass

  • Want to AFK open eggs? Now you can! This took a lot more work than I anticipated but it’s a huge QOL boost, for sure. Let me know if you want anything else added to this!

lucky die

  • Highly requested! Purchasing this pass will give you a permanent Lucky boost – about half as good as the Super Lucky boost. This stacks of course.

New Rank

  • Added a new & extremely hard to obtain rank. Rewards are very plentiful if you are able to achieve it! Can you guess what it is?


Dupe Patch

Let ‘s talk about this for a irregular. While I was on vacation a match things happened :

  1. Despite my best efforts, the duping situation (especially mythical pets) became very severe
  2. An exploit allowed players to essentially create some of the best pets in the game out of thin air. I didn’t have internet for a couple days so I couldn’t fix it. That sucked.

here ‘s what I did about it :

  1. Totally revamped the trading code from the ground up
  2. Switched over to Datastore v2. This should alleviate (or totally fix) the de-sync that caused duping in the first place
  3. Tracked and banned top players that were using these exploit(s) before they were patched
  4. Reverted most duped diamonds
  5. Banned most dupe stash accounts
  6. Setup better systems to monitor suspicious activity

If all goes well, duping should be patched. For good. I ‘ll be closely monitoring the situation. This has taken up the majority of my meter for the past 3 weeks so hopefully I can relax a morsel .

Auto Delete Indicators

  • Lots of people were complaining their pets were just ‘vanishing’ after last update… so I added some pretty obvious indicators if you have Auto Delete enabled. Let me know if this helps!


  • Disabled MagicText which probably freed up a lot of performance. Oops
  • Fixed scrolling on the teleport menu
  • Fixed the Super Equip breaking the inventory
  • Patched a bug that caused the active boosts menu to lag the game
  • I made the area next to the glacier super expensive because I didn’t want anyone to purchase it… yeah… nice. It’s now impossible to purchase. Look what you made me do
  • Teleport shop button hover image is repaired
  • Fixed server notifications not working
  • Made some errors go away by asking very nicely

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