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Returns and exchange details


1. Regarding Items Damaged in Transit or Problems with Customs

We ship out thousands of items to over 50 countries every year. Very rarely are there problems with any of our packages – but particularly since Covid, there are occasionally some issues.

however – if Standard Shipping is chosen and indemnity is not purchased on a software to cover the measure – please understand that that is the choice of the Buyer, and not the province of the workshop in the event of any problems. It is the Buyer ‘s province. Choose a premium degree of Shipping ( Domestic – Priority EXPRESS ships by UPS ; International – Priority EXPRESS ships by DHL ) if you want to minimize your risk – choose for a premium level of ship and buy insurance on your software.

besides – when shipping internationally, it is the province of the Customer should there be any problems with Customs. We are glad to help and lend a hand where possible, but ultimately the province of the cargo and its contents belong to the Customer. Remember – there are fewer hiccups when you select Priority Express, as that ships by DHL.

**Please besides double check that your ship is right. Packages are shipped to the address provided at checkout, and should it turn out to be an wrong addresses that we are provided, that is the duty of the Buyer.

Please get in allude with us ASAP to correct any falsely provided information.

2. Regarding Returns or Refunds

The rare, premium, and alone goods found in this patronize were n’t “ Made in China ” stopping point week. These are not commodity goods, nor are they cheap to procure and produce. There is a frightful amount of time, feat, and expense that goes into finding and sourcing the best quality materials the populace has to offer, and that goes in to making our products. The plain measure of TIME it takes to do this employment, the Financial Risks we take in doing it, and the Losses incurred along the way is frightful.

SAMPLE SIZES are available for closely every number. PLEASE sample an item first before purchasing a larger size / quantity if you are not certain you will like it. I imagine you would n’t want to purchase a bottle that was previously in the hands of and used by another customer, or a piece of woodwind or infuriate person has broken up into pieces – and as such we ca n’t resell returned goods, nor do we accept returns for this reason.

Scent is besides a highly immanent and very personal. We do our best to accurately describe the materials and items sold in this workshop. Please understand we can not guarantee everything to be to everyone ‘s personal tastes. Again – sample distribution beginning if you feel uncertain about an token.

As you can see – there is a kind of considerable expenses that go into the make and procure of our products.

Therefore – this is not the kind of operation that can absorb the extra cost of accepting returns.

Please sample first. All Sales are Final.

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