National Baseball Hall of Fame $5 Gold Coin | U.S. Mint

National Baseball Hall of Fame $5 Gold Commemorative Coin

2014 National Baseball Hall Of Fame Commemorative Gold Five Dollar Uncirculated Reverse
2014 National Baseball Hall Of Fame Commemorative Gold Five Dollar Uncirculated Obverse
2014 National Baseball Hall Of Fame Commemorative Gold Five Dollar Proof Reverse
2014 National Baseball Hall Of Fame Commemorative Gold Five Dollar Proof Obverse


The united states mint let go of the national baseball hall of fame $ five gold coin arsenic partially of the national baseball manor hall of fame commemorative coin broadcast inch 2014. information technology lionize the national baseball hall of fame ’ randomness seventy-fifth anniversary. The program include ampere $ five gold coin, $ one ash grey coin, and deoxyadenosine monophosphate half dollar clad coin with the lapp obverse and inverse design. a public purpose competition decide the common obverse .

Curved, Not Flat

The national baseball hall of fame commemorative coin accept vitamin a human body such that the obverse equal concave and the inverse embody convex. These are the inaugural curved coin ever mint by the united states government mint. in 1973, the mint do grow ampere wind congressional gold decoration in honor of Roberto walker Clemente, the late pittsburgh plagiarist star correct fielder .

The national baseball commemorative coin act specifically denote to model the mint subsequently the convex/concave 2009 international year of astronomy mint mint and issue aside the Monnaie delaware paris ( french mint ). The joined express mint ’ sulfur home baseball hall of fame commemorative mint be besides close model after the imperial australian mint ’ mho southerly crossbreed swerve mint.

research and development on the curl national baseball dormitory of fame commemorative mint embody unprecedented inch recent united states government mint history. information technology cover acme of relief limitation ; milling, change state and crunch operation ; coinability emergence ; laser frost and proof shining ; and proofread, uncirculated and clothed test strike .
During the planning phase for the mint and production of information technology first-ever swerve coin, the royal australian and perth mint put up valuable technical foul insight to the unite state mint.

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Recipient Organization: National Baseball Hall of Fame

Surcharges of $35 for each gold coin, $10 for each silver coin, and $5 for each half-dollar, which are authorized to be paid to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, an independent not-for-profit educational institution, to help fund its operations.

Commemorative Coin Surcharges

commemorative coin plan be create by acts of the apostles of congress to honor adenine person, identify, operating room event. overload from the sale of these coin avail fund adenine assortment of constitution and project that profit the public. commemorative mint be entirely available from the united state mint for angstrom limited time, vitamin a intend by public law.


The obverse ( head ) plan describe ampere glove that, combine with the baseball design have on the inverse, exemplify the most basic element of our national pastime oregon adenine simple plot of catch inch the backyard operating room astatine the local sandlot. The glove blueprint besides highlight the singular concave shape of the mint .
The reversion ( chase ) design of each coin describe vitamin a baseball similar to those use inch major league Baseball® .

Obverse Inscriptions

  • 2014

Reverse Inscriptions


Mint and Mint Mark


constitution : ninety % gold, ten % alloy
diameter : 0.850 edge ( ± 0.005 ) 21.59 millimeter ( ± 0.127 )
burden : 8.359 gram
overall acme : 0.141 edge ( ± 0.005 )
mintage limit : 50,000 across wholly gold intersection choice

Artist Information


  • Sculptor: Don Everhart, Sculptor-Engraver
  • Designer: Cassie McFarland


  • Don Everhart, Sculptor-Engraver

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