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“Highly Satisfied”

Everything was perfect. Jessica arrived on time, the kids loved her and I felt comfortable leaving them in her care. I loved that they send a photo and a bio of the caregiver prior to arriving. We were highly satisfied and would definitely use this company again in the future.

“Baby Whisperer”

Thank you Sitterwise for arranging Delma to watch our daughter this past week. She was fantastic with our 11 calendar month old and they got along wonderfully from the moment Delma arrived ! I was skittish about our daughter being able to go to sleep without me to put her to bed but I did n’t need to worry about a matter ! Delma followed our routine and our daughter fell asleep quickly at her normal bedtime each night we were forbidden. I recommend Delma as a health professional for anyone looking for peace of thinker while away from home. Thank you !
Laura M .

“Dynamite Secret” 

Caprice was fantastic. She cared for our child while we attended a marriage and reception. She brought toys – and made our child feel comfortable correct aside. Caprice texted me frequently with updates including sweet videos of their walk/adventure on the hotel grounds. Caprice was super elastic with our return time. Gentle and kind nature. golden us. She besides taught me a dynamite confidential. She created a small, cosy rest nest of pillows and stuffed animals for our child on the large king sized bed in the hotel room. fantastic service. Thank you .


Cori was outstanding. Our 18 calendar month was nauseated enough that he ‘d been to pressing care that dawn, but she was imperturbable. She arrived, as promised, with a bunch of playfulness toys — the stuff cad and truck were big hits. And, even though I think it was n’t the easiest of evenings for either of them, we were able to attend the wedding of our closest friends convinced that our son was in good hands .

“Such a blessing to us!”

But we could n’t of been happy. Caprice just clicked with Chloe. She immediately started playing with Chloe and very took the time to get to know her routines and what all she needed while we were gone. Chloe just loved her and did n’t cry one bit while I was away. Caprice took her for walk and evening had her asleep when we got spinal column. We were thus please with Caprice the foremost night we asked for her a second night !

“Kind and very experienced” 

We stayed at the Grand Del Mar over President ‘s week and Caprice came one night to babysit. I equitable wanted to say how adorable she was. She was very kind, intelligibly very know, and a pleasure to work with .

“No Problem At All”

My daughters had a fantastic time in San Diego. Miss Linda had them out of the hotel every sidereal day exploring the city and going float. She besides brought playfulness crafts and activities for them to do at the hotel. It all turned our perfectly : I got my work done knowing that my daughters were being well cared for and they had a fun vacation in a fantastic city. Thank you ! ! !

“A suitcase and a lot of energy!”

This was the first time that I have left my children with anyone other then family and she was fabulous. Our children loved Maureen ! ! ! She showed up with a bag and a lot of energy. I can ’ triiodothyronine complement her enough on what a fantastic speculate she did and we are indeed grateful for her services. So we equitable wanted to say thank you to you and your party for services. And Maureen for helping making our trip so much better ! !

“Emily was FANTASTIC!”

I equitable wanted to let you know that Emily was FANTASTIC ! Dempsey had so a lot fun with her and was asking about her even when we got back home to Dallas. Thanks sol much for all of your aid setting us up with her !

“Twin Specialist”

just wanted to thank you again for sending Kathy to watch our twins during our recent weekend in San Diego. We loved her, and our boys clearly did excessively ! Having her two days in a rowing helped all of us relax knowing they were in her able hands .

“Karen is Outta Sight!”

Karen babysat our baby at La Valencia. Karen is outta spy ! ! She brought all the right miniature ! ! Wow loaded for bear and baby Kelly Was identical happy ! ! All the love and gratitude to Karen for two days of sitting helped us be able to Get out for 4 hours the first day and 7 hours for the marriage moment day. We felt comfortable and at peace knowing our Baby was in good hands. We felt the hope ! God bless Karen !

Babysitting at the Sheraton San Diego

We had the pleasure of having Caprice from Sitterwise watch our two-year-old daughter, Olivia, on August 2. Caprice was fantastic ! She was very love, receptive, and bonded with Olivia within seconds. My husband and I were very unbosom and were able to enjoy our evening out without worrying about our girl .

We spent four nights in San Diego for a seminar and we brought our nine-year-old, super-energetic daughter with us. We found Sitterwise on-line and after reading about a new charwoman named Abigail L we decided to book her for the three days. We are extremely glad that we did, as our daughter had the best time with Abigail. They played for hours in the hotel pool, and Abigail kept up with our daughter ‘s high energy throughout the day .

Babysitting at the Omni La Costa Resort

We had Nancy M as our daughters ‘ sitter survive workweek while we were staying at the La Costa haunt. I was indeed impress with her experience and the way she bonded with our two daughters, who are about 2 and 4. We felt very golden to have her and it was highly reassuring to have person so experience and gentle-natured taking concern of our daughters. Nancy came very prepare and very took an campaign in entertaining our children. Your agency is identical lucky to have such a fantastic charwoman representing your brand and reputation .

Thank you for sending us Melinda ! She was indeed fresh and fantastic. The kids loved her and so did the parents !

Loved Kathy ! She was a fantastic nanny to my two crazy boys ! Will most decidedly be recommending your firm to others traveling to Cali based on two phenomenal experiences ! !

We used Sitterwise on NYE of this year for a friends wedding at the Omni. It was flawless ! The book process was very easily. Amy was very responsive and the rate was better than any other agency I found. We have a two year old and a newborn, so they recommended Donna. Donna was amazing. She showed up on time and brought her own plaything and books. She texted us throughout the night to let us know how the kids were doing which was very reassure .

Rancho Santa Fe Babysitters

Your artist’s model Rachel A was amazing. Thank you. We would like to request her every prison term if possible. She was delightful, engage, and talented. Thanks J. ( The Bridges at Rancho Santa Fe )

Babysitting at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort

good wanted to let you know that we loved India and will look forth to using her in the future. Thanks !

Childcare at the Manchester Grand Hyatt

Kimberly M was capital. She took caution of our toddler son at the hotel ; showed up on time, kept him busy with toys and even texted us once ( not excessively a lot ! ) during the evening to let us know he ‘d gone to bed and was doing well. Very nice .

good wanted to say Liz was big today. Boys had fun and she was well liked right from the start. Thanks again for the peace of heed while working .

Childcare for Vacation Rentals

I just wanted to say thank you then a lot ! We were put at relief when Chelsie came, so much so we booked her the next even. While she did n’t have to interact with the kids because they were already in bed, I immediately felt comfortable that if Wesley were to wake up he would have been in dependable hands. We were traveling with another couple who have a daughter ( close friends of ours ) & it meant indeed much that we were able to feel then comfortable to get out for a few hours .

Hotel del Coronado Babysitter

Melinda was very kind, and fix to play with my girlfriend ! She filled me in on all the details of the night when I returned. I had never done anything like this earlier but this was an excellent experience for me and for my daughters. Thank you for a job well done !

Hi, I fair wanted to give feedback for Caprice : we had her watch our two kids for two nights in a course at Hotel del Coronado. She was fantastic, care, and very thorough. She kept us at ease by sending text and video updates. absolutely a five star .

I good wanted to let you know that I am highly please with Paulina. She is a fabulous nanny and great with kids. Thank you. !

Dog Sitting at Loews Coronado Bay Resort

I stayed at the Loews Coronado, and the concierge referred me to your avail .
I was paired with a fantastic health professional name Dina D, from the moment I met her I felt very comfortable with Dina. But most importantly, Bonita immediately took to Dina ‘s affectionateness and good nature. I was then pleased, which allowed me to concentrate on my occupation meetings .

Downtown San Diego Babysitting

“ Kimberly was AWESOME ! Kids had a gust ! Thank you. ” – house physician of East Village, San Diego

La Jolla Babysitting

good to let you know that Caitlin did an outstanding jobs babysitting for us during our San Diego trip. You have a terrific health professional !

Thank you indeed much for Teri S ! She did a great job with our girls these past 2 days. Thank you ! Made us both working indeed much easier !

Babysitting at Paradise Point Resort San Diego

Paulina was fantastic ! We could not be happier with the service she provided while we were in San Diego. Our sons were felicitous and well-rested after their time with her ( which is saying a lot for a three-year-old on vacation ). When my meetings got done early on one day, my older son insisted that he hush get to build a sandpaper palace with Miss Paulina as they had planned .

Babysitting at the Fairmont Grand Del Mar San Diego

precisely thought I ‘d let you know that the brood hen, Ashley, from the overhaul you sign with, might have been the best sitter my kids have EVER had. Well done !

Kathy was amazing ! We are most appreciative of the great care Kathy provided us, she is simply the best ! We thank you for your great service, and look ahead to using your services again soon & will highly recommend to others. Thank you !

Andaz Hotel Babysitting

I wanted to quickly send this electronic mail with my gratitude towards Brittany. My wife and I were doubting hiring an outside nanny, but our experience with Brittany was ideal and we are therefore grateful it went well. Thank you for your trust services .

Coronado Babysitting

My son who does not warm very easily, warmed identical cursorily to Stacy and LOVED the aim located ( ampere well as all the early toy dog ) that she brought. My daughter who is going through a potent fastening period with me, was playing and laughing with Stacy equally well. Both kids did n’t seem to care when we left both nights. When we returned both nights we heard my son recount the games he played with Stacy and the fun he had with the dally she brought .

Childcare at the Rancho Bernardo Inn

fair wanted to let you know Caprice was amazing ! ! ! Thank you thus much .
Shira S, guest at the Rancho Bernardo Inn

I fair wanted to tell you how please we were with both Donna and Caprice. They were both excellent ! Matt and I felt so comfortable leaving emmy with them and appreciated their updates throughout the even .

Marriott Marquis Babysitting San Diego

Melinda did a FANTASTIC job. So professional and nice. Arianna had then much fun besides ! !

San Diego Hotel Pet Sitting

Caprice watched our fur-babies while we went to the Padres game. Caprice was fantastic. Our immediate impression was one of calm air, aristocratic, capability. I felt she took the job of looking after our dogs equally badly as the ‘real ‘ children she cares for. Fantastic service, professional party. Wish there was a Sitterwise in every city we travel to !

L’Auberge Del Mar Babysitters

academy award had a superb time with Ann ! Ann followed his regular night clock routine and Oscar went to sleep without a hitch ! Ann was then big in asking all the right questions to make certain that Oscar would not have any problems. As we left for the even ( on both nights ), Oscar happily looked at us and continued playing. We knew immediately that Oscar would be in bang-up hands !

Hilton San Diego Bayfront Babysitting

I want to send along the thanks for Hayley ‘s work for us. She had an incredible disposition for caring for Jeffery. This was our first prison term on vacation with him and he never had an issue with a babysitter before, but being in a hotel seemed to truly scare him when we leave and she did an amazing job calming him down and being prepared to entertain him. She did a in truth, very bang-up job. – five hundred .

San Diego Military Kids Events

I want to thank you for all you and your staff have done for us these end three years. without all of you, our retreats would not have been successful. It has sincerely been a pleasure working with you. I look ahead to continuing our partnership in concert in providing World Class retreat for our Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen .

Wedding Babysitting San Diego

Jennifer worked out very well. Chase, specially, loved her. I did n’t get the details of the childcare, but I know the quality was identical good. Thanks thus much .

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