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“ Called Quality Time, and after a brief description of the problem over the telephone, Rocky scheduled a two hour time window on a date a few days belated. Rocky arrived within about the beginning 15 minutes of that meter windowpane. Rocky carefully evaluated the clock for about 20-30 minutes and could see that

there were some bushings and gears that would need replacing due to age/wear. To be sure, he recommended a complete overhaul of the movement, which would include the replacement of any worn parts, and a thorough sonic cleaning and testing. This overhaul was a flat price, and included his 2 year guarantee. We agreed that was the best route. He removed the clock’s movement, weights and pendulum to take to his shop for the work. Rocky estimated the work to take approximately 4 weeks to complete. No deposit needed, only payment once the work was completed. A few days after the 4 week mark, had not heard anything, so called Rocky for an update on the repair. He returned my call the next day. He advised that there was a part that had been on backorder, and that delayed the work a while. However the part had come in, and he was working on the clock. He estimated another week to 10 days for it to be completed. After another two weeks, I called again to get an update. Rocky advised that the work on the clock was done, and was in the process of adjusting the timing. We set a date a few days later for him to return with the clock. As before, he was very punctual, arriving very early within the two hour window we had planned. Rocky reassembled the movement, weights, and pendulum back into the case. He was then very thorough in making sure the clock was functioning properly once assembled, making other adjustments as needed once back in the case. It was very clear to me that Rocky takes pride in the work he does. After about an hour, he had the clock reassembled and operating to his satisfaction. Rocky was very helpful and answered any questions that I had about the care and use of the clock. The cost of the service was expensive, but then again it was an overhaul. My repair ended up including replacement of a worn gear as well as 12 bushings. Looking over the clock, it was very apparent that there was a very thorough cleaning of the movement done, and of course fresh lubricant where needed. His work also includes his 2 year guarantee, and is noted on the receipt. The clock has been running perfectly now for a couple of weeks, aside from just a couple of minor adjustments made for timing accuracy. I would recommend Rocky at Quality Time for anyone needing clock repair. He cares about his work, the care and handling of your clock, and takes pride in the service he provides. I plan on using Quality Time’s services in the future for regular maintenance of my clocks. My only negative comment would be that it seemed that I had to initiate the follow-up on the status of the repair twice. I think once a part was found to be on backorder, a simple call to the customer to let them know that there may be a delay in the original time estimate would go a long way.

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