Vietnam Agarwood bracelet ( double Super Graded ) 1/2 is backordered and will ship american samoa soon as it is back in stock .

Vietnam Agarwood Bracelet Promises/Guarantees;

  • 100% HandcraftedAgarwood Bracelet
  • 100%Blessed By A Monk
  • 100%

    Natural GrownWood 

  • 100% Made FromHIGH Type of Vietnam Agarwood ( DOUBLE SUPERGRADE)
  • No Artificial Fragrance
  • No Coloring
  • No Injection Oil
  • No Cultivation Tree and No Other Additives
  • No Press Wood
  • No Crocodile/Buaya or Aetoxylon Spp Agarwood.

notice : All Super High-Quality Agarwood Looks Extremely Similar .

Our Vietnam Agarwood Bracelet Characteristics

Vietnam Agarwood fabric : Gyrinops

Vietnam Agarwood stipulate : New Condition

Best New Vietnam Agarwood bracelet Vietnam Agarwood aroma : It ‘s highly fragrant, Very Sweet, and Soft Smell

Vietnam Agarwood bracelet smell Vietnam Agarwood origin : Quang Binh, Vietnam


Why Is Vietnam Agarwood Bracelets Expensive?

Agarwood is very expensive in 2010 prices of Vietnam agarwood ranged up to $ 100,000/kg. This is due to the fact that most agarwood trees are going extinct and are n’t being infected with a fungus. The reason Vietnam agarwood costs so much is besides due to the fact that it has to have Phialophora epenthetic ( Fungus ). it highly rare for a tree to be infected with it and in some areas impossible to find this type of fungus. however, we provide this type of watchband and are always running gloomy on stock certificate .

Vietnam Agarwood bracelet tree

Vietnam Agarwood Bracelets & its history

Vietnam Agarwood

Vietnam Agarwood is the common name for pitchy wood that forms in the ancient Aquilaria and some Gyrinops species of trees that grow in the hearts of the dense forests of South East Asia. The wood of the tree produces this dark aromatic resin, which is very exchangeable to wood but not precisely wood. This agarwood is a part of its natural defense mechanism when the tree is infected .

Agarwood Forrest It is said that the share of old Aquilaria and Gyrinops species is less than 1 % from the overall part of trees in the populace, and in that 1 % for every ten trees, only one will have its heartwood well infected to make this Vietnam agarwood .

Vietnam Agarwood Bracelet In about every ancient bible of the Sanskrit, Torah, Gospel, and the Muslim scriptures, there is a citation to the Vietnam agarwood and its value and profit .

Vietnam Agarwood Islam The Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him ) held the tradition of fumigation with agarwood, which continues in the Muslim world up to this day .

Quran mentions Vietnam Agarwood bracelet Sufis, in Islam, used and burned agarwood in meditation and course session ; this is known as “ dhikr ” to purify the person and strengthen the will and inner light .

Vietnam Agarwood Chips used for bracelet The Song of Songs describes King Solomon ( peace be upon him ) as “ coming up from the defect like a column of smoke, perfumed with myrrh and cense ” and there are numerous references throughout this book of the Old Testament to “ every kind of cense tree ”, which popular impression denotes to agarwood .

Vietnam Agarwood Bracelet Worn By Kings The Bible mentioned several citations of Oud, including a text in which Jesus ( peace be upon him ) is said to have been perfumed with Vietnam agarwood .

Vietnam Agarwood Used in Christianity The emperors and the extremely affluent ancient Chinese used to make their coffins out of this Vietnam agarwood .

Agarwood bracelet for kings The most cute Buddhist string of beads is made of agarwood .

Agarwood bracelet string A celebrated Buddhist story tells of a Buddhist monk sacrificing his prayer rosary in which he grinds one of his Vietnam agarwood beads into powder whenever he met the sick to cure them with it, which resulted in even the badly laid low person getting well .

Monk Agarwood bracelet Some stories of the extreme habits of the luxury of King Louis XIV of France said that he had the exercise of washing some of his clothes in the agarwood oil .

Vietnam Agarwood Chips In the japanese culture and the japanese art of KODO, agarwood is considered by far the best and the most precious and is believed to bring big fortune and prosperity to the person .

Agarwood bracelets in Japan In the chinese tradition of Feng-shui, the artwork and discipline of energy stream in the place and space, and the Vietnam agarwood has been associated with producing capital luck and positivist energy wherever placed .

Vietnam Agarwood Used in Chinese Culture This Buddhist Vietnam watchband is 100 % natural Vietnam agarwood, handmade by a maestro artist, individually blessed by a Buddhist monk .

We not only source our forest directly and ethically ; we make surely that we NEVER source or use woodwind from endangered forests or unethical sources .

Vietnam Agarwood Bracelet trees This is a lifelike Vietnam agarwood watchband with the ability of the smell to distill your thoughts. They help you get into a good and perfect express of mind. You can find a set of happiness, and, easily avoid suffering from your problem .
Vietnam Agarwood Bracelet Chips

The Difference Between Fake & Real Vietnam Agarwood Bracelets

It ’ s not easily to tell whether a Vietnam agarwood watchband is real or fake, particularly if you are newly to it .

Vietnam agarwood bracelet steps beginning, Fake Vietnam agarwood doesn ’ metric ton have a smell , and if it does have a olfactory property, it ’ s a very weak smell that ’ s identical detectable. A real number Vietnam agarwood watchband has a nice smell, the smell is of the wood. A fudge agarwood bracelet can besides have a smell, however, the smell doesn ’ t spirit good at all. Old Agarwood like ours tends to have a stronger smell. A very agarwood bracelet has the smell within. This means if you cut it in half you will silent be able to smell the wood .

Vietnam agarwood bracelet step 2 second, real Vietnam agarwood has different types of colors. ( typically, 2-3 ) Fake agarwood is one solid color. It ‘s upstanding because fake agarwood gets injected with oils. By one color normally, Vietnam Agarwood bracelets have a slurred black oil coating on them that is super easy to tell. however, agarwood bracelets that are older can have no colors. sol, choosing what ‘s real and not is n’t the easiest step .

Vietnam Agarwood bracelet tree

Interesting Facts About Vietnam Agarwood Bracelets
  • There are 26 species of agarwood across 15 countries. 
  • Agarwood is more precious than gold.
  • Fake agarwood is more popular than ever.
  • Vietnam Agarwood is mentioned in the Bible.
  • Vietnam Agarwood is mentioned in the Quran.
  • Vietnam Agarwood was used worldwide. 
  • Vietnam Agarwood is on verge of extinction.
  • Vietnam Agarwood Is one of the best types of Agarwood

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