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History, Information, and Value of 1910 Indian Quarter Eagle Gold

Value of 1910 Indian Head Quarter Eagle

The 1910 quarter eagle is broadly well hit, though traces of weakness may be visible at the cardinal obverse on some examples. Die fatigue duty in the human body of swelling may besides be present at the circumference. The luster is typically fine-looking and overall frosty, with areas of satiny texture normally on the reverse. This issue most much displays medium to deep yellow-gold hues, with richer amber less common. While many pieces exist with bag marks and coat blemishes, the general eye appeal seen for the year is well. Collectors should be patient and search for choice and attractive coins at a given grade flush or price point .
Examples of this publish can be well located in all grades up through MS-63, with MS-64 coins remaining only slightly scarcer. Populations cursorily dwindle above that point, as coins grading MS-65 are identical scarce and anything fine is extremely rare. Coins grading MS-66 quality for the condition census, and pieces above MS-66+ are about nonexistent .
Proofs: Despite its unpopularity with contemporary collectors, the Philadelphia Mint persisted with the Satin Finish introduced the previous class in production of the Proof 1910 quarter eagle. official records indicate a coinage of 682 pieces, army for the liberation of rwanda and away the highest in the entire twentieth century Proof gold serial. This mintage number conceals the curio of the Proof 1910 in today ’ south market, so much so that some numismatic scholars question its robustness and suspect that it may be a dim-witted bookkeeping mistake. alternatively, the Mint could have struck 682 Proof quarter eagles in 1910, alone to melt the huge majority as unsold at year ’ mho end. In either case, based on the count of coins extant, we believe that no more than 200 examples of this date were actually distributed to contemporary collectors. With fewer than 125 examples accounted for in numismatic circles, the 1910 is rarer than both the first year 1908 and the 1911 Proof indian Head quarter eagles.

The text on the indian Head Quarter Eagle reads as follows. obverse : shore leave ; Date ; B.L.P. | inverse : connect STATES OF AMERICA ; E PLURIBUS UNUM ; 2 1/2 DOLLARS ; IN GOD WE TRUST
If the textbook on your coin is not reproducible with the text above, you either have a forge, or you have a eloquent round with gold tone. Silver rounds were introduced recently that bear this same design. With gold toning covering them, it could be easy to confuse your mint for a gold mint. Please count for the parole “ Copy, ” “ 0.999 Fine, ” or “ Silver, ” before asking our experts what the value of your amber coin is. If you need help determining the condition of your mint, we are rare coin experts and would love to help .

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