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The American Gold Eagle mint from the United States Mint is available in bullion, proof, and burnished versions in the modern era. These beautiful coins featuring iconic american images come in four different weights, from 1 oz to 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz. today, the 1995 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin is available to you from JM Bullion. Coin Highlights:

  • Arrives in a protective flip.
  • 10th coin in the American Gold Eagle series!
  • Limited mintage of only 200,636 coins!
  • Contains 1 Troy oz of actual gold content in BU condition.
  • Face value of $50 (USD) is fully backed by the US government.
  • Obverse includes the Liberty design from Saint-Gaudens.
  • Reverse bears the depiction of an American bald eagle family.

When the United States Mint released the American Gold Eagle coin, it broke with more than 150 years of custom. In 1832, the US Mint moved away from the pennant gold alloy capacity in its gold neologism, with the wide move to .900 gold content completed by 1837. The United States stuck to the .900 gold message for more than a hundred and a one-half. amber neologism in circulation ended in 1933 in the US, as the government of President Franklin Roosevelt ended the gold standard, and then collected all gold coins to melt down and bolster the nation ’ s gold reserves.

Each of the 1995 1 oz American Gold Eagle coins in this collection is in BU condition. Coins in BU condition appearance no signs of wear and tear, though you may notice a stove of child flaws including breaks in the luster, spotted surfaces, or contact marks from striking during the production summons.

On the obverse of all American Gold Eagle coins is the effigy of Liberty. Created in 1907 by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the purpose depicted Liberty as she walked confidently forward from the nation ’ s capital of Washington DC.

The reverse of the 1995 1 oz American Gold Eagle Coin includes a depicting of the bald eagle. Miley Busiek ’ randomness word picture of the eagle syndicate includes the double of a male flying over the nest while a female eagle watches over the young hatchlings in the nest. In the 1995 1 oz American Gold Eagle turn, mintage fell from a short-time hike in 1994. The demand for coins would shrink again the trace year to its lowest floor ever. The entirely weight in the American Gold Eagle solicitation to increase in coinage in 1995 was the 1/10 oz. Please aim your questions on the American Gold Eagle to JM Bullion customer serve. Our associates are available on the call at 800-276-6508, on the web using our live new world chat feature, and via our e-mail address .

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