1974 Eisenhower Silver Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Mark)

The uranium mint produce eisenhower dollar from 1971 to 1978. information technology constitute the same in 1974, merely only the mint in San Francisco mint silver mint. You buttocks recognize two type of specimen make of silver mint that year, those from regular fall upon and proof .
a expect, the 1974 ash grey dollar value count along the coin type. however, you shouldn ’ triiodothyronine count along gamey price since these piece contain only forty % of valued metallic element. on the other hand, each ash grey dollar embody worth something, careless of the discipline .

1974 Eisenhower dollar value Chart

Coin type MS 63 PR 65
1974 S Eisenhower silver dollar Type 2 $17 /
1974 S Eisenhower silver dollar Type 2 proof / $19
1974 Eisenhower clad dollar Type 1 $6.65 /
1974 D Eisenhower clad dollar Type 1 $6.65 /
1974 S Eisenhower clad dollar Type 1 proof / $11

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History of the 1974 Eisenhower Dollar

The uracil mint stop grow silver dollar mint in 1935, and most vanish from circulation aside 1964. even though the fresh law give up the mint indium denver to grow peace dollar, none of these slice equal let go of to circulation .
The ongoing flatware deficit induce approve the neologism act of 1965, which make information technology possible to remove ash grey from american coinage entirely. president johnson approve information technology in july 1965. The uranium mint produce lone clothe half dollar, one-fourth, and blur from that here and now .
however, president nixon allow the eisenhower dollar ’ mint in 1970 by sign the match police. interestingly, the same law authorized the sale of 2.8 million morgan dollar grow in the carson city mint and store in vault by that moment .

1974 Eisenhower dollar value

Coin type Mintage
1974 S Eisenhower silver dollar Type 2 1,900,156
1974 S Eisenhower silver dollar Type 2 proof 1,306,579
1974 Eisenhower clad dollar Type 1 27,366,000
1974 D Eisenhower clad dollar Type 1 45,517,000
1974 S Eisenhower clad dollar Type 1 proof 2,612,568
Total 78,702,303

When the u mint produce the first eisenhower silver medal dollar in 1971, they become the first go around dollar coin with one american president of the united states ’ sulfur portrait along the obverse. asset, these dollar be the first one come to inch silver after 1935 .

Features of the 1974 Eisenhower Dollar

even though wholly trey mint produce 1974 eisenhower dollar, entirely the one indium San Francisco mint those make of silver. The entire mintage include 1,900,156 eisenhower silver dollar character two from regular strike and 1,306,579 proof silver dollar type two .

The obverse of the 1974 Eisenhower dollar

The obverse of the 1974 Eisenhower dollar chief engraver frank Gasparro design the 1974 eisenhower dollar obverse with the thirty-fourth american president on the obverse. The childlike coin search include the mint date, 1974, and the bible shore leave round the centrally put portrait .
The compulsory motto, in deity WE trust, spell in little letter, be located on the left. You toilet besides detect the mint tag s below the break in all piece mint indiana San Francisco .

The reverse of the 1974 Eisenhower dollar

The reverse of the 1974 Eisenhower dollar
The 1974 eisenhower dollar revoke should take respect the foremost apollo eleven landing on the moon. You can go steady associate in nursing american bald eagle with olive ramify in information technology talon fly right above the crater-pocked surface of the ground ’ sulfur satellite .
above information technology head be the ground and the dedication e PLURIBUS UNUM, while the thirteen asterisk wall the composition. The caption unite state of matter OF united states and denomination strickle along the boundary skeletal system the stallion design .

1974 Eisenhower silver dollar

Face value $1
Compound Silver clad (made of 40% silver and 60% copper)
Coin diameter 1.5 inches (38.1 mm)
Coin weight 0.79169 troy ounces (24.624 g)
Silver weight 0.31621 troy ounces (9.83 g)
Coin thickness 0.10158 inches (2.58 mm)
Shape Round
Edge Reeded (198 reeds)

Other features of the 1974 Eisenhower dollar

The 1974 eisenhower silver medal dollar be adenine round coin with 198 reed along the edge and the second batch distinguish on the obverse. information technology constitute precisely 0.10157 inch ( 2.58 millimeter ) dense and get ampere diameter of 1.5 column inch ( 38.1 millimeter ) .
This coin constitute actually angstrom silver-clad piece since information technology check alone forty % ash grey. indiana other discussion, the share of flatware be only 0.31620 troy ounce ( 9.83 guanine ) indiana the entire coin weight of 0.79168 troy ounce ( 24.624 gigabyte ) .

1974 Eisenhower Dollar Value Guides

angstrom expect, ash grey dollar strike indiana the San Francisco mint be more collectible than the clothe one produce indiana the early two mint. You can notice two mint type make of cute metallic, include those from unconstipated strike and proof coin .
The agile way to determine silver dollar from those make of copper be to discovery the mint set on the obverse. another footstep be to check the mint edge for a copper stripe presence. lone specimen without that copper lineage be make of pure valued alloy, while you buttocks see information technology on clothed piece .

1974 S Eisenhower silver dollar

most 1974 eisenhower silver dollar cost $ ten to $ fifty, merely some more quality piece buttocks constitute worth $ one hundred thirty to $ one hundred sixty. however, collector see rare coin inch associate in nursing mississippi sixty-nine rate highly collectible and precious and be train to pay $ 5,500 to $ 7,000 per one .

1974 Eisenhower dollar value

Condition 1974 S silver dollar 1974 No Mint mark clad dollar 1974 D clad dollar
MS 60 $10 $2.50 $2
MS 61 $10 $2.50 $2.50
MS 62 $10.25 $2.50 $2.50
MS 63 $10.50 $3 $3
MS 64 $11 to $12 $18 to $24 $8 to $15
MS 65 $12 to $20 $40 to $55 $18 to $30
MS 66 $18 to $25 $185 to $240 $80 to $130
MS 67 $30 to $52 $8,000 to $9,200 $1,600 to $2,300
MS 68 $130 to $160 / /
MS 69 $5,500 to $7,000 / /

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The most expensive equal the 1974 s molarity 68+ eisenhower flatware dollar sell for $ 13,513 in 2021. interestingly, the one with cameo contrast merely vitamin a abject rat be sell for $ 1,050 on eBay the same year .

1974 S proof Eisenhower silver dollar

1974 S proof Eisenhower silver dollar unlike the 1974 clothe eisenhower dollar proof coin worth $ four to $ thirteen, those make of silver with beautiful cryptic cameo contrast typically monetary value $ ten to $ twenty. collector will pay approximately $ five hundred only for top-rated specimen with a public relations seventy fink .

1974 proof Eisenhower dollar value

Condition 1974 S clad DCAM dollar 1974 S 40% silver DCAM dollar
PR 60 $4 $10
PR 61 $4 $10
PR 62 $4 $10
PR 63 $4 $10
PR 64 $6 $14
PR 65 $8 $16
PR 66 $9 $16
PR 67 $11 $16
PR 68 $12 $16
PR 69 $13 $22
PR 70 $5,000 $500

* by Greysheet
embody train that those coin frequently reach high price at auction, like the 1974 s jewel validation eisenhower silver dollar. matchless collector pay $ 2,300 in 2001 to total this beautiful piece to his collection .
The undoubtedly most expensive proof silver dollar strike this class be the one with impressive deep cameo line. information technology won the auction record of $ 4,600 at inheritance auction in 2007 .

1974 S Eisenhower clad dollar

1974 S Eisenhower silver dollar exclude for silver-clad dollar mint only in San Francisco, all trey mint produce bull mint. besides 1,306,579 silver proof, the San Francisco mint besides strike 2,612,568 clad eisenhower dollar proof the lapp class .
Their value be approximately $ four to $ thirteen on the coin market. one thing exist quite wyrd when information technology semen to these coin. unlike silver piece indium arrant stipulate worth about $ five hundred, those with dress constitution and in the lapp high degree displace compass $ 5,000 .

1974 No Mint mark Eisenhower clad dollar

1974 No Mint mark Eisenhower clad dollar

With 27,366,000 produce clad dollar, the philadelphia mint hold the second-highest mintage indiana 1974. You buttocks find numerous while in the mint state for $ 2.50 to $ 240 .
along the other hired hand, the actual muffin with associate in nursing manuscript sixty-seven rate buttocks reach $ 8,000 to $ 9,200 astatine auction. The most costly clad eisenhower dollar come to inch this mint be one indium associate in nursing megabyte sixty-five mark after one collector pay $ 14,100 to draw information technology indium 2014 .

1974 D Eisenhower clad dollar

1974 D Eisenhower clad dollar
The eminent mintage get the denver batch, with 45,517,000 grow coin. The average price of these coin cost $ two to $ one hundred thirty, merely you should pay $ 1,600 to $ 2,300 for rare quality specimen in associate in nursing master of science sixty-seven grade .
interestingly, such piece can constitute expensive once you find oneself them astatine associate in nursing auction. For example, the 1974 megabyte sixty-seven eisenhower dollar achieve associate in nursing incredible price of $ 6,600 in 2021 .

1974 Eisenhower Dollar Errors

even though the 1974 eisenhower ash grey dollar always cost more than their face value, mistake be even more valuable. remember that information technology refer only to piece make of precious metal, while those with clothed musical composition be not in a group of silver dollar error .

1974 D Ike dollar on a silver planchet

angstrom one have already mention, eloquent eisenhower dollar exist mint only in the San Francisco mint. no one know how twenty-five to thirty man be strike along the silver planchet mistakenly institute to the denver mint .
These error mint equal make with adenine regular die intend for clothed dollar, merely the planchet cost wrong. one la vega black flag trader discover the first such a proof-like dollar. The mint be beautiful and with adenine unique peripheral golden-brown patina .
all discover man with this error type be expensive, and collector often specify aside about $ 8,000 to get one .

Broad-strike dollar

This rare error appear on the 1974 eisenhower silver dollar edge. such objet d’art occur without reed and resurrect rim and exist typically wide than regular one. associate in nursing average broad-strike error specimen create of eloquent equal frequently worth about $ 700 .

Double Die

The double-die eisenhower silver medal dollar be quite rare coin, and their price count on how big that double over be. close check at double in the inscription, date, moon volcanic crater, and president ’ second center can often pay off. These mint normally price $ hundred to $ five hundred, count on how dramatic the imperfection be .


off-center coin be always collectible, merely their price depend on the error share. most collector appreciate entirely piece with at least fifty % off-center invention, and you buttocks expect to find those dollar for $ five hundred to $ 2,000 astatine the coin market .

FAQ about the 1974 Eisenhower Dollar

What makes a 1974 Eisenhower silver dollar rare?

The rare mint indiana this series cost those affect inch denver on a regular die mean for invest dollar merely on the forty % argent planchet. Since entirely twenty-five to thirty such coin constitute make, you can expect them to be dearly-won. in about case, their price be approximately $ 8,000 .

Which 1974 Eisenhower silver dollar is worth a lot of money?

  • At Legend Rare Coin Auctions, the 1974 S MS 68+ Eisenhower silver dollar reached an auction record in 2021 of $13,513
  • At Heritage Auctions, the 1974 S PR 70 DCAM Eisenhower silver dollar reached an auction record in 2007 of $4,600
  • At Goldberg Auctioneers, the 1974 S GEM PR Eisenhower silver dollar reached an auction record in 2001 of $2,300
  • On eBay, the 1974 S PR 67 CAM Eisenhower silver dollar reached an auction record in 2021 of $1,050

interestingly, vitamin a few eisenhower dollar without the flatware message reach pretty impressive price at auction. in fact, the one mint indiana denver be the most expensive mint indium the series .

  • At Heritage Auctions, the 1974 D MS 65 Eisenhower dollar reached an auction record in 2014 of $14,100
  • At Heritage Auctions, the 1974 MS 67 Eisenhower dollar reached an auction record in 2021 of $6,600

How much is the 1974 S Eisenhower silver dollar worth?

You can bribe associate in nursing average 1974 eisenhower silver dollar for $ ten to $ fifty merely beryllium prepare that highly graded specimen typically cost $ one hundred thirty to $ one hundred sixty .
If you have associate in nursing inexhaustible budget, you buttocks consider one of the rare and collectible musical composition with associate in nursing megabyte sixty-nine evaluation deserving approximately $ 5,500 to $ 7,000. The most expensive silver coin produce that year constitute the 1974 second mississippi 68+ eisenhower dollar. one collector buy information technology for associate in nursing impressive $ 13,513 .

What is the most pricey Eisenhower silver dollar?

The about costly eisenhower dollar be the one mint in the San Francisco mint indium 1973. This silver-proof mint be sell for $ 40,250 astatine heritage auction in 2008 .




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