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1873 Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin

The 1873 Liberty Head $ 20 Gold Coin produced more than 2.7 million pieces across the Philadelphia, San Francisco and Carson City mints. interestingly adequate, 1873 for Liberty Head $ 20 Gold Coin enthusiasts, is the varieties that were created when the stylus of the “ 3 ” in the date was changed on both the Philadelphia and San Francisco issues .
The “ closed 3 ” variety shows the last digit of the date with loopier-looking ends on the “ 3 ” than seen on the “ open 3 ” variety. While this means there are more varieties to look for ( and spend money on ) when collecting Liberty Head bivalent eagles, neither the 1873 “ closed 3 ” or “ candid 3 ” varieties are notably barely, particularly in the mobilize grades .

Grading the 1873 Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin

For any mint produced during the 1800 ’ sulfur and use as a collector ’ s token nowadays, the first question on the beware of any collector will be with respect to the coin ’ s stipulate. While the age of these coins may make it hard to believe that any could have been preserved in great condition, the world of the matter is that this happens more often than you might think .
typically, collectors prefer to have the coin in question graded by a professional company, but that is not always an choice. Understanding this, downstairs is an delineate that highlights the characteristics of different mint grades to give you a better understand of what coins of a sealed mark might look like.

Uncirculated: A coin that receives an Uncirculated grade is one that never spent any time exchanging hands. Because of this, the coin will have avoided any and all damage typically associated with coinage that has been through decades of exchange. As you might expect, coins of this grade are the most highly sought after on the market .
Extremely Fine: To receive this grad, the coin in question will have alone been circulated for a short period of time. Appearing pristine, the only wear and tear on these coins will be able to be seen under close inspection. highly fine Liberty Head $ 20 Gold Coin are an undeniably great addition to any and all collections .
Fine: Coins of this grade have been circulated for longer periods of clock, but they have not incurred so much price that the imagination and texture has been completely compromised. You will about constantly notice some light, coherent cancel, and the overall texture of the coin may have been worn down a bite due to the ceaseless change of hands these coins had to undergo.

Very Good: very dear is the grade reserved for coins that have been highly heavy circulated. These coins will show a lot of wrong, including scratch, chip, and sometimes bending. Though in relatively poor people condition, these coins are still highly sought after by collectors of all types—and particularly those looking to put together a accomplished collection .

Pricing the 1873 Liberty Head $20 Gold Coin

Determining a monetary value for a 1873 Liberty Head $ 20 Gold Coin is a easy as taking into consideration a few different factors. For one, the fact that multiple types of Coins were minted every year, the scarcity associated with that specific type will affect the price. second, the condition of the coin, being vitamin a crucial as it is, will play heavily into how much you might be asked to pay for the coin. Below is a list of the prices you might be asked to pay for a graded Liberty Head $ 20 Gold Coin from 1873.

All Market Updates are provided as a third party analysis and do not inevitably reflect the explicit views of JM Bullion Inc. and should not be construed as fiscal advice .

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